Kobe is the MVP. He’s been able to take over games against the leagues best defenders and teams, while leading his team to the best record in the league; much without their defensive anchor in Andrew Bynum.

As they clinched the Pacific Division title last night, fans sat down and analyzed the success of this team. Check some of this out:

So this proves the Lakers can be flexible. They can adapt. Bynum coming back will bring us the anchor in the middle which will mean… well, game over for the rest of the league. Keep it up Lakers, your nation is behind you!

  • mbenga


  • mbenga

    Rob Peterson at NBA.COM is a moron…he’s got james a no.1 and wade at no.2 ….the way james choked last week in boston…its got to be kobe and no.1 and wade at no.2….does that guy even watch the games?….i think he just makes random picks…that dumbas$ shythead!

  • http://TheLakersNation.info Billy Kupchak

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    No more CO-MVPs for Kobe, PUHLEEEZ! :cool:

  • yams

    Hmm, I don’t think they “clinched the Pacific Division title last night” just yet. Only clinched a spot in the play-offs.

  • yams

    Oops, my bad. That is correct! They haven’t clinched the Western Conference yet.

  • mbenga

    ab4sure is also a dink like rob peterson…watch the games shytheads!!!

  • Eidraq

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    well with the season leaving us with 17 games, anything can happen in the end…bcuz im biased and also bcuz i think he does deserve it in a sense, im hoping whatever happens turns out favoring kb

  • gugy

    Kobe is the MVP hands down.
    Don’t listen the crap from the TNT analysts.

    There is no way he will lose this race if the Lakers keep this record until the end of the regular season.

    The only one can MAYBE take it away from him is Lebron if the Cavs gets in the end the leagues best record and home advantage.

    Keep in mind too Kobe and the Lakers beat Lebron and Cavs twice this season.

  • Anonymous

    Whichever team has the better record, that’s the one who’ll get MVP. If you argue that lebron gets his teammates involved more, then how come CP3 didnt get MVP last year? If you argue Lebron has better stats than Kobe, how come Kobe didnt get MVP the year he averaged a crazy 35 PPG? If you argue Lebron is better than Kobe, then you’re an idiot.

  • Miguel S.

    Hello All Lakers Nation, Here’s my argument on Kobe being Mvp. As for yesterdays debate with the Nba panel on tnt. Well as they were debating why Lebron is Mvp. I agree with all there points and yes Lebron might deserve it but if the definition is that an mvp player is who make there team the best and have better winning record. Then yes, Lebron has less talent around him but my debate is Kobe and lakers swept both the celtics and cavaliers with there mvp Lebron. Hands down Kobe is the mvp again because Lebron shure didnt make his team better against the regning mvp and best team in the league. Thats my opinion. In order to be this years Mvp Lebron would have to beat Kobe and lakers twice. Remember last years mvp race decision came down to the last game of Lakers vs. Hornets to see who won that game and Mvp. Well Kobe and Lakers beat Hornets and Cp3. Right???? So Kobe Mvp!! MVp!! MVp!! Again

    Peace! Lakers All The Way!!!

  • sep08

    I personally think Kobe or Wade should get the award. Kobe has proven that he can lead his team to victory no matter what happens (Bynum out, sweep of celts and Cavs), his team has the best record in the much tougher western conference, and his teammates are playing great and benefitting from his all around great play.

    Wade on the other hand is on a team with absolutely no help and his numbers are even better than Kobe’s memorable season 2-3 years ago (81 point season). Wade does everything on that team (Boards, assists, points, steals, blocks) from offense to defense and leads by example. I would give it to wade if I had to make the choice but knowing that the league never likes to give the award to a player on an average team he wont receive it.

    That leaves Kobe, but knowing that the media and the league are not very fond of Kobe in general and would hate to see him get back to back awards It’ll go to Lebron. Lebron has been great this season, and led his team to a great record but I dont think he deserves it. He’ll get the award though since its great marketing for the league and Stern.

  • mbenga

    Mar 13th, 2009 at 1:29 pm
    Whichever team has the better record, that’s the one who’ll get MVP. If you argue that lebron gets his teammates involved more, then how come CP3 didnt get MVP last year? If you argue Lebron has better stats than Kobe, how come Kobe didnt get MVP the year he averaged a crazy 35 PPG? If you argue Lebron is better than Kobe, then you’re an idiot.

    nicely put

  • lakerpurpleandgold

    Kobe for MVP solely based on record. Whoever’s respective team has the highest winning percentage, award that team and the player. Less subjective, more objective, hard to argue against, and easy to accept. BLACK MAMBA FOR MVP, SONNIN’ YOUR FAVORITE DEFENDER’S DEFENDER IN THE LEAGUE ON A NIGHTLY BASIS.

