Here is the clip from last night’s appearance from Kobe Bryant on the TV show Deal or No Deal

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  • imfasterthanur


    Good stuff.

    His son’s reaction was priceless/

  • lakrfan4life

    saw it live last night
    i was actually really shocked and not shocked cuz all of last night howie was repeatedly saying “kobe is your idol” to the guy

  • Banzai

    I’d definitely take that deal…$388,000 to go with it…definite deal.

  • KB24ForLife

    hahaha dam what a lucky mutha phucka

  • lilkobe24

    where can I watch the whole thing?!

  • Mike

    Thank god the guy actually playing was intelligent. If he had listened to his family he would have ended up with at best around 180,000 or so, or if he was dumb enough to turn down the next offer with only 1,000. people keep getting caught up in the idea of getting the million and screwing themselves on that show.

    oh, and good thing kobe helped to push him towards the right decision there. if kobe didn’t have that offer, maybe he wouldn’t have been quite so smart.

  • Sako

    there ain’t nuthin to think about, DEAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • will

    wait so he gets $388,000 as well as all the things kobe offered?

  • happytrevor

    Deal, hairy ass only, no balls.

  • andrew b

    However, that 180K is still everything they came here for. Davon cites Hawaii, the shoes, and the house as reasons to stop; the people who need those disagree. So he didn’t have a right to take the deal for them.

    He did, however, take it for himself. And that’s good.

  • Lakers 24 7

    $388,000 and a trip to hawaii, and laker games, and autographed shoes from a future hall of famer..thats a deal I would take in a split second.

    Afterwards I’d bang all those girls holdin the cases…oh man NOW THATS A DEAL I WOULD TAKE BABY!

  • roscoe

    what is up with these guys. I gamble for a living, i’ve dropped 50,000 in a day before 25k many many times. im a gambler through and through but these people have no concept of gambling. they don’t realize they are takinga 200k coinflip in this situation. they start thinking it’s destiny to win the million. it’s gamble. there is no fate. it’s what you do. in this situation if you pick the $1,000 case, your offer goes to around 700k, if you pick the $1m it goes to 180kish, if you pick the 400 it will even out to about 450 – 500k depending on what they give you

  • imfasterthanur

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    Kobe for MVP =P


    But it said that this was a “NEW” episode, well then wouldn’t KOBE give him his ZOOM 4’s not his ZOOM 3’s and KOBE doesn’t even wear his “VITTIZ” Anymore. This episode had to be filmed like at least 4 months ago. Oh wait he said that you come to Hawaii with the LAKERS in PRESEASON so yeah obviously it was filmed months ago. But wow it was a news episode tho. And yeah I would have taken that deal like that. i wouldn’t even discuss it with anyone. When KOBE finished his offer I would go straight to the button and push it.

  • Billy Kupchak

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    $383k + Kobe Bryant package worth an estimated $5k = $388k

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    It seems like no one has finished watching this video ’til the end. The next case, Case #5, he would’ve picked had the $1M inside it & his case, Case #24, had $1k inside it. So clearly, Davon made THE BEST decision possible, which ended up being the best $ wise & as a Kobe Bryant fan.

  • lakers4life

    that was a good one, but whats up with his wife though??? shes wasnt happy at all with his decision. buy a new wife bruh bruh, and theres good ones in hawaii lol.

  • Lakers 24 7

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    I watched the vid til the end lol…I wasnt tellin him to keep goin and open the next case..I WAS SAYIN TAKE THE DEAL, and he did.