Just when you think all was becoming better in Los Angeles, the gelling of the team/the wins, an article like this hits. Prepare for a national media storm tomorrow. Kobe has “Chicago Fever?” I’d love to see how that fever remains high with the Celtics in the East hanging low and under control.

Sun Times: Anybody who believes the Kobe Bryant story is dead, that he’ll never play in Chicago, wasn’t listening closely Tuesday.

“Oh, there’s gonna be more to this story,” predicted his coach, Phil Jackson, whose opinion was volunteered and not pried. “There’s still another chapter left in it.”

Little did Jackson know that things would jumpstart before the game, when Bryant sat by his locker in the United Center. I told Bryant what Jackson had said a few minutes earlier, that Kobe still has a case of “Chicago fever.” It was a cryptic comment, even by Jackson’s weird standards, in that everyone involved with the Lakers has tried to bury the notion that Kobe still wants out of Los Angeles. Here was the ideal chance for Bryant, on a sub-freezing night in the town in which he fancied playing, to end all speculation about his romance with the Bulls. Instead, he sounded like someone still infatuated by it all.

I asked him how serious he was about Chicago.

“Number one with a bullet,” said Bryant, providing new information.

At what point was the bullet flying highest?

“Right at the end of training camp,” Bryant said.

And how close, to his knowledge, was the deal to actually happening?

“My understanding is, real close,” he said, countering what both teams have said about the trade talks as a public-relations assistant shooed me away and a few of his teammates hooted and hollered…

`There will be some emotions about it. I’m sure he wants to do well. He has got Chicago fever a little bit; he actually had a desire to be here,” Jackson said before Bryant abused Kirk Hinrich in the third quarter, made three big steals in the fourth and survived the 26 points of Luol Deng — the supposed wrench in the trade — in a 103-91 Lakers victory. “We tried to fulfill that desire, but it didn’t work out. So there’s something there.”

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  • lakers4life

    here we go again

  • http://lakers.com k0be da 1 andonly

    Not REALLY UNDERSTANDING THAT ARTICLE, maybe someone can fill me in. But HEEEEELL NOOOOO. KOBE AINT GOIN NOWHEWHERE………yeah i used double negatives , so what. AND WHATS UP WITH THAT PIC LMAO


    The same stupid soap opra on the same stupid chanel. This crap is getting old. If Kobe want’s to leave then opt out and leave. If he want’s to stay then shut up and resign.

  • ab4sure

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    i love rollercoasters…lol this is too much though

  • http://lakers.com k0be da 1 andonly

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    LMAO ….i hate roller-coasters …..especially this one

  • Shaq786

    i know its a long shot, but this team is the underdog team of the nba, and will upset many teams… we are fourth right now, by the end of out road trip we should be 3rd… can we keep that?… i damn well think we can

    we are going to take this league by suprise, just watch, espeically if we do a trade that will push, us… i think we can win it all

    a trade i would REALLY want to see go down is a 3 way:

    lakers<== ARTEST and KURT THOMAS
    sac<== ODOM
    seattle<== MIKKI MOORE and MIHM

    works for everyone, and if that goes down, i can see our chemistry taking us straight to the finals!

  • kobe-wan kenobi

    i think that means kobe wanna remark that he is not happy with a 5 seed, he wants that trade that would make us contenders!
    get artest mitch keeping lo, bynum,
    our starting 5 would be SICK!!!!!!

    bye bye suns!

  • LakersFirst

    This is just some writer keeping hope alive for the Chicago fans. That’s all. No big deal.

  • LakersFirst

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    Now, I might be missing something, but why does Seattle want Mikki Moore and Mihm????


    This is the same thing he has been saying all along. he wants to be a bull!!! he loves the players the lakers have but the FO has screwed him one to many times. 18 months will come quickly if we dont win a title. I think a title or a public apology from buss is the only thing that keeps kb a laker after 18 months!!!

  • Shaq786

    seattle doesnt have a real center… they play kurt and sometimes wilcox… by having mihm and mikki… they can play wolcox and kurt in their more natural positions… while mihm and mikki take over at center

  • Flush Odumb

    As long as we have fumblin’ stumblin’ Lame-ar there will be title for the Lakers. You can bank on that!

  • Flush Odumb

    Someone please tell Lame-ar to quit shooting the outside shot. His outside shooting is PATHETIC!

  • 187 ON BOSTON

    bye bye bi tch

  • DoDoBallz

    Just when yo thought it was safe.

  • Ballin’_08

    After years of support from his LA fans this is like a slap in the face…Your on a winning team that NOW plays as if they realize what Kobe really wants…a Championship…This could just be a ploy to keep the FO under his thumb. He has a valid excuse to “sit on the fence” w/ the “Insider” incident and it gives him negotiating power if:

    a.) this young Laker team starts to slide.
    b.)he thinks he wants to opt out in 2 years and the Lakers want to pursue him for a high priced extension.
    c.) the Lakers have a chance of pursuing a big name player, it still gives him a voice.

    Am I alone in hating the “Insider”? Show your self so the Laker Nation can have a parade on your face….

