Note to world – when the game is on the line, don’t let number 8…er…24…er…27… Oh yeah, #10 touch it… Kobe nailed a jumper with 6 seconds left and contested Lebron James’ shot to clutch the win for the Blue Team. One hell of a game!

ESPN: Kobe Bryant hit the biggest shot and made the biggest defensive stop after committing the gravest gaffe of the game — all in the final 21.3 seconds.

Playing in a Team USA jersey for the first time, Bryant hit the game-winning shot over Tayshaun Prince with 6.6 seconds left to give the blue team a 105-104 victory over the white team Sunday in an intrasquad scrimmage.

Bryant freed himself of Prince with a pump fake before hitting a jumper from 19 feet away to put his team ahead by one. After a timeout, Bryant defended LeBron James on the game’s final possession and forced him to miss wide right on a short jumper from the lane that would have won it.

Afterward, Bryant took plenty of playful ribbing from teammate and Team USA veteran Jason Kidd after Bryant tried to call a timeout with 21.3 seconds left — a no-no under international rules, under which only a coach can call a timeout.

The episode happened after Bryant brought the ball upcourt, came to a halt near the scorer’s table and signaled with his hands for a timeout. The referee blew his whistle, then bailed himself out by calling a foul on Kidd, who was defending Bryant on the play.

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  • Ed24

    Kobe is the greatest player of all time. Fuck LeBron James and D- Fake!!!!!!

  • LD2k

    Video is uploaded, but it’ll take a bit for youtube to do their thing. ENJOY!

  • rpouncy14

    Kobe been ballllinnn!!!!!

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    If you click the Play button — It should play for you guys. :D


    kobe the best of all TIME!!!!!

  • Sako

    this is what separates Kobe from the everyone else

  • fred0s

    Kobe “Clutch” Bryant did it again. Best player in the world. Made that other guy, Le-Something, just blend in with the rest of the players.

  • Kenny

    and sum ppl say lebron is better haha

    KOBE >> all

  • AP43real

    That’s my muthabuckin DOGG! ay i was mad he missed melo on the oop though. But he was killin em in the clutch..

  • mj2kb

    is it possible for u guys to put the whole game or at least most of it on youtube? i would really appreciate it. didnt see the whole game


    kobe also hit a huge 3-pointer over lebron james to tie the game !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • LeBronze

    [quote comment=”9004″]Kobe is the greatest player of all time. Fuck LeBron James and D- Fake!!!!!![/quote]

    You spelled my name wrong. It’s LeBronze James.

  • Rpoc

    This is why Cupcakes needs to build a real team around KOBE

  • WHATS the DEAL

    haha yall acting like kobe doesnt do this shit all the time


  • Faith

    Is this the game I’m watching RIGHT NOW? In FSN?

  • peter

    Honestly, I was not even surprised.

    Knew that was going in all the way!!!

  • fred0s

    Was I the only one who thought the teams were split up where White got better players? I mean sure blue had Kobe and Carmelo, but White had both great point guards (Williams and Hinrich aren’t bad, but they aren’t as good as Billups and Kidd), the perimeter defenders (Prince and Battier) and the shooters (Miller and Redd). White got the rookies (Durant and Reddick). But I guess it must have been because they did also get Stoudemire along with Bryant and Anthony.

  • nyla

    Kobe being Kobe.

  • Amy

    Kobe rules!!!

  • Faith

    FredOs it didn’t matter…Kobe’s the man lol. It’s almost unfair having him on your team lol.

  • revgen

    That’s what Lebron gets for blocking Kobe’s shot.

  • Eric Thai

    That ball went right through the net with a sweet splash. You also hear a little cling sound Lol.

  • KB24MVP

    hopefully KG saw that and said, damn i need to be his teamate a.s.a.p!!!

  • rmeazy82

    Memo to Lakers F.O. get this guy some help!

  • J-Cool

    I must say that I enjoy reading your columns and would like to hear your views as to whether or not it would be better if Kobe started fresh somewhere else. I believe Kobe should leave the Lakers and maybe move to the East, perhaps to his hometown Philadelphia or to New York. I think this way he could forget about the past and be reborn, like when Jordan came back to the Bulls after his aborted baseball career. What are your views, and if you agree, what team would be a good fit for Kobe? — Christopher Bennett, Kingston, Jamaica

    This might not be a bad idea for both Kobe and the Lakers. One problem is that, in any trade, the Lakers would be hard-pressed to get equal value in return. Tim Duncan, Dwayne Wade and Steve Nash are the only players who make reasonable one-for-one matches — but none of these players would be available.
    Disregarding the viability of any equitable deals, the next problem would be Kobe’s destination.

    Philly wouldn’t work because a strong coach is necessary to battle with Kobe and keep him in line — and Mo Cheeks has no charisma whatsoever.

