Now even though this report is out there, he pretty much confirmed he’d be back at the parade. Maybe he’ll even take a paycut like Duncan did! We’ll keep an eye on it.

L.A. Times: A report from the Los Angeles Times indicated that Kobe Bryant could opt out of his contract and become an unrestricted free agent July 1st.

Bryant conceivably could depart the Lakers for another team, but that scenario appears highly unlikely.

The club’s long term outlook as a perennial title contender will affect his decision, according to sources that spoke with the Los Angeles Times.

The report from the Los Angeles Times indicated that a maximum ‘extension’ would be for five years and $135 million.

Bryant is not eligible for a full extension because of the Over-36 rule. The cutoff date is October 1st and Bryant’s birthday is August 23rd, meaning Bryant could potentially miss out on more than $30 million by just under 40 days.

  • barcalakerfan4life

    as a laker fan if kobe goes la will stink for many years to come whos gonan lead us sasha vujabrick or puke walton?

  • Margo


  • LakersFirst

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    Obviously you are not a Laker fan. If Kobe were to leave, the Lakers will simply just get another superstar. You can’t tell me that other NBA players don’t want to play in L.A..

    Remember something supposed “Laker Fan”, the Lakers were here winning championships BEFORE Kobe, and the Lakers will be here, winning championships, AFTER Kobe.

  • Chris Manning

    Also, this wasn’t the first time we heard this… but I remember this article on him possibly opting out to take paycut:

  • asjk

    Lakersfirst, you obviously have no sense.
    If Kobe leaves, the Lakers won’t be able to AFFORD another superstar. They can’t offer a max contract because even without Kobe’s salary, they would have nearly $50 million worth of contracts on the table, and that’s not even including Odom or Ariza.

  • barcalakerfan4life

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    your an a**hole if kobe was to leave LA u cant tell me they woudlnt suffer of course LA will win titles but not for at least 6 years since you would have to rebuild look what happened when shaq left and the dynasty was gone we had to wait 7 years to win again another nba tile so shut the hell up.

  • barcalakerfan4life

    your an a**hole if kobe was to leave LA u cant tell me they woudlnt suffer of course LA will win titles but not for at least 6 years since you would have to rebuild look what happened when shaq left and the dynasty was gone we had to wait 7 years to win again another nba tile so shut the hell up.

  • Lakers_The_Truth

    Kobe will stay.

    He will probably go to the maximum ‘extension’ 5 years $135 million. Maybe a bit less but not much.

    He knows he can recoup the money on endorsements.
    Lamar is the guy who need to be making maybe 8 million instead of 14,15.

  • WifelovesLuke

    Jun 17th, 2009 at 2:56 pm
    as a laker fan if kobe goes la will stink for many years to come whos gonan lead us sasha vujabrick or puke walton?”

    barca, can you give any solid evidence as to why Luke is not an important part of this team other than “he can’t shoot” or “he can’t play D”? Cause if that is all you got, then you don’t understand basketball. Every “Championship” team has role players who are a perfect fit for the system instilled by the coach. Luke is one of those guys just like D Fish. Stop hating on the guy becuase he doesn’t fill up the box score with dazzling #’s.

    Secondly, the Lakers have to consider and probably have considered what life without Kobe would be like. Would the team go thru some rebuilding years? Of course, but there are two amazing free agents coming up in 2010 by the name of James and Wade. You think they wouldn’t leap at the possibility of playing in LA? Will Kobe leave? Hell no, but a responsible and successful organization will plan for all possibilities. Keep an open mind. It will help you later in life after high school.

  • barcalakerfan4life

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    wade is staying at heat and lebron will be at knicks.

  • kobe8

    Kobe said he wants to be the best, and to be the best you have to win. If he signs for a lot of money during the off season the Lakers MIGHT lose Ariza and Odom and the chances of winning will get slimmer. But if he takes less money the Lakers will sign Odom and Ariza and this team would win Championships.

  • gus26

    i say a five year 100 mil deal is perfect.. if he wants to keep winning championships he knows he can’t be making 25 mil a year.. so i think 20 a year is perfect..

  • mt in hb

    To all

    Let’s enjoy this title & this team…

    My thoughts are that all parties will figure out a way to keep Odom (Ariza is obviously staying)…and if this team, or top 8-9 are kept intact, we’ll win this thing again next year!

  • LakersFirst

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    Yea yea, just go support FC Barcelona because Kobe does. When Kobe takes a leak do you have to as well?


    why’s everyone going crazy with this? kobe’s opting out so that his contract can be restructured so that the Lakers will have some wiggle room with LO and Ariza. Those 3 guys ain’t going no where! Kobe’s not going to be hurting for cheddar, he’s the #1 marketable player in the NBA like TLN reported earlier in the week. He’ll make his money with Vitamin H2o and other products, and a plus there’s a plethora of products to endorse overseas in Europe, Asia, and South America. Homie’s gonna GET PAID!!!!!! so, let’s just relax and enjoy our boys being the champs and talk trash about LeHype, the Cavs, Pudgy Pierce, Gimp Garnett, Gay Allen, the Celd!cks, Stan Van Jeremy, etc… direct the hate and trash to our opponents and not at each other. hahaha!

    HELLS YEAH LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!! GREAT PARADE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    one last thing, that was a B@D@$$ shirt that Kobe had on… GOTTA GET ONE!

