We all knew Kobe is the toughest player when it comes to playing with injury. It’s a great thing they swept so everyone can rest up. I’d rather be healthy and rusty than injured, tired and in-sync.

L.A. Times: Bryant sustained minor ankle pain when he landed on Denver’s Eduardo Najera’s foot after attempting a three-point shot in Game 4. “He didn’t roll it, but it did bother him,” Jackson said. “He does [also] have some tendinitis in that right knee, but he doesn’t ever own up to it too often.”

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    as long as its not too serious, he’ll play thru it and he’ll play thru it well

  • willow

    Yup I agree. As long as it’s not too serious he’ll be fine. The dude is a warrior playing thru pain. I’m glad they swept the chicken nuggets so they can rest up and get ready for the next battle. LAKER 4 LIFE!

  • Young

    People forget that Kobe has a LOT of mileage on him. All those seasons, and all those playoff runs. He easily has more mileage than anyone his age, and probably more than the older vets.

    It’s a good thing that Kobe is a gym rat and kept himself in superior shape. It’s definitely helped delay the breakdown of his body by who knows how many years.

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    Kobe is already breaking down. Way to many injuries. I am going to be pissed if the lakers give Kobe a max extension after these next 2 years. The only way the lakers should resign him is if he takes less money. If kobe is going to want 20 million a season then I would tell him to go F himself. Kobe will be done by then and lebron will pass him as the best player in the nba. I think you are better off to trade kobe after next season. I know that won’t happen because he has a no trade clause in his contract but that would be the thing to do for this franchise. Unless we do a sign and trade deal with another team.

  • Phant0M

    Please stfu.^

  • Kobe8>24

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    wow, just wow. pure BS right here..

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    WHAT???? WHO ARE YOU???????

  • LakersFirst

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    Breaking down??? Kobe hasn’t missed a game this year. He played in all 82 games this year (plus 5 playoff games), 77 games last year (plus 5 playoff games) and 80 games the year before (plus 7 playoff games). In other words, he’s only missed 5 games in the past 3 years.

  • True Lakers Fan

    Kobe is a freaking warrior Mamba 4 MVP


    Just wait and see. Just like I told all you losers that Bynum was going to miss the rest of the season.

  • schnide

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    not to mention, that half the games he missed are because of ridiculous suspensions from the oh-so-judicious nba

  • e

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    kobe’s not breaking down nor will he break down anytime soon…btw are you a lakers fan that just hates kobe or something?

  • kb24b3stever

    man PAU A MBENGA shut the fuck up if your gonna say something like that and it looks like you a queen james fan then u should go 2 “ilicklebronsballs.com”
    players like kobe dont break down u are crazy see you got the example right there AI his about to be wat 33 or sumting like that and he dont even like coming out the game and kobe its only 29 and your saying he’s about to break down when he played everygame this season and with a finger that needs surgery come on i know you dont like him but he’s the best in earth so atleast hav sum respect 4 him…

    and bynum its coming back.


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    You can’t compare Iverson to Kobe. Iverson went to 2 years of college at Georgetown and Kobe went to the nba right after high school. In the NBA you play 82 regular season games and in college you play around 30. Big difference. Iverson and Bryant came into the nba the same year. So your argument about Iverson being older does not apply.

  • http://swishtheball.net kobe-drew-pau-l.o.-fish

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    kobe will take a pacut,

    forget about lebron, he is just a ball hog that can’t make any shot unless it is a dunk

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    if you look at kobe’s first two season and compare them to iverson’s first two seasons, you will see that kobe came off the bench and played less time than iverson…HENCE you can make an assumption that even tho kobe had gone straight from high school to the nba, he is in the same spot iverson was when he was 29 going to 30..therefore the comparison of kobe to iverson is legit and definitely valid

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  • pau a mbenga is ridiculu

    this man “pau a mbenga” must be the most confused man on earth….u just cannot be any more confused on what your talking about..lebron james? get out of here dude. nothing against lebron but he definitely got an advantage at 6″8 and 260…..but never will he play the game like kobe…..once his jumping ability is gone oh boy is he in trouble.

    kobe almost being done….man if bowen can play great defense at 35+ then kobe’s game will be here for another decade…..


    Bynum is coming back? LOL. Yeah next season. You guys have been saying that sense mid march. If saying that makes you feel better then by all means go ahead.

  • Majic “Big” Johnson

    Pau A MBengay (no pun intended DJ) are you a crack head? Trade Bryant? Kobe Bryant is as much a part of the Lakers as Jerry West himself. Where do you get off saying his body is breaking down. He is a straight up gladiator on the court!

    You sir are a dumbass and just earned the right to get SMACKED across the face with the “BIG” Johnson!!!

  • kobe-wan kenobi

    Majic, please go ahead with your big johnson
    and bypass the slap, stick it directly where the sun does not shine!
    he definitely needs to stfu!!!!!!!!!!!!
    MO Ron!!!!!!!!

  • e

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    just bcuz u might potentially be right about one thing does not mean you’re correct about everything…you are NOT an expert in the franchise, so taking your word about kobe is me blindly believing everything you say

  • youknowwhatitis

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    guys chill. he’s just a has been lakers fan and now a sore ass suns fan that has been riding shaqs dick since 00-01. for the last three years he has disowned the lakers, looking for anything that he can criticize the franchise on. his shining moment was probably seeing dallas give away the championship to wade and his team. this year though, he can’t deny the brilliance of the kobe-led lakers. but alas, he is no fan, for to his eyes the lakers have committed “treason” (yeah’s he’s a real shaq rider) by shipping shaq’s ass out of l.a. so, he looks and looks and oh! injuries…he’s thinking “sweet, imma hit em wit that” this fu cker.

    keep hating while we keep on demonstrating how to win a championship
    B ITCH

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    he’s also prlly one of those guys who were willing to give up kobe instead of shaq so that the lakers could have gotten lebron…i dont know about you, but id rather have kobe than lebron anyday

  • playdefense

    Pau A MBengay just wants to ride on lebrons dick. gay a$$..

  • ab4sure

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    you have made some terrible past predictions also.. so don’t use past predictions for this point.