Interesting results from ABC in terms of ratings. People love the Lakers and Kobe, yes, even before “King” LeBron.

kingkobeSports Media Watch: ABC saw mixed results for coverage of the opening weekend of the 2009 NBA Playoffs.

Game 1 between the Pistons and Cavaliers drew a 2.7 overnight rating on ABC Saturday afternoon, down 27% from a 3.7 for Suns/Spurs Game 1 in the same timeslot last year. The 2.7 is also off 4% from a 2.8 for Heat/Bulls Game 1 in ’07, but matches a 2.7 for Wizards/Cavaliers in ’06.

Meanwhile, Sunday’s Game 1 between the Jazz and Lakers drew a 4.0 overnight rating, up 3% from a 3.9 for Nuggets/Lakers in the same time slot last year, and the highest overnight for an opening weekend NBA Playoff game since ’03.

  • J

    that’s why the 2007 Finals was the worst Finals of late.

  • Lakers 24 7

    Lakers are the most exciting team in the NBA. I’ve heard it from many different NBA fans.


    Watching Cavs play is like watching the 2006 lakers. All show by Kobe but it gets boring. LeBron posts his 30/8/8 every night and now its not as surprising and not attracting anymore attention. When your watching a full team play in action it really gets exciting. For ex. the Magic when they get it going are just full of energy and one of the most funnest team to watch.

  • Jaime Quintanilla

    They should make that article image into a poster… It’s freakin’ SICK!

  • willow

    This is why the Lakers get more attention nationwide and generate interest because of the way they play. Like fluke said, when LeBron gets his numbers it does get old and not as exciting anymore. But when you watch the Lakers when they’re on their game they are just unstoppable and fun to watch. And it also helps that they have the “BEST PLAYER ON THE PLANET” in Kobe Bryant. I’ve never seen so much fan support for the Lakers than any other team in the NBA. Sometimes it gets ridiculous that the players think they never left LA for a game in the east coast. We are absolutely spoiled out here and should be thankful that Dr. Buss puts out the best team possible to compete for championships ONLY!

  • willow

    So suck on that Jeff in Tarzana!!!! You can kiss and shine LeBron’s bollz all day!!!! Ratings don’t lie LA Flipper fan!

  • http://kobe124 John Cena

    Lebron already bows down to Mr. Bryant.

  • dracul

    WOW! WHAT A PIC!!!

  • sketch

    Kobe not only DE-THRONES LeHype during the regular season by taking both games, but he does it in the ratings on ABC as well! I hope that the NBA, Stern, Stu Jackson, refs, and media all finally accepts that Kobe is the true KING and stop propping up LeHype as he’s not yet ready to take the throne because King Kobe ain’t ready to give it up just yet!

  • lyk13

    Is that pic from LBJ’s rookie season?

  • kb24

    kobe best!!!!!!

  • Jonathan AkA The Indomitable One

    Whose the MASTER !!! SHo-kobe Bryant (last dragon reference try to keep up) lol

  • 123kid

    cuz no one wants to see a crappy @$$ lebron vs. detroit series. ya lebron’s good and hez probably the mvp this year, but hey kobe’s been there and done that. and the lakers are always the most highly rated watched team in all of basketball. whether people love the lakers or they hate them, they always give the lakers the highest ratings.

  • kobe-wan kenobi

    lakers 2006 were amazing to watch
    i could have gotten a 50 any given day
    kobe’s show was much more entertaining than now
    and LBJ show it is not that is getting old, his game is not as exciting as kobe, mj, magic, wade

  • Lake4Life

    That picture is sick!!! Does anybody have that picture Lebron bowing down to Kobe in high resoultion and much larger?

    I’m gonna represent for sure, haha!

  • JC

    That’s right… Bow Down LeBronBron… :)

  • JC
  • Lakezilla

    Jamie is right, that picture is sick. Bow to the real king LeBrick.

  • Dragon

    Hahaha that is a nasty picture suck my dick bitch haahhaha…

  • Laker Power

    What is the most annoying part of all this… the NBA / ESPN do not do anything still to show that Kobe is the most sick player in the past, present, and future of the NBA.

    Why can’t they see from facts that Kobe is the most impressive, watched, and best player on the planet, so they would PLEASE stop hyping this so called “King”

    **Official STOP Hyping LeBron Petition**

  • ceballos_neverforget

    Hahaha, it doesn’t look like he’s bowing down to him, looks like he’s bl*wing him.

  • lakerschamps-09

    hahhaahahah awww the pic is classic… either bow down bron or is he giving him a BJ????lol

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