The five time champion is in the running for “Male Athlete of The Year” ESPY award.

Sports Illustrated: Brees is nominated for three individual awards, including male athlete of the year. He’s up against Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Jimmie Johnson and Albert Pujols.

  • 09-10-11champs!


  • Lakers 24 7

    ESPN will give it to LeBron in an attempt to revive LeBron’s image.

  • Jack Y.

    If Lebron wins, it just means the award is trash.

  • patrick bateman

    Kobe and the lakers beat the celtics, LeBron and cavs lost to the Celtics. Kobe deserves the award.

  • justdogm1

    kobe went 4 -16 in a game 7 nba finals….why is he even mentioned?

    • Wilt

      Where was lebronze while the finals were going on? Oh yeah holding up his bronze trophy oh wait he didnt even win the bronze this year.

      • Wilt

        Plus he was fishing with the clippers.

        • Toni

          As well with other teams that are NOT over the salary cap. … Until LeBron actually wins some hardware, don’t even put him in the conversation with Kobe!!!!


      why and how is lechoke even considered in this award?sports is about winning right?

    • kurt johnson

      cuz kobe closes the game when it matters. even in game 7 he hit a big shot at the end. kobe had 6 game winners this year. lebron only has 1 in his whole career!!!!! (a lucky one at that)

  • justdogm1

    gasoft was bailing out kobe`s weak game..AGAIN

    • Wilt

      kobe won 3 with shaq lebron 0 with shaq. Magic 5 rings kobe 5 rings pau 2 rings adam morrison 2 rings lebrick 0 rings i think we know who will win the espy.

      • yash

        Ok that was just a bad argument. shaq is at his worst right now so u cant say anything about that.
        You couldve said that, they were the favs to win the title but came no where close to it

    • si pepe

      lebroom sucks! so weak just like you doggy!


      I seem to remember watching Mo Williams bailing LeBrick out time and time again throughout the Celd!cks’ series! Just go on ahead and keep washin The Royal Jester’s Balls… we ALL know he ain’t NO KING!

      While he tries to figure out where he’s gonna go to hide, from the rumors (which are true) of his mom being banged by Delonte West, Kobe’s just rackin up the NBA championship titles! Scoreboard: 5-0, and 2 Finals MVPs to 0!

      LeBronze can have the regular season MVP titles, ’cause at this rate… that’s all he’ll ever get! He can’t even make it into the finals, let alone winning it! And the only time that he did… he got swept by the Spurs!


      weak?? lechoke has NO game!!

    • justdogm1isabi*tch

      and here u are bitching at it like a lil faggot with nothing else better to do

  • Joseph

    it’a laughable that’s lebrawn’s name is in the mix. i even saw more blake griffin commercials during the finals and he was injured last season.

  • Be Strong

    Wow! another LeGone dick rider comin here!!!

  • echeverria.d78

    Hey fucker you did not mention that kobe had a outstanding rebound game. idiot rebounds and defense win games idiot. where’s lebrick? o yeah attending to stupid ass public event where everyone kiss his ass just like you. kobe 5 times champ lebron 0 stfu pls move on.

  • 24over23

    I hate to say this but i think Drew Brees might get this one

  • Morgan

    Kobe deserves it!!

  • 242LakerFan

    LeBron might not even show up. I hear Jordan Crawford might be in the audience, so Nike won’t allow him to attend. You know, just in case.

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  • GeauxSaints

    You guys are forgetting one thing. Drew Brees is also nominated and THE CLEAR WINNER.

    What he did for the Saints and the City of New Orleans, especially after his mother’s suicide in August 2009, is unmatched by the other nominees on this list.

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