Kobe is just making everyone’s day nowadays…

NBCOlympics.com: He is famous in his own right, the fastest man in America, a world champion and a possible star of the Beijing Olympics.

But when Tyson Gay ran into Kobe Bryant at the gym the other day, well, he did what any sports fan would do. He got excited. Star-struck even. Posed for a photo, then text messaged his mom.

Bryant asked Gay about his troublesome hamstring.

“He said, ‘How’s the leg? I’m going to check you out and keep you in my heart,'” Gay said. “It really meant something to me. Because he’s a huge superstar.”

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    wow this is just beautiful

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    It’s pretty sad that I didn’t see this publicized on ESPN or any other sports. I guess the media has a one track mind when it comes to Kobe.

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