Kobe Bryant joined The Mo’Nique Show earlier this week, on B.E.T.

Bryant discussed how Michael Jordan, and Gary Payton taught him to talk trash, if his daughters want to play basketball when they get older, and does he have plans on having a baby boy to possibly follow in his footsteps?

Check out the video below:

Thanks to @Jose3030 for the edited interview!

  • 3ple2blenoassists

    Swagger so DUMB call it Boston CelDICKS!!

  • rokon

    lol awesome vid! cracked m e up

  • 242LakerFan

    Is there a version of the video I don’t have to pay a monthly fee to see the rest of?

  • trippleoccho

    I need to be a Twitter member to watch the video? WTF?

  • jesssicaaaa

    lool kobe beasting at errthing.
    even foosball !

    • LakerMarc

      really are you a chick…and you talk like this? Did someone tell you that sounded alright? GHETTO!!!!!!

  • Short Dog Loc

    ms jordan still talking trash

  • Rafael