It sounds like Kobe may not be ready to go for the season opener due to his knee. We’ll see what happens. Thankfully, despite injuries, titles are won in June NOT October.

Yahoo: Kobe Bryant is still trying to get his right knee stronger after having surgery in July, and Andrew Bynum hasn’t begun to practice after surgery on his right knee, the Los Angeles Times reports. Bynum could be out till late November or December. Coach Phil Jackson said that Bynum and Bryant likely won’t be ready to go when the season kicks off, adding, “So we have to bring up the game and have a concept on how we want to play the game. That will be done during these next preseason games in the next week and a half.”

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      if you don’t like it then leave

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    shut up guys they dont need to do this for us. this blog is for our laker news only so if you guys have no life other than finding lakers news and then complaining how its not on this site then really stfu.

    it doesnt matter where the news is, you got ur laker info. deal with being late to this site for a couple of hours.

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    now thats LEADERSHIP,way to go greatest of all time.

    • nick

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        lol billy madison nice bro.! words couldnt been put 2gether any better.!

  • Lakers—-24

    Kobe will be ready!!! He is always ready… Bynum will be back, get injured and come back then injured and come back again… LOL… Plus the Rockets are nothing we cant handle without kobe and bynum.. Dump it in to Gasol and let them work from there… GO LAKERS

    • Deemac1

      Kobe is a warrior, the last of his kind in the NBA… He will be ready at season opener. If there is anybody that can play thru pain and discomfort its #24. Did it for the last 2-3 seasons and he will do it again! I dont see any one else playing with torn finger ligaments, fluid on the knee, tweaked ankle ect… He is a student of the 80’s, back then that was common for a player to still go out and play no matter the injury, therefore he will be ready and playing……

  • mr.laker19

    Kobe better get his ass out there!

  • mo

    I don’t know where this reporter is getting this info? I read the LA TIMES article he cited and no where does PJ say he likely wont be ready.
    All PJ said is he’s not sure HOW ready Kobe will be when the season starts, he didn’t say NOT ready.

  • Erick

    how is it that hes ready to play 24 minutes during preseason and not the opener?

    • Robert.

      actually, he wasn’t all that ready to play those minutes in Barcelona. He wanted to give them a show there in Spain, but Phil didn’t want him to play that much (25 min.). He didn’t play all that well either. Need legs to get lift for long distance shots (3 pointers, etc.).

  • Phone

    There is NO WAY He won’t be ready.. Kobe will be playing and will score at least 20 on opening night.

  • aaron ford

    dont worry about kobe laker fans, he has until the playoffs to be at full strength.

  • aaron ford

    without kobe the majority of the season, the lakers can easily secure the 3rd seed in the west, still not a bad position come playoff time.

  • aaron ford

    i actually hope that he misses some time in order for shannon and sasha to gain confidence in their game.

  • drive-for-16th

    he practiced full on today, he’ll be ready.