Kobe wants to win; enough to take a paycut to keep the squad together.

Hoopsworld: Kobe Bryant – Los Angeles Lakers: It would take a massive injury or total collapse for Kobe’s stock to fall and the Lakers have been preparing themselves for the inevitable.

Kobe is going to opt out this summer and the Lakers will have to back up the other Brink’s truck to his house and there is little that is going to effect that.

Sources close to Bryant say that while Kobe is eligible for a deal in the $24 million per year range he may help the Lakers out if it means keeping Trevor Ariza and Lamar Odom in town, so expect Kobe’s next deal to be slightly less than most are projecting, a deal that averages $18 to $20 million seems like where things are headed, and Kobe opting out means almost nothing in the grand scheme.

  • sketch

    selfish player no more! he’s now willing to do what magic did back in the day! i hope that kobe does this so that the team can stay intact!

  • Fred

    Would kobe honestly take a paycut? I doubt it. Lakers are probably a top 3 money making franchise. They’re going to have to cut Lamar to pay Kobe. that’s the honest fact. If kobe took a paycut that would amaze me. But I could see him trying to restructure his contract so they would pay him the amount but over an extended period of time, although I doubt that would help the luxury tax. (I’m not familar with contract rules, just speculating)

  • marcus

    with the amount he has made through endorsements (yes he got em back) and his previous contracts, kb24 don’t need that lucrative NBA contract anymore…i believe once you get the money, you can go ahead and make that sacrifice and do whatever it takes to get more championships…and if this all works out, he’ll definitely solidify his leadership role.

  • xfellerx

    need to resign shannon. dood is sick.

  • Smush Walton

    If anyone should take a pay cut next year it should be Puke, Vujabrick and Fartmore.

    These three really SUCK – BIG TIME!

    Teams should be given some sort of relief when they pay someone a big time contract and they then they turn out to be a bust!

  • Lakezilla

    If they win the title, he might take the cut. If they don’t, there’s no chance in hell. Period.

    Is there really that big of a difference between 18 or 20 mil and 24 mil? I mean your filthy rich either way plus all the endorsements he has. Its not like he’s going to starve or be evicted if he takes the cut. To some players, its just an ego thing.

  • Sara Chen

    I doubt Kobe will take a paycut. But I certainly welcome it! But we need to win it all to consider what comes next.

  • Lakerfever

    Kobe probably only takes a paycut if we win. To him, 18-24 mil isn’t that big of a deal because of his endorsements, but to the Lakers organization, that six mil can mean a lot (as it can potentially be 6 mil more). However, I think if and when we do win the ship (:)) we’ll see who the true Kobe is, if he cares about making money or it he’s wants to win more. Personally I think he should opt out; if he wants 5 yr, $135 mil (aka max) that’s fine; i’m sure we’ll give it to him. Hopefully he takes 5 yr, $100 mil like Duncan did when he signed the extension. He doesn’t need an agent so he should fire his agent and keep the min 10% extra for himself. Either way, go Lakers! I just want cheaper tickets!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=595552596 Yoke Lee

    I trust Kobe to take the paycut. He likes this team and its chances, no reason for him to want more but gave up players in the process that will help him in his conquest for more subsequent titles.

  • gugy

    I doubt he will take a paycut.
    Mitch will have to work the numbers signing Shanon Brown, Ariza and Odom and hopefully trading Luke away.

  • 123kid

    kobe doesnt need all that dough. he can move to china and he’ll be treated like an ambassador! jk! but i really dont see any of this unfolding until the summer. if we win, then possible paycut and priorities to LO and Ariza and possibly Brown. then the other option which will not happen!

  • e-bucher

    wishful thinking…i won’t believe it until i see it…if he takes a pay cut…15 mil a year is reasonable…

  • Josue

    Kobe wants to win so I believe he will take a pay cut. Keeping this team together should be a top priority for Mr.Buss and Kup. Kobe taking a pay cut will be a great example for his teammates, and I’m sure the fellas would play harder and have much more respect for #24. So loosen up the strings and “show me the Money!!”

