Kobe Bryant is on the front cover of ESPN The Magazine, though, it’s not what you may expect at first…


ESPN: The cover boy for the issue is Kobe Bryant; while you probably knew Steve Nash was a soccer fan, you might not know that Kobe’s a big FC Barcelona backer. But he’s not the only pro that doubles as a superfan.

  • JFK-analysis-at-TLN

    Haha this is funny..
    He loves Ronaldinho and is wearing a Barcelona jersey…
    Get a MILAN jersey Kobe..

    good stuff…still rejoicing over the Celtics beat down…LA

  • gugy

    I love Kobe because he has an international knowledge and appeal to sports fans around the world.

    Soccer (excuse me FOOTBALL) is the biggest and most celebrate sport in the world. I love the fact Kobe recognizes that and support great teams and great players of this fantastic sport.

    No doubt basketball comes right in second as my favorite sport. Go Kobe!

  • JC

    I love KOBE but you have to admit this picture looks kinda gay…

  • mena

    I bought this last week…pretty sick!

  • KING-BQ1981


  • http://www.gotdrunkandwroteablog.com grendel20

    At first I thought it looked kind of fruity as well, but I just like to think that he was trying this move:

    Yeah, I’m sure Kobe realizes that Ronaldinho is at Milan now, but Barcelona is known for their wonderful football, and has always been known for it…. so maybe that’s why he’s sporting the Barca jersey.

    (side note, hala madrid)

    Anyhoo, wasn’t Kobe born in Italy? Hence the love of footie?

  • megaloco10

    ahh poor kobe he should be a Manchester United fan..

  • showtimelakes

    Kobe Ronaldiho plays for AC Milan, change the uniform :)

  • Michael_23

    Instead of Lebron Vs. Kobe it would be Beckham Vs. Kobe

  • Ubershorty

    HAHAHA JC thats what I was going to say!

  • ricky

    Just like LeBron can play both basketball and football, Kobe can play basketball and futbol!

  • Nikko

    Sweet. Even the best basketball player recognizes soccer as best sport. ‘Dino not as good as he used to be and he still only 27-28. Kobe used to be a Milan fan when growing up in Italy, but I guess he still supports Barca even tho ‘Dino is with Milan.
    ANyhow, awesome game last night and Go Lakers! Forza Inter!!!

  • JayJay24

    Kobe should’ve at least pulled up his socks…the jersey just looks weird on em with the short socks…


  • green_apple

    right on JC!
    when i first saw the picture, i kinda feel something is wrong. hehehehe

  • KING-BQ1981

    He shuld better wearing a Jersey of David Beckham (Laker Fan!!!!) who iz Playing for AC milan r8 now. Ronladinho also…. so why Barca? Barca fcking sucks….

  • Sir

    i agree…. it does look a lil. gay. and soccer does suck.. lol

  • Smush Walton

    Soccer? Isn’t that a sport for retard bloggers like bryan and L.odom?

    Screw soccer – it’s too third world!

  • pr0mega

    Yeah, western European countries are so “third world”


  • Jasmin

    May i just say that he looks incredibly hot!

  • jose manuel

    barça sucks? you better start watching some football games, you’re probably a idiot who hasn’t seen a football match , Barça is the de best football team in the world right now.

  • priceless

    this pic shouldnt have never been approved to be on the cover…lol

  • http://am570rado.com people

    Smush Walton you should do your research about your so called soccer which is actually “football” is a classic game, one of the oldest sports in the world and i bet if KOBE had played “FOOTBALL” he would’ve probably won the WORLD CUP a couple of times even though it happens every 4 years.

  • http://am570rado.com people

    oh yeah and i forgot to mention that only reason USA does not like soccer is because they can’t have commercials during the game so the sport does not stand a chance.

  • http://futbol-mundial2010.com.ar SudAfrica 2010

    Hey, Exelente post !!! segui asi que esta muy bueno !!! Y arriba el futbol !

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