    In New York, Isiah Thomas is such an obvious phony that Kobe would quickly tune him out.

    Gregg Popovich is one coach who fills the bill — and their projected confrontations would be loud, up-front and incredibly dramatic.

    Add Jerry Sloan to the list of strong-willed coaches, but Utah’s offense requires even more discipline than does the triangle.

    If you’ve got a topic you’d like to see Charley Rosen address, submit it below and Charley may just respond.


    Name: (ex, john doe)
    Email: (ex, a@b.c)

    Everybody likes playing for Don Nelson simply because they have nearly total freedom to do their own thing. But giving Kobe a license to shoot would lead to such excesses as would alienate virtually all of his teammates.

    Dallas would be a good fit because of Avery Johnson’s feistiness. Kobe’s presence there would also eclipse the habitual choking patterns of the holdover Mavs. But AJ’s inexperience and propensity for making errors would eventually alienate Kobe.

    Nate McMillan is another tough-minded coach, and Portland would be a perfect landing place. Kobe could assume the burden of the offense, thereby enabling the young players to develop without having to produce instant results.

    While Scott Skiles is a forceful coach, he and Kobe would be at each other’s throats by Election Day.

    Pat Riley has the resume to deal with Kobe, but a reunion with Shaq is out of the question.

    Kobe would have a ball playing with Phoenix.

    None of the remaining teams would be beneficial matches because of Kobe’s narcissism and the coaches’ lack of sufficient forcefulness.

    In any case, Kobe isn’t going anywhere in the foreseeable future.

    You mentioned the Pistons’ “quick-hitting, cohesive team-offense” under Larry Brown in a recent article about free agent signings. It’s funny, because while I also remember it being well-run, Larry Brown’s Pistons never scored many points as a team. By contrast, the Pistons score significantly more under Flip, but their offense sometimes seems too out-of-synch. What gives? And which is/was the most effective? — Kevin, Munich

    Brown’s offense in Detroit featured perpetual ball and player movement, usually keyed by the cuts, curls and pops of Rip Hamilton. While these movements were quick-paced, the offense was also patient. Sometimes, the Pistons’ opponents were forced to play defense for 20 seconds — until eventually their concentration waned and the Pistons wound up with good looks (and not only for Hamilton).

    At the other end, Detroit’s defense was so ferocious that opponents had to resort to running their fourth and sometimes even fifth options on their workaday offenses. Frequently, the Pistons’ defense was also able to totally disrupt the opponents’ offensive schemes and squeeze offenses against the shot clock.

    So it was a question of pace. Looking at Brown’s last year in Detroit, and Flip’s first year, it’s instructive to notice that both the Pistons and their opponents took fewer shots under the former’s regime than the latter’s. This, of course, is not an ultimate statistic — just more of a flavor, so to speak.

    Because more players were involved in Brown’s offense, and there was less reliance on one-on-one play, there’s no doubt that his offense was far superior to the your-turn-my-turn-his-turn offenses promulgated by Flip.

    I feel like part of the reason why so many fans think the Spurs are boring is that when they were ascending to their current status their most notable opponents were the star-studded Lakers. In the media’s eyes, the contrast was so marked that the Spurs seemed boring. Like it or not, the media plays a huge role in how teams and players are perceived by the vast majority of NBA fans. Had the media instead exalted SA’s precise passing, spacing, teamwork and defense, then the public would have a much better opinion of the Spurs. Do you agree that the media has painted an unfair picture of the Spurs? — Lucas Gong, Austin, TX

    I agree wholeheartedly.

    Whereas the Lakers always generated headlines with the various hassles between Shaq and Kobe, Payton and Jackson, Shaq and Jerry Buss, ad infinitum, there were precious few public sparks ignited by the Spurs’ organization.

    Besides which, the majority of the media think that they really understand what’s going on out there simply because they see so many games. What they fail to fully understand — the precision movements you described — they either ignore or disparage. And because the majority of basketball fans understand even less than the media Muppets do, they get their “inside” information from newspapers, TV highlights, websites, magazines, etc.

    As I’ve been saying for lo these many years, it’s all about educating the media and the fans to look off the ball. By following the bouncing ball, the media is missing 90% of the game and is therefore misleading the fans.

    To repeat myself once more — anybody who believes that the Spurs are boring is doing nothing less than confessing that he believes that style is more important than substance. And the major fault does indeed lie with the media.

    I like the Nuggets, but what is up with them? Even though they had no draft picks to build with, they do seem to have the tools to be one of the best teams in the NBA. But they just don’t seem to be there. It certainly seems like Melo is coming along and playing well. Nene had a great second half. Camby is consistent and plays great defense. And Iverson seems willing to pass the ball and not be the first option. But something seems to be missing. What is it? The coach? What will make them a great team? — Rick Evans, Garden City, KS

    Just because Camby is a terrific shot-blocker does not make him a great defender. He tends to follow the ball on defense and can be suckered out of position by the smarter teams in the league relatively easily. I do like Nene, but feel he needs more touches. And I agree that Melo is developing into a well-rounded offensive force.