  • lakerfan81

    There is a nice piece on Artest that I think at least puts some concern in trading for Artest.

    Advance scouts chart every play call of their opponents. They see the team’s hand signal, and then they know where everyone should go. And then they watch. Sometimes what they see is that some players are breaking plays. Ian Thomsen of Sports Illustrated: “‘When Theus calls the play and it isn’t for [Ron] Artest, he’s so reluctant to let them get into a play he’s not involved with,” said an NBA advance scout who has been studying Artest recently. ‘He’ll be running down the floor and he should go through to the opposite corner, but instead he’ll turn and post up. He might be open and he definitely is good enough that he can be effective in a quick post-up, but that’s not the play. I can’t tell you how many times that happened. He is playing like a very selfish player right now. Maybe he doesn’t like the team, or he doesn’t think the team is good and so he has to put up numbers to make up for it. I knew he was a time bomb in the past, but I always respected his game. But he has gone down a notch or two because of the selfish attitude.'”


    I have been saying the Lakers should get Artest, but they are playing really well right now. They great confidence and chemistry. You wouldn’t want to miss that up right now especially on a player that has had some weirous issues with maturity both on the and off the court.

  • klao

    before judging kobe read it in a different way he said WAS passed tense, so calm down

    Kobe’s kind of town: Chicago
    December 18th, 2007 · Post a Comment · posted by kding
    CHICAGO — Kobe Bryant is in Chicago, and he’s not being shy about the old trade talk … which shows just how old the talk is (even if it was real talk).

    Bryant confirmed his interest in Chicago and the intensity of the Lakers’ trade discussions with the Bulls before the regular season began.

    Bryant said Chicago was “on his list … with a bullet.” Asked when it was so high on his list, Bryant said: “Right after training camp was when talks really heated up. After then, it all calmed down.”

    Bryant said he could not maintain focus on both the business side and basketball side of his career, so he chose to lock in on basketball. He didn’t even try to hide his interest at the time in Chicago — and in fact made light of it.

    When asked what it was about Chicago that he liked so much, he joked: “Pizza. Deep-dish pizza.”

    Now, that’s a great answer — one I can validate from my years at Northwestern University here and from having had Giordano’s last night and Pizzeria Uno this afternoon.

    In response to his joke, Bryant laughed and added: “I’m having a great time. We’re playing well; we’re enjoying each other’s company. That makes the journey that much more fun.”


    if kobe really wanted to get traded he would in fact not joke about it, as if you guys didn’t know that.

    kobe was joking about everything, and the people who run this site should be a little smarter and post the other articles and how kobe joked about him not being smart enough to concentrate on both the business side and basketball side, so he decided just to play basketball.

    also read what derek said, that the trade talks ended and that kobe put on end to them.

    so before talking, find out a little bit more about it, the media sometimes doesn’t make a big deal out of things, the fans do.

  • Michael_23

    You know, the designer should really stop photoshopping Chicago Bulls jerseys on Kobe. Yes, you have mad skills and that’s cool. But for goodness sakes, it’s getting to be annoying.

    And as for the article, it’s an article from Chicago don’t give in. Plus the audience booed him. It’s just so obvious that the Lakers are in a better place to be in because of the chemistry and the bond that the players have for one another.

    Gordan and Deng are not playing basketball to their potential right now. Maybe they are unhappy, I don’t know.

    I can tell Kobe wanted to put a good show in Chicago last night with his alley opp and 180 dunks. But he jacked up a lot of shots and missed and Lamar and Sasha stole the show. He’ll probably want to show off in Philly and New York too. Bynum and Lamar would want to show off in their home state too.

  • http://thelakersnation.com kb24 4life

    no way! kobe has said that his teammates are like his brothers, he is happy here, nothing to worry about…

  • foxxy


  • JoJoEnglish94Bulls4ever

    Rolls eyes Deep dish? Giordano’s is awesome but I like the thin crust better. Pizzeria Unos is like Chicago’s Pizza Hut. Unos is so 1990’s.

    Anyways Kobe takes bad shots I almost think he hurts the Lakers. 3 pump fakes and then a forced brick? If I was the Lakers I would unload Kobe. NOT BECAUSE I’m a Bulls fan. Think about this….

    Farmar Fish Crittenton
    Deng Gordon Vujacic
    Thomas Walton Ariza
    Odom Turiaf Brown
    Bynum Noah Mihm

    That would be the next great young team in the West.

    Could you imagin a Tyrus Thomas and Andrew Bynum block party? Then you have another rising star in Deng and when Ben Gordon is on he’s so cluth. This year has been a down year but he’ll come around and that would give a sweet sixth man. God the Lakers would be stacked.
    I really think the Lakers would be better without Kobe. Yeah maybe he puts butts in the seats but so does winning. Then you could look to move Odom for some more prospects.