  • http://yahoo.com Rob petterSon of a B****

    Lebron have a tough schedule left.. so MVP is still up for grabs.. hhmmm for kobe only..

    and wade? at no.2?? he’ll fall back to earth soon..

  • i hate the color green

    I don’t think anyone is taking this fact into consideration. While LeBron’s stats look impressive, notice that he has played in more 4th quarters than Kobe. If Kobe had more playing time not only will the Lakers still have the best record but Kobe would be averaging way above 30 points. more rebounds and assists. If you’re all about stats think about that one. If you’re all about records look at the conference LeBron plays in. Need I say more. Go Lakers!!!

  • kb24bestever

    kobe MVP.
    everytime the cavs play a good team away like houston,boston, magic, lakers,new orleans,utah..etc lebron seems to not handle the pressure and if his team dont step up they loose so how can someone be the mvp if when your team needs you to score at the end of games like kobe did last night and like he did on wednesday against houston because what i remember its that lebron had zero assist against houston because houston was playing good defense,his teammates werent hitting shots, and they was playing good defense on him so they ended up loosing and most of the times its mo williams the one hitting the big shots and bringing the cavs back not lebron and if the lakers its down by 10 or more its beacuse of kobe so there shouldnt even be an argument about who the mvp its because obvious. “kb24 mvp”

  • kb24bestever

    i made a mistake in the last comment.
    it should of been.
    “if the lakers its down 10 or more points and we come back to win the game its because of kobe not pau gasol or lamar odom or fisher so there shouldnt even be an argument of who the MVP is because is obvious”

  • http://myspace.com/sonicussj Whatsa

    Best team: Lakers
    Best player on the team: Kobe Bryant

    MVP = Best player on the best team

    Kobe Bryant.

    Stats don’t mean ANYTHING. Look at Kevin Durant.. he’s what, 4th in scoring? Look at the Thunder’s record. And Kobe gets not as much stats because lets his teammates play more.

  • sketch

    MVP, MVP, MVP, MVP! Kobe’s not only the best player in baskeball today, but the best closer! Enough said!

    Hey Los Angelians! Do you all know how blessed we are? We’ve got the best closer in Basketball in Kobe Bryant and the best closer in Baseball in Manny Ramirez! Man, are we spoiled!

  • PhilsArmy2k9

    kobe is the MVP!
    I have a kobe tattoo on my butt!

  • Dracul

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    Absolutely correct, this TOTALLY sums up THE untalked about reason that LeBrick does not deserve MVP.

    Everytime The Crab plays any kind of decent team (Lakers, Boston, Houston, etc ) especially a team that has a defensive moniker, he either chokes or goes 5 for 19. Just because he obliterates All-D-League teams like Clippers or Memphis or something doesn’t mean jack if he fades against the ones that actually have an -NBA- team. His jumper is mediocre, and unless he’s allowed to take his usual 4-5 steps to the basket, keeping him out of the paint will essentially turn him into a passer.

    Nike has paid all those sports analysts under the table to exalt LeBron from even before he played his first NBA game so that they can create the imaginary dellusion that LeHype is some sort of basketball super-talent that has already won a bunch of things.

    If Kobe doesn’t take it by himself, I don’t have a problem with Kobe and Wade Co-MVP.


  • Mike KB24

    Kobe should win there in the Western Conference wich is harder than eastern where Lebron plays Kobe and Lakers beat Cavs with or without Bynum. Kobe is MVP Lebron will have his time.


    Thus shall it be written!

    Kobe Bryant: Hands Down, The Real & NEVER Hyped MVP of all time!
    LeBron James: The Most Obvious Stat Monger / Eastern Sports Network (ESPN) Media Driven “Pad Your Stats” LeHyped Player of all time!
    Dwayne Wade: Greatest One Hit Wonder / 15 Game Winner of all time!

    Post Script:
    …Lest ye shall follow in the wake of the forsaken “Shytheads” to be cutoff and thrown into the fiery pit of stupidity remarks.com! …ROFLMAO…

  • jason

    As much as i would love to see Kobe win mvp again..we must all face facts here. The fact is Lebron is gonna win the mvp this year unless he completely dissapears for the rest of the year, and guess what, he deserves it. Kobe deserves it too but i will never complain about another player winning it if he truly deserves it and Lebron does.