    I’m not, however, a big fan of George Karl’s. His ego is too big, he overemphasizes offense, and he conducts too much of what should be private team business in the media.

    Nor do I believe that Iverson’s presence on any team is conducive to winning. His defense is atrocious, he takes (and misses) too many bad shots, overhandles, and remains reluctant to initiate offensive sequences with set-up passes in lieu of dribbles. It’s virtually impossible to run a cohesive offense with Iverson on the floor — because if he’s not shooting or driving, then he’s useless.

    The only way to turn the Nuggets into a true heavyweight contender in the highly competitive west is to ditch Iverson and somehow bring in players who can play without the ball. But there’s been too much money and publicity invested in Iverson for this to happen.

    Nuggets’ fans will have to suffer the pains of having their team being just good enough to break their hearts.

    I enjoy reading your objective critiques of the NBA. Keep up the good work. With Derek Fisher back in town, would it still make sense for the Lakers to pick up Jermaine O’Neal, or even KG? — Lance, The Buckeye State


    Fisher will certainly help settle things down on both ends of the court (as well as providing a buddy for Kobe), but the Lakers need much more. Lamar Odom is too erratic, and can’t seem to navigate the triangle. Chris Mihm and Ronny Turiaf are a much better tandem in the middle than Andrew Bynum and Kwame Brown, but another star-quality scorer is vital. As is a stopper and a creative scorer coming off the bench.

    Assuming they’d have to part with Odom (plus Bynum and/or Brown), obtaining Jermaine O’Neal would be a lateral move for the Lakers. He’s too soft, foul- and injury-prone, empty-handed in the clutch, and reluctant to bang in the paint to be much of an improvement over Odom. Garnett is a different story. Having him play in Kobe’s huge shadow would be a big plus.

    Laker fans should pray that Jimmy Buss learns to see beyond his precious statistics, and that Mitch Kupchak is still working the phones.

    Who are the best clutch players currently in the NBA? Who should a competent NBA coach hope to have the ball with a game on the line and the shot clock ticking down? — Robert Vard, Dublin, Ireland

    Since win-or-lose players also have to be good free-throw shooters, Tim Duncan doesn’t make the cut. LeBron James and Gilbert Arenas are likewise too iffy from the stripe.

    The vote here is an obvious one — Kobe Bryant. Just a tad behind is Derek Fisher, if only because he can’t create his own good looks as well as Kobe. Also on the list are Manu Ginobili, Steve Nash, Dwayne Wade and Chauncey Billups.

    Contrary to what you wrote about giving a new nickname to Kwame “Whatta Pair of Hands” Brown, Hector Lopez did not play third base for the Yankees, but rather was their left fielder. From a life-long Yankee fan. — Rich, Midland, TX

    Actually, when Lopez was first dealt to the Yankees (from Kansas City) at the beginning of the 1959 season, he played 76 games at third base for the Bronx Bombers (plus 33 at second base, and only 35 in the outfield). In his previous five-plus years with the Royals, Lopez appeared in a total of 566 games as an infielder (mostly at third, but some at second and even a few at shortstop), and only 24 in the outfield. It was during his second season with the Yankees that his butchering of ground balls moved him to left field (although he did play the infield in emergencies). So it was Lopez’s incompetence at the hot corner that originally earned him his nickname. In any case, Kwame Brown’s fumble-fingers make him a worthy successor.

  • showtime24

    if any other player did this, everyone would be going crazy. instead, it’s just kobe being kobe. seems like everyone expects him to come in and save the day.


  • Cyrus


    I have 2 links for you. One lists all NBA blogs and the other lists all the media links reporting on NBA teams. I know you like digging for news and rumors and maybe you have more time than I do. And as I said before, I really value your work bringing us the latest. Have fun.LOL



  • punkjones

    Nice to hear Joel calling this game – so fitting.

    Sorry J=Cool, I don’t agree whatsoever that JO is a lateral move. He’s a huge upgrade right now. You yourself said that Lamar is too erratic. Tell you the truth we have no consistent inside player whatsoever on the entire team.

    JO would give us a big who can at least set up in the post. Even if he shoots fadeaways or other shots, at least he can command double teams down low, and bring a consistent offensive game. Don’t judge by last year’s career low shooting percentage – the guy had a banged up knee and he took care of it. He’s a hell of a player as evidenced by his 6 years as an All Star. That’s six more than Lamar’s ever had. Plus JO on defense at the power forward would be an enormous upgrade as well. The Chris Mihm signing really put us in a good position to make a move for JO if KG doesn’t work out.

