If Kobe loves it, we all love it!

ESPN: “I love that pickup,” Bryant said. “I love that pickup. Every time I played against Blake when he was in Portland and when he matched up with me, he obviously gave up a lot in size and weight but he fought me hard every time. And I hit him with some nasty elbows, believe me, but he kept fighting, he kept battling, kept battling and to me, that’s the kind of guy I want on my team so it says a lot about him.”

  • nath

    Lakers loves pursuing Kobe-stoppers :))

    • LakersFirst

      Since when was Steve Blake called a “Kobe-stopper”. Steve Blake is a 6’3 point guard, so he rarely guarded Kobe.

  • drei

    If you cant stop him…join him..hehe

  • Messenjah

    So does this make Blake the PG of the bench? I don’t think they’re signing Farmar or Brown, so the bench looks like
    Odom, blake, sasha, walton and I think bynum and gasol will play the center role like they always do.

  • Fact

    If Kobe jumps off a building, we all jump off a building!

  • ceballos-neverforget

    I like Blake for sure, maybe my point is 50/50, but did we even try for Luke Ridnour? He would have been cheaper and for a bench pg behind fisher, he wouldve saved more MLE money for another player. thoughts?

  • http://www.jackyang.info Jack Y.

    Blake might even get the starting PG job if he adapts to the system. Lakers signed Blake to make sure they’re not left with nothing. Since Fisher turned down the 2.5mil/season offer, Lakers needed some leverage. Lakers management didn’t want to be the one desperate for a point guard.

  • Gotta Admit

    honestly i didnt think blake was a good idea but if kobe thinks it is then i guess im ok with it…i would have thought chris duhon would have been a better option a tougher defender decent 3pt shot great competitor and typical Duke player maybe not the passer that blake is but we have never really had a pass 1st PG…kinda interested to see how that works out

  • 24allup inya

    this nonsense about Blake b n a Kobe stopper, please stop it! with that said, i think Blake is definitely a great pick up and will really help out Bynum with some great assists just like he did in portland for Oden!!!Yup!!!