  • LakersFirst

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    Askj, It all depends what the salary cap is set it. If Kobe were to leave the Lakers, WHICH HE WON’T, the Lakers would be under the salary cap with a total salary of $51M, in which they MAY or MAY not be able to sign a superstar but would the Lakers NEED to sign another superstar at the talent level of Kobe?

    Remember, championships are won through big men (7 footers), the Lakers have two of them in Bynum (only 21 years old and he has demontrated he can play when healthy) and Gasol (who is an all-star), who’s to say they would NEED another superstar to the calibur of Kobe Bryant?

    This is a stupid conversation anyways, because Kobe is NOT going to opt out and go to another team. He will opt out of his current deal to either get more money or take less money (within the collective bargaining agreement as players that do this are limited as to how much less they can take) in order to keep the team together.

  • ab4sure

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    First of all kobe would never leave this situation, but if he did the lakers would not resign LO unless he wanted to take a drastic paycut. Also Ariza would have to take a MLE. The laker could concievably get enough under the cap to make an offer for one of the 3 big free agents available. Without kobe they could get in the mid 40’s in salary by 2010.
    Don’t forget Fisher, Morrison, will also be off the books and that is another 10 million.

    Now if you were a superstar tell me. Would you want to play for the lakers with a frontline of Bynum and Pau. Lakers would be the first choice of any superstar available.

    Interesting to think about but won’t happen because Kobe is staying.


    Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah… Kobe is ‘The Franchise’ player whether you like it or not!


    It is very funny, if not peculiar how some fans enjoy claiming allegiance to the Lakers, while choosing to belittle or deflect well deserved praise and due credit away from the Franchise Player!


    Can’t these fools hear or at the very least, ‘Listen’ to what the Lakers brass; from the announcers, to the owners, to even Kobe himself, are saying! …LISTEN UP!


    Kobe will not destroy the repaired image and ongoing legacy that has cost him dearly to rebuild, since back in the day!


    Kobe is not going any where!


  • ab4sure

    Don’t make too much of it Warlock. No one was belittling our franchise player.

    Besides I saw today that you said Phil Jackson was not a great coach! Only idiots who don’t know basketball can recognize Phil as a Great Coach.

  • ab4sure

    Don’t make too much of it Warlock. No one was belittling our franchise player.

    Besides I saw today that you said Phil Jackson was not a great coach! Only idiots who don’t know basketball CAN NOT recognize Phil as a Great Coach

  • Eidraq

    i believe he will come back and sign again with the organization even if he opts out…we’ll just have to wait and see…should be an interesting summer

  • lakerfan81

    Of course he is going to opt out. Theres no “may” about it. Why wouldn’t he. He can opt out and sign his final max contract. If he waits two more years he will be 33 and will not be able to sign a max contract.


    It’s even funnier how it’s always the imbeciles who boast or talk/spew their expertise about; Available cap space, NBA contracts, Salary pay cuts, MLE’s, etc, etc, etc! …but they don’t even know how to wipe the shyt off their ass yet!

  • ab4sure

    Freshh here is the interview. Jerry explains it. “I felt Lebron James has passed Kobe has a player but I also said late in the game in the fourth quarter I would rather have Kobe bryant. Sometimes you have to give credit where credit is due”

    He didn’t disrespect Kobe in this interview.

  • ab4sure

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    Relax. They were just speculating. Besides it is not like they didn’t think Phil was a great coach like some Idiots think.


    ^^^^Relax???? …STFU already, what a stupid little pesky wannabe somebody!

  • ab4sure

    ^^^^^Relax don’t get your panties in a bunch.


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    THIS FOOL IS SO STUPID, she still doesn’t GET, who or what my post is ABOUT!

  • emily

    Will Kobe leave? Would we win another championship without Kobe? We definitely wouldn’t be the same team without Kobe. I think he definitely holds this team together as a leader. But who and where would we be without Gasol? Without Trevor or Lamar? Fish? Each player has made minor and major contributions this season. What about Trevor’s major steals in the Denver series?

    It comes down to loyalty, people. I think winning this championship was exactly what we needed. Our spirits our high . . . Money money money. Blah blah, blah . . . we all want it. But, Kobe . . . Trevor, Lamar. (as long as we can keep Ariza and LO) I think they’ll remain loyal to their Lakers team.

    And thank you “wifelovesluke”. Luke Walton is a play maker. I wish all of the fans would stop hatin’ on Luke. I admit I sometimes cringe when he shoots, but he has the fundamental skills. But, his b-ball IQ is clearly high. You can’t be a good player without this.


    If Kobe opts out, it will be for the reasons already stated by lakerfan81…
    …And most likely will be end loaded so that Trevor will be retained as his game continues to flourish, while Lamar’s, is at it’s zenith!

  • Sopi

    if kobe is stupid enough to opt out this time, dont worry guys, lebron will be a laker in 2011



    Kobe will opt out, but it’s a good thing! …cuz they-(The Lakers) need to restructure his contract in order to pay Ariza what HE is worth, not to mention L.O. …And then, still be able to pay everyone else without breaking the Buss!
    …And also, lock up Kobe for the rest, of the best, of his career; here in L.A. …at least 5 or 6 years!


  • Drake Hunter

    I watch ESPN everyday so when I wake up one day this summer and turn on the TV and if they are broadcasting breaking news that Kobe has opted out of his contract, I’m gonna run out in my neighborhood and go streaking for joy because I know he’s doing it for the right reason and that would be free up some cap room for the Lakers to sign LO and Ariza. Again, this is all just speculation, but if it does happen Lakers fans, be aware that it’s a good thing. Stayed tuned!