  • klao

    [quote comment=”9022″]Was I the only one who thought the teams were split up where White got better players? I mean sure blue had Kobe and Carmelo, but White had both great point guards (Williams and Hinrich aren’t bad, but they aren’t as good as Billups and Kidd), the perimeter defenders (Prince and Battier) and the shooters (Miller and Redd). White got the rookies (Durant and Reddick). But I guess it must have been because they did also get Stoudemire along with Bryant and Anthony.[/quote]

    you’re correct the white team had more experience players, but like faith said, when you have Kobe on your team it doesn’t matter.

    Read this from nba reporters:

    My man Mo Brooks (you know him as Mr. Rankings) just IMed me with, “Kobe is the best I’ve ever seen.”

    My response?

    “I’ve been saying that for years.”

    — Edited by Dave McMenamin at 07/22/2007 7:30 PM

    And just a note, as soon as Lebron blocked kobe(which was wrong because Kobe could’ve been injured) the coaches took him out of the game.Like the announcers said, someone’s going to pay for that.

    And they did, kobe won the game, made a 3 with lebron guarding him and stopped Lebron from making the last shot.

  • steve

    Check out the article on hoopsworld.should the knicks trade marbury?

  • LAKobe4Life

    I’ve said this once, I’ve said this for over a decade now, Kobe is the greatest player on the planet. Hands down, Kobe has no equal. There’s alot of Haters out there, freakin low lives, they just got their mouths stapled shut tonite. The saying goes, ” There’s Kobe and there’s the rest.”

  • da1

    damn i wish we would gotten kidd for bynum. he could turn lamar into an all star. watching him now reminds me of how dumb it was to not get him. we would be real contenders.

  • DeepFrost

    A big slap to Bronnie-lovers!!

    Prince James got pwned by the REAL DEAL.

    Eat this you motherfucker!!!

  • lakerfreak

    da1 i totally agree i was thinking the same thing when i was watching the game and of course kobe is kobe i knew he would win it when he came back in down 11 with 5 minutes to play
    and how about durant that guy really impressed me for being a rook not a single pro game and playing the best players in a serious atmosphere i think portland might have screwed up

  • LAKobe4Life

    This was the first time I saw Durrant play, I must say, I was really impressed with Kevin Durrant, hands down he’ll be ROY.

  • TheEclectic

    Kobe over LeBronze… love it

  • AirKB24

    Kobe needs to do it when it counts. D-Wade and Lebron looked good in intersquad games also the last 2 years. Do it when you play teams that have experience playing zone defense. Those 25 foot 3 pointers that Kobe made are not going to go in through the enitre tournament and Laker fans know that. We will see when those 25 footers stop falling. Will Kobe keep on shooting them?

  • LAKobe4Life

    Hey did anyone see Dwight Howard? Man that guy’s a BEAST. Dwight Howard was totally eating up Amare Stoudamire. Now, with Kobe finally healthy and joining the Team USA squad, his performance tonight was just a taste of things to come. Not only are we going to the olympics, we’re definately taking the GOLD. GO TEAM USA!!!!

  • kbforthewin

    it’s playing on FSN right now (replay) if you guys want to watch. it’s half-time actually. (i’m in socal by the way so it may not be on for everyone in the country)

  • LAKERSpastpresandFUTURE.

    I was actually at this game today…and let me tell you…AMAZING! Kobe really lit it up today. Durant started to show his true colors as well. It’s amazing how the entire audience at the Thomas and Mack center praised and chanted “KOBE,KOBE,KOBE”!

  • Fred A.

    Did you SEE IT, Yeah I SAW IT!!!!!!
    Kobe to anyone the league is uncomparable.
    Simply Kobe is the NBA.
    Also Kobe is wearing #10 that is my favorite number to wear to play with. What a coequencdence!!!!
    Please stay Kobe Bryant, and stay a Laker!!!!!

  • J-Cool


    I Did Not Said JO Is A Lateral Move Charlie Rosen Did I Would Be Fine With JO But If Only We Don’t Get KG.

  • Lakerjones

    JCool –
    Sorry about that. I agree with you.

  • KBisDarth

    i was at the game, sitting right next to a kobe hater who would force a rediculously annoying laugh anytime kobe made a mistake. at one point lebron came from the help side and swatted kb, the dude stood up and started screaming. i mean, wtf, this is a team USA game, how can you hate on anyone who is playing for their (your) country.

    i have been really pissed about kb’s bullshit this offseason, but i found myself, without even thinking about it, cheering for the blue team just because kb was on it. and even though white had a better roster, when my friend said “white is winning for sure” (they were up 8 at the time) i said “kobe’s team just has to win”. sure enough…

    we need to get his guy a little more help. once we do, its title time

  • foshizzelmynizzle….

    kobe do what kobe does