Remember all the times you were nervous about that European team sweeping Kobe from us? Fear not. It was all a “joke” according to Kobe…

O.C. Register: Team USA winning the gold medal was a big one. Here’s another one for everyone stateside — and especially Lakers fans sweating Kobe Bryant’s option to terminate his Lakers contract at season’s end: Bryant has no intention of jumping to Europe and playing there.


    I’m pretty sure everyone that knows the definition of sarcasm was already aware of this. Thanks for the “update” though.

  • ryguy2303

    ^^^^^^^^^^just changed his underwear.

  • Jamie Spears Insider

    Uh huh =].

  • ab4sure

    I guess his maturity is showing…. NOT!!!!!!!!!

  • Kam Pashai

    I knew he was kidding all along!
    … Maybe not.