Is Kobe Bryant the next Evil Knievel?

In a video posted on his website, Kobe attepts to jump over a moving Aston Martin. Is he crazy?!?!

Is the video real? Watch for yourself, you be the judge…


  • The Nugget

    OH SNAP!

  • Jed17

    Is that Roni….I call bluescreen

  • The Truth

    Doesn’t matter, blue screen or not…KOBE IS F****ING amazing!!! Just his attitude and charisma in the video was soo tight, I like that from Kobe, haha!

  • Laaffiliation024


  • e

    haha that was great!

  • purple’n’gold

    thats a crazy video, it just an ad for his shoes as you can see he show the shoe before he does the!t if does shoes make me jump like that am getting a
    what is he goes jump over next a bus hahahaha.

  • miguel

    dude that look prtty real to me the man is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  • JV

    WOW, how insane is that vid, looks pretty real to me, lots of shadows so IDK, his new shoes look hot tho

  • sK

    its edited..but still pretty cool.


    This is why Jason Taylor said “Kobe…he’s unreal”. The Legend continues………..

  • gugy

    Very cool. but not real.

    They shot it two times. One with the car without Kobe and one with just Kobe. That’s why they picked a static background, like the buildings. Then, they superimpose the images. Simple trick, but cool.

    Just think, the Lakers FO would not be very happy with Kobe doing stunts with them putting on the line millions of dollars on his salary.

  • banuelos_714

    kobe is king… look pretty sick to

  • daboss1848

    I was there!!! It’s totally real. The best part is that it was PJ driving . . .

  • Thuggishdeer


  • youknowwhatitis


  • True Lakers Fan

    [Comment ID #32273 Will Be Quoted Here]
    thats why its fake dumbass but still very cool

  • xtro


  • lakerfan81

    gugy is right. They filmed it twice and then superimposed the images over each other. No way would the Lakers let Kobe attempt to jump a car. They pay him 30M a year, and need him on the court to sell tickets.

    Its not real but it looks pretty cool.

  • Geloman

    It’s real, and it was actually Dr. Buss driving with Mitch on the passenger seat. They tried to run him over for saying all that crap about them over the summer. They didn’t realize Kobe was wearing the HYPERDUNKS.

  • six45ci

    Everything about Kobe is unreal. so i wouldnt be surprised if this was real. you think the lakers would allow this to happen if their was a certainty that he can actually do this? i honestly doubt its fake. but that is awesome. you can see his hops. im sure plenty of players in the nba can do this. if you think about it hes way taller than the aston martin db9 convert. plus kobe can jump pretty high so it doesnt seem like it wouldnt be something he cant do.


    It’s already working, it just marketing, the few people that think it’s real create an uproar and its suddenly a successful product, everyones talking about it, etc. Well done Nike, well done.

  • Michael_23

    The coaching staff is really gonna get on his case now. Hahaha.


    THAT WAS CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • youknowwhatitis

    i loved it. also, he’s going to wear the Hyperdunks for tonight’s game…look for it! I bet the TNT crew will have something to say about this video as well…maybe make a joke about whether charles can do something like that

  • Jack

    Interesting. Very very.

    I wonder if Buss has seen this video. huhmmm.

  • Ko-Pau19

    its real Lakers fans! it is real! check it again if you want! but this is 100% real footage! Kobe is amazing! CRAZY HOPS!

  • goodfella

    i think that was CP3 in that aston


    Fake or not,it’s just good to see the guys having fun.

  • LakerNation1

    haha ronnie…

  • 89stars

    That was so cool!!

  • ab4sure

    As in a Seinfeld episode where Elaine said to Jerry in response to the question if she Faked it…(orgasm)… What about the panting, moaning, etc….. FAKE…FAKE………FAKE………FAKE…..

    HE FAKED IT!!!!!!!

  • lakerschamps08

    yea its cool but the way he jumps tells me its fake but i wanna say its real but idk but that does not jump like he jumps does not gather himself but idk.. ITS COOL

  • king.manu

    look at the shadows. you can see the shadow of the car of kobe jumping over the car and the most important thing a show on the car of a streetlight (sorry i dont know how you say straßenlaterne in english)

    i can not believe kobe does something like that but it looks real. anyway great vid

  • lakerschamps08

    actually he does gether himself
    but if i see shadows shouldnt that mean its real????

  • k0be da 1 andonly

    I tried it…..not the same results :(

  • two0one7

    [Comment ID #32314 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Was this you?


  • kev

    cool but fake…when he jumps over the car pause it and nobodies in it…when the car passes back at the end theres 2 people in it

  • kb24

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    You must be really blind.
    Check your self before you make a stupid comment like that.
    It is obvious that there is someone driving when he jumped over, then before the car could make a U-turn, his friend jumps in.

  • Dilip S

    well he obviosuly would have cleared it if the car was in the same video, but he didnt want to take a risk to get a SERIOUS INJURY. But his jumpp was high enough to clear it.

  • e

    its an edit..BUT, if he ever tried it, he would clear it…i knew there was something fishy with the situation…there is no way his contract would allow that

  • Michael_23

    Hey they just showed that clip on TNT. I’m watching it in HD and you can totally tell it was green screen. You can see that the keying wasn’t done that great. I know this cause I do some green screen editing myself.

  • fred0s

    You hear that LeBron, don’t try this at home.

  • LytesOut

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    just in case the picture doesn’t show, go here:

    Ok this is NOT fake. It’s NOT blue screen. It’s NOT two shots layered on top of each other. But it IS an illusion. Take a close look at the screenshot I took of the video. Look at where Kobe is and look at where the car is. Kobe is about 15 feet away from the camera. And the closest part of the car is 18 feet away from the camera. But from the camera’s angle you it’s hard to see a 3 feet difference between Kobe and the car.

    But I still give Kobe props. It shows that he can actually jump that high and clear an Aston Martin.

  • thisbedo

    this video still perplexes me and i saw it early this morning everything points to it being fake but if keep watching the shadow of the boom or something in the background and you see kobes shadow on top of it and then ass the aston martin passes its on top of the shadow…

  • fabz24lakers

    this cant be real…imean kobe’s tight and all but????idk…you know theres gonna be a bunch of copy cats now!!!

  • e-bucher

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    lol…nice one

  • e-bucher

    [Comment ID #32327 Will Be Quoted Here]


  • e-bucher

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    wow great analysis

  • razz

    I like the spirit KB has in the vid… fake or not!!

  • .

    Can easily be done with Adobe Elements using separate layers of clips–one of a car zooming by overlapped by Kobe jumping. Nevertheless, Kobe’s MVP status!

  • .

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    Like I said, it’s two layers done in Adobe Elements. Because there’s two layers, it’s tough to actually get the two layered the right way in terms of proportionate distance between the car and Kobe. I’m %100 percent sure it’s done on Elements. But who am I trying to prove wrong? Some ignorant kids who look up to Kobe?

  • Raze

    When I first saw this online yesterday I thought it was real, but when they replayed it on TNT last in high definition I could see how everything was too crisp, especially the shadows, on the ground and on Kobe and Roni. Plus the car had a lot of noise (pixel artifacts) and everything else was smooth. And that was a tell-tale of it being a fake, too perfect! I’m glad it’s a fake, cause I wanted to smack Kobe for being an idiot! But all is forgiven now! Now let hear how many stupid kids get taken out by their friends Honda!

  • .

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    Tell me about it.

  • thisbedo

    it has to be cuz kobe wouldnt risk it.. anyways have u guys seen “skywalker” dunk over the civic it is parked tho but hes a street ball phenom and is suppose to have the highest vertical in basketball hes like 19 i think