  • ilikebasketball

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    haha. wonderfully put. post that at nba.com

  • Franklin D. Roosevelt

    Honestly, unless Kobe has about a 3 game lead over LBJ I don’t see him winning esp. since the media votes.

  • David

    MVP or not, Lebron is a better player overall right now than Kobe.

  • http://www.visionofthefans.com Chris Manning

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    Because he gets more rebounds like small forwards should?

    LeBron lacks a lot of killer instinct that specifically only Jordan and Kobe ever had. LeBron is a great player, but I would argue this all day long.

  • David

    [Comment ID #64532 Will Be Quoted Here]

    He’s more dominant in my opinion. He may not be as good a scorer but he is better and getting to the hole. Kobe’s relies way too much on his jumper. His other clutch aspects are better than Kobe’s also according to 82games.com

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  • Paul Garnett

    Rajon Rondo for MVP!!!!

  • sketch

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    Kobe is the M V P!!!!! Rondo is a D I C!!! KG is an A $ $!!! Pierce is F A T!!! Allen is G A Y!!! Rivers is a C O C!!!


    The following are a couple of individual posts from Rob Peterson’s blog, In The Race to the MVP:

    By turnersstate on Mar 13, 2009 2:21 PM

    Kobe has been robbed enough from this league! How in the world can Dirk have as many MVP’s as Kobe? That is a joke! Just imagine if Kobe was in the EAST (where he has scored 81 and 61) playing the Pacers, Bucks, Wizards, Raptors, Knicks, etc. night after night, year after year! Kobe is the MVP!
    I don’t care if the Lakers have a couple more players than the Cavs… they both had 2 all stars, and the WEST is much tougher anyway! There are 6 or 7 teams who are 20 games over .500 in the WEST but in the EAST its 2 or 3 teams making the playoffs while being 10 games under .500! On top of it Kobe won the head to head match up twice! Its funny how last year everyone called the Lakers roster a bunch of soft foreigners, but now that its MVP time they want to say that KOBE has more players. Wasn’t it Lebron’s TEAM that took BOSTON to 7 games? Wasn’t it the Cavaliers who got better after the season by getting Mo Williams? Lebron is runner up and his time will come. It’s time to stop calling KOBE the best and start rewarding him for it!

    By ziggityzig on Mar 14, 2009 4:13 PM

    Why doesn’t Lebron have to follow the rules?
    He is allowed to foul Jason Richardson and is praised as having a great “all wrist” block.
    And now they will change the traveling rule so he can exploit some more.
    The NBA is ridiculous and they know it.

    I Say; echoing previous TLN posters such as Anonymous & mbenga:
    …If you argue LeHype is more deserving than Kobe, then you are an idiot for allowing the media to manipulate your poor & easily lead judgment!

  • HowDoesMyAssTaste

    Hahaha, I love all the Kobe groupies crying about Kobe being robbed before and trashing “LeHype” (how clever!).

    Speaking of hype, nobody gets it more than Kobe. Let’s see: MJ, Magic, Dwayne, or Lebron never lost a series when they were up 3-1? They were also never second fiddle to a player. They also didn’t give up a record lead in the Finals or get blown out in epic proportions in a close out game in the Finals. Put Lebron or Wade on the current Lakers and they’re a lock for the championship. Not so much with the choker you have now. That’s right groupies, he’s a choker. Statistically has worse stats in the last minute of the game as the previously mentioned. You ass tasters cream yourself when he closes one came after sabotaging 10 in a row. How’d that fall away 3 pointer go last night?


    Love your comment Chris! How the hell did Lebron win MVP? He can’t carry a team yet. What he do well is score points which is not the only criteria for a MVP Player……He needs to have more faith in his players….Lebron is still growing in that aspect in my opinion. Kobe and Lebron’s playing skills are different….Sick of the comparision….There is no competition when it comes to KOBE BRYANT…I used to hate Kobe which hurts to say at thelakersnation….I love him so much as a Lakers learder. He has very much improved in a mature way which was missing over the years like sharing ball more having faith in his team…Very impressive young man….The rest I love just as much…Lets win our championship….Sweep the Magic….Go Lakers!

  • Yola

    HowDoesMyAssTaste? What a name for an idiot who lets everybody know how dumb you are….You don’t know what the you are talking about obvious….You are definately a Kobe hater which means you must be disabled here….We don’t need negativity at thelakersanation…keep tasting your own shit!…Growup!

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