Here’s the fourth installment of those crazy brilliant commercials of our two favorite puppets…

  • Yoke Lee

    I like the mamba vs lion lil statue though.

  • Myself

    That’s hilarious. “That’s Mrs. Lewis from downstairs, she said you ain’t go no DEFENSE”! lol.

  • Richard

    I love it!

  • LakerLand_Nostradamus

    This is the weakest of the series of nice commercials for sure.

  • aceman

    The former commercial was better, but this isn’t bad.

  • Mr Will

    My condolences to David Stern, as well as to the mass sports media. It would seem that your man-crush is on his way to watching the NBA Championship series from his living room.

    Don’t get me wrong, I like LeBron James: he’s a tremendous basketball player, but I am completely over the media whirlwind praising him as the next (or better than) Michael Jordan. Come on guys… really? How many rings does James have? Again, he’s good, really good; he has the potential to be the best ever, but at this moment he is no where near Jordan. Let the man play, and let the future play out.

    I love watching the Cavaliers go down 3-1, and yet still during every commercial break see three out of five commercials hailing Kobe and LeBron as the national championship match-up. What in the world are Nike and Vitamin Water going to do when LeBron is eliminated, and all of those “NBA Champion LeBron James” commercials (which you know have already been filmed) are essentially worthless?


  • Michael_23

    After seeing so many of them by now, Melo and D Wade want puppet commercials now. But none of them are MVPs. heheh.

  • WifelovesLuke

    Still think “Unstoppable” is the best but this was good!

    Bet Nike and BSPN are pissed that Kobe vs. Lebron is not gonna happen this year. Oh well, puppets are still funny as heck!

  • kaynam24

    anyone know where i can get these puppets??

  • skim.

    when lebron is dunking the first time kobe is callin travel hahha

  • west213

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    LAUGHING MY FAUCKING ASSS OUT, how did u notice that?

  • kaynam24

    yea i noticed that too at :53 seconds lol

  • Mitch4Pres

    might be the funniest one

  • sketch

    [Comment ID #73313 Will Be Quoted Here]

    That’s cause LeHype is always travelin! Go check out LeHype’s installment of “Where will Amazing Happen” on Youtube… the one where he dunks on Garnett and the Celd!cks! Homeboy traveled cross country there! 3 giant steps and the NBA had the sack to throw it in our faces with it like we wouldn’t notice… FOTHER MUCKERS!

    By the way, these commercials are way wack! Ain’t funny and a big waste of time and money! Nike has been going downhill with their ad campaigns. They so desperately want to market LeHype that they’ll do anything. Remember the 4 LeHypes? A good concept I’ll give them that, but what’s the punch line? Every episode was confusing as to what they were trying to say. It’s like telling a joke with no punch line. Nike’s ads SUCKS!

    Vitamin Water on the other hand hits a grand slam with the argument on who’s #1… #24 or #23! Now that’s a great campaign with great content! That keeps the audience talking and debating and it’s real and relevant! How’re 2 puppets supposed to represent Kobe and LeHype when we know that Kobe can’t stand the spoiled newbie who haven’t proved anything significant yet! That’s just booty by Nike! Boooooooo Nike!!!!!!! Fire all your marketing staff because they SUCK!!!!!

    GO LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • rzebro

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    Maan, youre in some sh**y mood right here. This spots are hilarious, me and couple fellas upstairs laugh our asses of and there you are sain’ there not funny at all?

    Maan, i love them… D-Brick and G-Small shoud do their own ver of it with them incuded ;)

  • rzebro

    And first time I heard “you ain’t got no D B**ch!” :)

  • sketch

    Yo Rzebro,

    I ain’t in no sh**y mood man, I’m just not a lemming ready to fall off the cliff like everybody else! It really ain’t all that funny, if at all! I demand a lot from the commercials I watch! See, the companies are expecting me to spend my hard earned dollars on their products and the ads are their sales pitches. If I’m not moved, I won’t buy!
    I just expect more, and a simply put, a good concept is not “good enough”! The content, the punch line, the execution, etc… has all got to be there! Nike’s wanting me to spend $120+ dollars for a pair of Kobes and LeHypes, and they simply ain’t doing it with that particular line of ads!
    I see commercials as classic pieces of film, albeit a short film, but a film none the less! I can still remember classic Super Bowl commercials from the 80’s that stood out. For example the first time they introduced the newly remodeled 300 Z from Nissan. The narrator said something like I had a dream last night that I was driving a 300 Z, a motorcycle pulled up next to me, but couldn’t catch me. Then a dragster tried to chase me down and couldn’t catch me. Then a jet tried, and I threw it in 5th and left him behind. The imagery with the fog and the slow motion of the shot and the angles of the shots along with the narration was powerful and impacting! That was a timeless piece of artwork.
    I’m not saying that every commercial needs to set a mood or a tone like that, especially the comedic ones. The comedic ones, there’s none better than the Heineken Beer commercial with the walk in closets for the wives and the walk in fridge for the fellas! That’s clever ad campaign! It’s got great concept, great content, great follow through and great punch line! The Nike ads are nothing more than going into a comedy club and hearing some fool spouting out F bombs and trying to get me to laugh. That ain’t funny! I can throw out F bombs too and I don’t laugh at that!
    It’s simple mang! My time’s precious and I can’t stand for it to be wasted on crap that don’t measure up. To each it’s own that’s fo sho, but I have higher standards that Nike just straight up has not been meeting lately! They’re the front runners when it comes to sports apparel and they’ve been just coasting in my opinion. Adidas and Under Armour have ran better and more aggressive ads because they’re hungry to get more of the market and Nike is just fat right now and coasting! They’re simply not getting the job done!

  • Anonymous

    All of the talk about this being a part of Stern’s plans promoting kobe lebron finals is stupid. They’re both endorsed/sponsored by Nike, hey why don’t they make a few puppet commercials ala penny hardaway with the 2 biggest superstars in the NBA. It’s just good marketing.

  • sketch

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    That’s not stupid, that’s just not being NAIVE! It’s a good marketing strategy for sure, no one said it’s not. It’s generating all this talk already! It’s just not good execution of the campaign ads! No power to the punch, that’s all I’m saying. Nike had a real chance to turn this series into an ‘IRON MAN’, but instead it’s only about as good as ‘THE X-MEN’, actually… ‘SUPERMAN RETURNS’ which SUCKED big time!