Just a cool fact.

  • Last night with Kobe’s 41 point game in a victory over the Nuggets, it was the first time in his career where he had two 40 point games in a single playoff series!
  • kobe8

    Nice. You gotta respect this dude’s game. Best player in the NBA, F*ck what ESPN thinks.

  • Lakers 24 7

    Lebron hit one game winning shot, which might have been luck, but Kobe hits back to back 3’s and free throws to not only keep the Lakers in the game, but potentially win. In Lebrons situation, with 1 second left, you have no choice but to jack up a shot, so I wouldn’t call Lebron “King of Clutch” just yet. If Lebron was hittin’ jumpers in defenders faces, then yea maybe…but he WAS settin’ up teammates, so I’ll give him that.


    Just like DWADE – LeBron is being called the GOAT just for hitting one shot. If Kobe made that shot it would be “Oh whatever, happens all the time” but when LBJ makes one he’s Mr. Clutch and best closer EVER. When Iggy made the game winner it wasn’t even talked about by ESPN and that was actually guarded, LeBron just caught it and threw it up.

    ON-TOPIC: Nice stat I would have thought he did that before.

  • lakerman1

    Magic Johnson has now joined Jerry West. I know they are Great Laker Players but both recently have become Lebron Lovers. Jerry with his Lebron has surpassed Kobe statement and Magic yesterday teaming with Berry & Wilbon with a Nugget victory Sat & Mon wonder what he has to say now. Lebron makes one hail mary 3 pointer and he is now a great closer. They were leading the Magic by more then 20 in that game so how can they give him glory in a game that should not even have reached that point. When the Lakers blow leads Charles, Kenny & C- Webb say that they do not respect the League for not playing up to their potenetial. The Cavs pose before tip offs blow leads and are labeled as young guys enjoying each other as team mates. I am tired of the double standards and can almost guarantee that the Cavs will not be able to get past the Magic because they have a better overall team. Things are different when you have to face a real challenge which the lakers have faced in each series. Jerry/Magic go to Cleveland with your beloved James everyone knows a King cannot beat Superman

  • kobe8

    ^i agree

  • SliqRiq

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    So fukn right!!!!!! Hate those biotch ass analysts!!!!!!!!!!!

  • thabloody5th

    u think u fans know more then jerry west and magic???? WOW!!!!! VERY INTERESTING!!!!


    If you criticize Jerry West You Criticize the TRUTH!!!

  • thabloody5th

    WTF is with these young niggaz bashing magic and jerry west. Thats the ultimate disrepect. No lakers fan would never say some shit like that. You niggaz must be kobe fans.