I This is a pretty funny comic about Kobe and the MVP race. Information about who made it is underneath it. Pretty funny stuff – they are pretty dead on with most of you/us, huh?

Garbage Time All-Stars is by Josh Frankel and Mark Haven Britt: two cartoonists, illustrators and basketball fans. GTAS post a new NBA comic on Ball Don’t Lie every week, but for more wit and drawings check out garbagetimeallstars.com and their Facebook fan page. Also, you can buy Britt’s critically-acclaimed graphic novel, Full Color, at Amazon.

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    not funny

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    someone explain

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    really g!ay

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    I’m guessing that the artists think Kobe is unworthy and only receives rewards because of white suburban kids who have internet access??

  • Juilliards Laker Man

    MVP Kobe Bryant

    This is NOT the most filled up STATS Award and it is NOT the best player award. It’s only the Most VALUABLE Player Award. MVP should mean this-
    The ultimate goal is to win the Championship, so the MOST VALUABLE PLAYER throughout the season is the player who has PROVEN THE BEST that his team is the most dominant team in the league and favorite to win it all because of him. The player who has done WHATEVER he had to do to have his team as the favorites to be the most dominant team in the league is the Most Valuable Player in the League because without him that team wouldn’t be the favorites to win the Championship, which is the ultimate goal. (Lakers were the favorites in the Finals last year BC of what Kobe did in the Season. Even though they did loose twice to Boston, he still had proved to have the most dominant team going in.) Doesn’t matter if you have the most wins in the season, the most rebounds, or the most points. What matters is that your team is the most dominant team because of you.
    With what has happened this season, (impressive streak stopping and doing some major sweeping) it is clear that Kobe has prepared his team to defeat The Cavs and Boston in any series.
 What’s more Valuable to a team that’s trying to win a championship?

    -Lebron- His style of playing the game is dominant and can win A LOT of games in a season, but when tested against REAL (true teams) like the Spurs in the Finals a few years ago or the Lakers this year… it shows that His style of play is NOT so VALUABLE. A One man show can’t get it done against REAL teams. Sure, they may look like they are playing team ball, but when you really look at it, it’s just Lebron feeling up a stat chart. This will not get it done against the big dogs. Making sure the guys around you do the things they are suppose to do at their positions without having to rely on you to do everything makes an ultimate team. One guy grabbing triple doubles isn’t doing IT ALL. (doesn’t make you most valuable this season) That’s just feeling a stat sheet and is not preparing your team to beat a dominant all around True Team in a series. The Cavs rely on him completely to get wins, but when it comes down to it, that’s not the most valuable strategy in being the most dominant TEAM to win a championship when there’s a True team playing the most dominant ball This Season. (Kobe had his guys schooling the Cavs this year while being sick on the bench. Lebrons game has been revealed this season to NOT be the most dominant strategy in having the most dominant team in the League This Season, which is why he isn’t the most valuable player in the league. 

    -KOBE BRYANT- He has done everything he had to do THIS season to develop a team that plays the Ultimate Team ball and has already proven to have the favorite team going into the Finals… He’s a guy who can get all the points he wants, (best finisher in the league) can grab rebounds all he wants and can pass lots of assist if he wasn’t running the Triangle, but instead has done what he needed to do so he can have the most dominant team in the league in 09. He has his team sweeping the other TOP contenders and has made all the adjustments he needed to make to make his team the most DOMINANT. Considering what has been done throughout this season, Kobe has his team as the favorite to win the Championship. Kobes style of play is Much more Valuable in winning a Championship in 09. He makes sure everyone does what they need to do at their position (no one relies on Kobe to be the best at their own position on the team because they understand that strategy is not the most valuable strategy.) The team understands what they have to do to be the BEST TEAM because of Kobe Bryant’s All Around Game this season. Again, feeling the stat sheet is not all that valuable when there is A bigger fish in the Sea this year.
    Kobe gave the ball to Ariza to make the game winner when Kobe was red hot in San Antonio.. Ariza missed, but that is a great example of the MVP player Kobe Bryant is this season… Preparing the team to have ready weapons in the big moments, when it really counts. He’s a man who has done what he had to do this season to have his team ready for any battle in the Finals this year.
    Kobe Bryant is hands down MVP

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    Haha, well done

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    Juilliard Man made some great points
    All true
    smart peeps come from Juilliard
    NY got our back
    but really all true KOBE MVP 09

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    Pretty much it.

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    Or to probably stereotype the fact that Laker fans fight/cause fights on the internet. But hey, I don’t blame them since Laker fans don’t get their way, even though they deserve it.