This is pretty cool. SLAM Magazine’s latest edition (Olympic Hoops ’08) features some of the USA players and our very own, Kobe Bryant on the cover. Should be a great article. Check it out:

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    yeeeee boyyyyy

  • Laker Power

    Thats right!!! Put the best in the middle!! SLAM Magazine knows whats up!

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    this has been out for like a week

  • Dunkadelic TV

    Melo, Kobe, and LeBron are 3 of the Most Influential players of the basketball and hip-hop culture fusion born in 1984 that is known now as The “Dunkadelic-Era” In America, 1984-Present. Melo is the new face of the Jordan-Brand and is a symbol of the fusion of basketball and hip-hop. Kobe was part of the 1996 NBA Draft along with Allen Iverson who is the Most Influential player of the era. He was part of the Bling Dynasty along with Shaq. LeBron James is the Jay-Z of the NBA and personifies the culture of basketball and hip-hop. The “Dunkadelic-Era” will be celebrating its 25th Anniversary during the year 2009 (1984-2009).

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    Wheres WADE. Those are the top 4 players. Maybe hes not there cuz he is a bench playa now. YA prolly… sooo…. GO MVP MVP.

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    LMAO @ the first three comments hahaha

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    Wooo! Step aside Lebron =).

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    Yup we have the best player.. That’s for damn sure.

  • MILO

    How does a guy like Melo make an “all defensive team”???

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    Work it, Kobe. I think I met get this issue.

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    not met lol

  • xtro

    dunno about team usa, but I’m afraid of the Spanish team. Team USA ain’t got no true center. Spain has the Gasol hermanos y Fran Vasquez. Got a bad feeling about Team USA’s chances.

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    No true center? They have Howard!

  • JC

    KOBE’s gonna bring home the GOLD Baby! – USA USA!!

  • xtro

    Yeah but if Howard gets into foul trouble then we might be kaput.

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    r u kidding me…..spain! usa is gnna kill em….hahahahaha…omg lmao

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    and gasol isnt a center….hes a PF

  • Thomas

    Three reasons why we are coming back with the gold. Need I say more??

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    Front & Center Kids

  • xtro

    C’mom guys. I want the USA to bring home the gold medal, but I truly consider Spain a serious threat as opposed to Argentina. Manu is injured severely. The Spanish team will feature several players with NBA experience:

    Pau Gasol
    Jorge Garabajosa
    Juan Carlos Navarro
    Jose Calderon

    Then you have top Spanish players who play in Europe”
    Marc Gasol
    Fran Vasquez
    Rudy Fernandes- touted as the next Manu Ginobili

    Respect the enemy.