What do you get when you try to elbow Kobe in the face and trash talk him?

The best, most lethally clutch player in the world…

Additionally, Kobe had this to say about his personal matchup with Artest…

“Wasn’t much of a battle tonight. I kicked his ass tonight. We’ve had some battles in the past and he’s gotten the best of me a few times [but] tonight I got the best of him.”


    I love how this is on Youtube when it happend like 20 mins ago. Kobe is a BEAST and has a good sense of humor

  • sketch

    Hahaha, so classic! I wish that someone on every team the Lakers play against would talk $hit to Kobe. If that were the case then we’d be undefeated right now! Yeah, Ron Ron… you should have known better!

    Go Kobe! Go Lakers!

  • True Lakers Fan

    didnt this air LOL

  • True Lakers Fan

    didnt just air LOL

  • Lakers 24 7

    Kobe schooled both Battier and Artest.


    Watch Roger Mason elbow Kobe tomorrow, and Kobe’s goes off again lol

  • Lakerfan101

    THis is the type of player that Cavaliers, Celtics, and Orlando doesnt have…
    ” THE CLOSER ”

    CAvs fan might say that LBJ is thier closer when he actually the facilitator comes crunch time! so Mo Will is their closer.

    Celtics Doesnt have a permanent closer…
    who ever gets hot is their closer.

    I think that Orlando is the same thing as the celtics
    who ever get hot is the closer.

    That’s why Kobe will win his 2nd MVP in a row!

    and let me remind you guys something,
    before even today’s game started, it was already over.

    Great GAme for the Lakers!

  • gugy

    That’s my boy.

    MVP back to back for sure!

  • Lakers 24 7

    You guys can add this to the list of streaks we’ve snapped.

    19 game boston streak
    12 game boston streak
    23 home game cleveland streak
    13 overtime game new orleans streak
    12 home game houston streak

    who’s next?

  • baltimoresbest01


  • 123kid

    and that is why KOBE IS THE MVP! under pressure, triple-quadruple teamed, fierce, calm, under composure, most hated, everyone sees as a threat, and everyone wants to be that kobe stopper. Lebron, D-Wade, and King Kong aint got nothing on him!!!!!!!

  • YellowPurpleFever

    Artest will be in Purple and Gold next year. Hes tough and I think tougher than Fox on Defense. Mitch will find ways to ditch Fluke and trade Adam or Sash for cap room to getArtest. CRAZY INTENSITY. Kobe is Kobe, nothing new. GO LAKERS!!!

  • lakers

    why does john ireland always say “thats kobeee bryantt” the same way every time like we have no idea who it was? too funny.

  • mr.laker19

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    If only we can beat the Portland at home streak…

  • Dave

    So, Luke get the pass on a fast break, is wide open, AND CANNOT DUNK THE LOUSY STINKING BASKETBALL?!?!? Does this poor man have a chronic dunking disease? Did he make a promise to his dying grandmother “I will always shoot lay-ups granny.”

    What explains this bizarre behavior? I want answers!

  • EazyNLAleezy

    We all know that Kobe is one of your rare breed of players that break the mold of being a mad player is a bad player….the fact remains, and it shall forever be, that Kobe’s is at his best when he’s pissed.

    Ronnie should have known by now….

  • Lakers 24 7

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    well maybe we only snap winning streaks…lol

  • lakers4lyfe

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    dont forget the 19 home game winning streak by utah…that was a good one

  • Lakers 24 7

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    Yea but that was last season. I’m talkin’ bout this season..we’ve been tearin’ through streaks this season

  • zgum

    I think Artest did that to challenge the real mamba…
    Maybe scaling himself how to guard the Best of Kobe…

    But I say ‘Nobody can guard’ Kobe when he’s being provoked!

    Kobe = MVP

  • lakers4lyfe

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    o yea…lol…my bad

  • http://www.modenadude.com/ThaDogg Imadogg

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    I Loled


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  • WifelovesLuke

    Kobe calling Artest a “Comedian”? Priceless!

  • WifelovesLuke

    ESPN hiring a lip reader and showing subtitles during sports center? Hilarious!

  • LakersFirst

    The entire NBA should know better. Here’s a message for all NBA teams:

    “Don’t get Kobe mad. You won’t like him when he’s mad”.

  • rawnnn

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    its just too bad we couldnt break our own streak, losing streak that is, at the rose garden!