  • Jeff Swaggundy

    Too bad he’s never been the highest paid player, absolutelty sad.

  • WifelovesLuke

    Guys, it comes down to one word: LEGACY. Kobe realizes that in order to be in the same conversation as Jordan, he needs 2 or 3 more championships. 4-6 million per year won’t hurt Kobe if it means keeping guys like LO, Ariza and Brown. TO BE REMEMBERED AS THE BEST = LEGACY

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=692278347 Young Im

    Pay cut or no pay cut bottom line we need to re-sign Odom, Ariza, and S. Brown. I hope we can trade either Sasha and Farmar for a better PG or SG that can hit the 3 consistently. I’d like to trade Luke but no one will take him granted the amount of money we give him and what he produces. I hope we win this year because if we dont then the team will probably lose either Odom or Ariza.

  • OnenOnly24

    This guy gets most of his money from endorsements anyway. Suprised he didn’t bring it up last year.

  • LakersFirst

    Kobe is the most selfish player in the NBA, hands down!! He had the mighty Shaquille O’Neal as his center and he still wanted the Lakers to himself.

    If Kobe opts out and takes a paycut, I’ll take this statement back.

  • let there be light

    He will take the pay cut. when we win the championship, he will realize that this is his team. He is the leader and can control this team. i really done think he wants to play with players like Smush parker or kwame brown at the end of his career. if he is smart and wants to win, then take that cut. think about LO & Ariza or Smush & Kwame.


    If you guys think he needs the money, your insane. He has endorsement deals with companies we don’t even know about. The only reason he might not take the paycut is because of his ego, since he keeps getting dissapointed in the playoffs (except this year) there is a chance he knows that this is the team that they need to build on. We are the not too young, not too old type of team which is perfect to go on a streak of championchips with since young players tend to give up and older teams falls apart with all the salaries.

  • Sparky

    Kobe’s rich. He and Pau should play for 10 million a year so the Lakers can stack up on older veterans to come off of the bench. Can you imagine having Rasheed Wallace and Joe Johnson playing on the Lakers squad? If Kobe moved to SF, Joe could play the 2 and Rasheed could come off the bench as a 5 who could knock down the long ball. If those guys would take less, the Lakers could win several championships.

  • Gr8LakeSuperior24

    Why should Kobe take a paycut? Why shouldn’t Dr. Buss who makes infinitely more than Kobe just pay to keep the team together? Kobe has a limited number of years to play basketball and Dr. Buss has made his money back 10x over from purchasing the lakers.

  • p()()P


  • LakersFirst

    [Comment ID #69448 Will Be Quoted Here]

    I highly doubt that will happen, but if it does, you can bet your a** that Lebron will seriously consider coming to the Lakers because, if Kobe were to opt out completely and sign with another team (i seriously doubt this), then the Lakers will have a sh*t load of money to spend on a player. Players with the star power like Kobe, Shaq, Lebron want to play in L.A. (lights, camera, showtime).

  • abmam

    i like your response. reasonable 2

  • Freshh


  • sketch

    I think it’s so funny that everyone believes that they know Kobe so well and that he’ll absolutely do this or that if this or that happens. I’m guilty of the same damn thing, but this one thing is for sure and it’s that Kobe continues to do the unsuspecting thing. Maybe it’s because of him really being different or maybe it’s just to throw people off… who really knows? One thing is for sure and that is that Kobe WILL surpass Bird’s playoff record by the next round and that he’ll continue to go on his offensive prowess and show that he definitely is STILL the MAN to contend with in the NBA!

  • bc

    i think what would be best for kobe/lakers is for kobe to opt for a shorter (4/3 yrs?) contract and get paid less, maybe around the 20 mill ballpark. This would allow kobe to see what direction the lakers are going in the nearer future, and if he finds out the lakers can no longer compete with the best of them… he can jump ship.

  • http://www.ask.com t-star12345

    Yeah my nigga kobe get that money he get 24 million a freakin year ya erk me blood

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  • http://www.google2.com glasnost

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