This is a pretty cool article. Kobe sat down with some kids and provided some real, motivated words of advice:

Sun Times: Kobe Bryant made a West Side stop Monday night, addressing the boys basketball teams from Whitney Young, Von Steuben, Farragut, Marshall and Oak Park as part of a Nike-sponsored event at Attack Athletics gym.

”I do this as much as I can,” Bryant said. ”We’ve done this in Atlanta, New York and Los Angeles. This is my 12th year in the NBA, and I want to pass on whatever knowledge I can to the next generation. This is a great city, and there is so much young talent. Some of the greatest players have come out of this city.”

The players seemed mesmerized by the Lakers star.

”This was a great opportunity,” Marshall standout Ryan Hare said. ”It was a great idea to get us to listen to him speak about his every-day work ethic.”

Bryant said motivation was never a problem for him.

”To me, it was simple,” he said. ”I wanted to be in the NBA. I wanted to be one of the best basketball players. It was easy to stay focused.

”My message is that you don’t waste a day. I just keep going. I know one way, one speed, one gear. I really don’t need outside motivation.”

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  • myriam

    KObe always have a soft spot for young generations. Keep up the good work.