    Build around Bynum. Not that the Bulls or Kobe would do this! I don’t know how they would like a team of


    Honesty you guys are playing well but I don’t think you’ll take anyone in a playoff series. The defense looks suspect and I think the long season will catch up to the Lakers. Nothing last forever and by that I mean your bench playing above their career averages.
    But hey I could be wrong. I just think you should deal Kobe before he opts out of his contract and leaves you guys with Bynum and a bunch of roll players. Really Kobe isn’t what he used to be and his shot selection is awful at times. I think LA would be better off cutting their ties with Kobe and building around Bynum. If you can get Deng, Tyrus, Noah, and BG I would make that deal. Skiles is fucking up the Bulls and won’t play Noah and Tyrus at the same time. Ben Wallace is killing the Bulls. They have to play him cause they paid him 60 million and then pouts when he doesn’t play. Thats really killing the Bulls because they would be better off with Thomas and Noah’s rookie mistakes that the aging laziness and low production of Ben ”the dead body” Wallace.

    I just wonder what PJ ment by saying oh there is another chapter to this story?

  • LakersFirst

    [Comment ID #19820 Will Be Quoted Here]

    The FO screwed him???? Hmmm, I don’t know how paying him almost $20M per year and sticking by him during his Colorado rape trial (ya know providing a private jet so he can fly back and forth) is how the FO supposedly screwed him. Also, I guess trading away the most dominant center in the league at that time and handing the Laker franchise to Kobe on a silver platter is screwing him too.

    You have a selective memory. Don’t forget Kobe screwed the Lakers out of getting KG (you made me bring that up again) by public bashing of the Lakers. KG – “L.A. was never an option because of the Kobe situation”.

    The FO is done trying to appease Kobe. The Lakers are now trying to do what is good for the Lakers (not just Kobe). As Bill Walton said it a few weeks ago. The Lakers finally told Kobe “NO”. There is Laker life beyond Kobe, you just hate to see it.

  • Rpoc

    Jojo, I don’t give an ish about an wannabe Josh Smith in Tyrus, an almost star Deng who can’t carry a team, an undersized chucker in Gordon, or whatever ISH you guys want to give that will cost way too much money for what they’re worth. The Lakers might as well just let Kobe walk and use that cap space to get someone else more promising than take your crap.

    Listen, you don’t fraking trade HOF players in their prime. In the history of the NBA, the team that trades their HOF ALWAYS loses. Not sometimes, not most of the time, ALWAYS.

    So spare us your Kobe salesman rhetoric again. You got mad and took your toys home last time saying the Lakers suck and prepare to watch the Trulls rise in Dec. Ohhhhh, I can see that alright.

    Btw your media forgot to add this which was in the L.A. Times:

    Jackson said a trade to the Bulls was a near-impossibility in the first place.

    “It was an awful longshot for him,” Jackson said. “Just difficult to work those things out, very hard to make everything match up with a player like that and the amount of money he has and the fact he has a no-trade clause.”

    That’s the media for ya.

  • MILO

    This artical is trash!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jimmy

    I have to agree with LakersFirst… the FO is done with doing what Kobe wants… they can’t count on him being here in two years which makes Bynum now totally untradeable. The only player the Lakers might be willing to move is Lamar.


    [Comment ID #19878 Will Be Quoted Here]

    we all know what life beyond kobe is its called LOTTERY!!! as far as the lakers paying him 20 million and sticking by him during his trouble in co. The only reason they stuck by him bc he makes them a lot of money more than the 20 million they give him. do you think they would send kwame the private jet? NO!!! why? because kwame doesn’t make buss s.h.i.t. so don’t make it sound like buss cares about anything other than making money… well other than underage hookers ofcourse.

  • ab4sure

    Buss was willing to trade LO and Bynum along with fillers and draft pics to get KG. If that trade was completed with KG’s trade kickers he would have had to pay several million dollars more because of the luxury tax. So that is not a fair assessment of Buss. Does he like young girls??? yes … i don’t think he goes for underage hookers, why would he the young girls go for him and he would be risking alot. Other than drinking while driving Buss is not stupid and doesn’t want to risk his franchise. Just because kobe hates Buss with a passion doesn’t mean lakernation needs to hate on Buss. Lets just be thankful that he didn’t insist on trading Bynum for Kidd. Most of us would be trashing him much more than when he resisted kobe’s trading advice.

  • ab4sure

    [Comment ID #19820 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Buss’s apology:

    Dear Kobe,

    I am sorry I have not built a contender for you like i did when you first came into the league. I know i gave you a dominant Big Man in Shaq and alot of quality players who would help you develop. Now in your later years I promised you I would build this team as a contender and i broke my promise. I hope you can forgive me and stay with the lakers. I am sorry I drafted Bynum and I am sorry I didn’t “ship his ass out” as you wanted. I am sorry we drafted other players like Farmar, turiaf, sasha, and Critt. Do you want me to ship their ass out too??? I am sorry we traded for Ariza. Oh i don’t know… Did you like that trade? Do I need to pay you more money??? 20 million not enough??? 30 million??? You name it i will pay it. If their is any trade you want me to do to make it up to you i will do it. Bynum out??? you got it… Farmar … not worth it??? outta here??? YOu want any of my young girls??? you can have your pick of the litter??? Let me know if this apology is enough.

    I think this apology will do it. Kobe will rescind his trade demand. Hooray!!!!!



    that apology would do it. great job!!!