Picture 1Sometimes I feel we are immune to Kobe’s greatness and his milestones he reaches. It really should be noted that more fans of basketball should appreciate what he does. I believe people in Los Angeles embrace it fully – but until he retires – he may not be appreciated as much as he should be. With another scoring milestone reached, just take a second and realize what Kobe, who could be the greatest Laker of all time when it’s all said and done, has accomplished.

As of tonight 11-19-2009

1) Jerry West- 25,192 points
2) Kobe Bryant- 24,182 points
3) Kareem Abdul Jabbar- 24,176 points

Here is a screenshot of the crowd giving Kobe a standing ovation during a timeout live from STAPLES Center thanks to Chris via Twitter.


  • http://LakersNation Marwan

    Congratulations Kobe, made history on 2 nights. Its a pleasure to watch Kobe play and I seriously hope he plays like he is now into his 40’s cause I dont want to see him retire, NBA would be boring afterwards.

    Always a pleasure to watch Kobe play, my favorite Laker.

  • http://LakersNation Marwan

    Wow Staples giving him the respect he deserves.

    Congratulations Kobe, Number 24.

  • drive-for-16th

    I honestly will stop watching nba waaaaaaay less when kobe retires. i love seeing the guy play in 96′ when he came to LA i was very young but as hes grown as a player, and we went through the good times back with shaq and kobe were in LA winning 3 rings and to go in a drought and to what we are now. 14 years older, i’ve grown watching Kobe play but when he has to hang his jersey up with the other greats, ima shed a tear cause guys we will never see another player like kobe. i just hope we get another player a little bit even like him whos motivated to win and works his ass off, and i just hope Bynum can become a great player too and not just an all star so we can keep the legend alive of always having great players.

  • drive-for-16th

    heres for another laker dynasty!! 1,2,3 champions!

    • http://lakersnation.com Aaron2416377

      Its actually 1,2,3, Ring!

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    • Short Dog

      Que Onda carnal. Good ass game bro.
      Kobe is way fucken better than lame ass jordan, no doubt. At least if you ask a real Laker fan. Que no!

      • ab4sure

        Lame ass jordan? Did you ever see him play?

        • Short Dog

          Yeah. Like I said I was a Magic fan when this lame was playing. I will never ever like this lame. Except it. Kobe is way better. Bottom line.

        • Short Dog

          I guess you jumped onto the Laker band wagon when your favorite player retired. Too bad so sad bulls fan.
          Fuck the bulls.



    • Short Dog

      Whats up Fern Dog aka Die Hard Laker.
      It’s going to be a fun fucken year. Or should I say years.
      Ring Ring Ring
      biiiiitches be hating on Kobe.
      Lakers #1

  • WifelovesLuke

    It was interesting listening to people on the radio. The question has now been asked. Is Kobe the greatest Laker of all time? I still have Kobe behind Magic, but maybe it’s because I was blessed to watch Magic’s entire career with L.A.

    GOAT? By far is Jordan. Can Kobe overtake Jordan? Yep, but it’s gonna take a few more rings.

    1-2-3 Ring!!

    • kobe-wan kenobi

      mj is not goat, especially not by far
      IMO magic is better
      he won 5 rings and went to the finals 9 times
      he dominated the finals playing center as a rookie
      and if he was less dumb and did not fuck a hooker in spain he might have had even more rings…

      mj got lucky about being in an unbelievable team in a time where there were not great teams (utah, seattle, )
      plus that team was a perfect fit for a ballhog type of player such as mj (or kobe) since he was clearly the go to guy all the time and he could do whatever he wanted to
      this allowed mj to have those unbelievable stats (if you switch kobe and mj teams, i would say mj playing along w shaq would have never had those stats…)
      he is considered the best just because media hyped him as much as are hyping lbj

      that said, mj if it is not goat is a super close n2
      he is amazing
      kobe unfortunately will never be able to overtake mj, unless for lakers fan
      nobody that is not a lakers fan would even admit kobe is better than mj
      and the stats (for the reason i explained ) will always be against kobe, no matter what
      the only way he can overtake mj is to win 5 more rings as the best player on the team
      and we all know that will never happen…
      1 or 2…maybe

  • http://am570klac phil buss

    When its all said and done Kobe will be the greatest Laker ever and maybe even of all time(ahead of MJ), even ahead of Magic whom i thought to be the Greatest Laker of all time.Lakers fans are extremely blessed to have watched him play. I am going to hate life when he retires. KOBE BRYANT=AMAZING!

  • Short Dog

    I’d rather follow Kobe/Lakers. Cheer for Kobe/Lakers. Than to be obsessed with jordan. I never liked that guy. When he was around I was a Magic/Lakers fan.
    Fuck the bulls and jordan.
    No love from this Laker fan.

  • 8kobelakers24

    kobe will pass jerry west for the number 1 spot before the season end