Glad to hear it.

ESPN: Bryant then proceeded to take issue with the idea that the recent report from the New York Post’s Peter Vecsey about a potential Andrew Bynum-for-Chris Bosh swap will send young ‘Drew into one of his funks — “I won’t let that happen, either,” Kobe says — before finally finding some humor in a question about his own future.

  • 09champs!

    How bout for J-Kidd? Just kidding :P

    Good to see Kobe defending his brothers like a leader should, and even knowing this team would be better with Bosh, The Lakers are all about loyalty and they are showing it :)

  • Eric Pincus

    Actually in context Kobe is saying he won’t let Drew get into a funk because of the trade rumors – he’s not saying he won’t let Drew be traded.

    • DubG87

      Actually Eric, if you keep reading the context it says “either” at the end of what Kobe had to say. This implies that he wont let him get into a funk or traded, either.

      • LakersMike31

        Nope. You’re wrong dub. Eric had it right. It is kinda misleading, but Kobe is referring to the trade rumors causing Bynum to go into a “funk”. Kobe is saying he won’t let THAT happen. The “either” is in reference to other possible distractions, i.e. Artest, for the Lakers. In fact, since his whole “trade me” ordeal, Kobe has publicly stated several times that he is done playing GM, and will let Mitch make all statements regarding the structure of the team.

    • ko8e_f@n_v2

      Agree. I was about to post the same thing. Don’t see this trade happening though, too complicated. Now, only if we can get Calderon as well. :D

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  • SD Anthony

    The only possible upside to getting Bosh for Drew is if we had a fortune teller that could let us know if and when his knees were gonna break again. Otherwise you lose way too much size with some skill splashed in. He was the starting center on last years championship team, people need to get a grip.

  • ricky

    We don’t need Bosh or anyone other all-star caliber player. What we do need is to find some decent players for our bench. What we really need the most to make this team more well rounded and balanced is to get a go to guy that can consistently score points off the bench (i.e. Crawford in Atlanta or Terry in Dallas). Add this “go to guy” along with Shannon, Jordan, Lamar, and Luke and this would be a solid bench rotation.

    Really wish we can make a deal happen to move Sasha and/or Morrison to get this “go to guy” for our bench and I think we will be in great shape again to repeat for sure.

  • http://57.amklac robert eats matard

    bosh can come here and pass the ball to kobe….

  • Butch

    Andrew is a “true” center, not a Power Forward that will play Center. Leave him alone and go for someone with “bench” scoring power. Kudos to Kobe for standing by Bynum.

  • dracul

    Everytime I see Bosh play center, the guy looks like he has a CG wireframe body.

    I don’t see any upside to trading Bynum for Bosh anyway. You wouldn’t be ‘fixing’ anything concrete, and all that would do is disrupt the chemistry and growth of this core group.


  • Lakerz Fanatic

    Bosh plays better defense and is more aggresive than Bynum. Bynum still plays like a rookie doing rookie mistakes everygame. He will never be at the level of Shaq like people expect him to be. Bosh is a solid and overall a better player than Drew…

    • daboss1848

      rofl – did u watch the game? Bosh is softer than Darko Milicic.