The bejeweled guy sitting in a high-priced front-row seat had a Lakers gold jacket. On the back it read “THANK GOD FOR KOBE.” Oh, the burden of being Kobe.

Sometimes it’s nice being Kobe Bryant. You’re scoring in the 30s and 40s, your team is comfortably ahead, and the adoring crowd is chanting “M-V-P!” as you take some pressure-less garbage-time free throws. That’s a good time to be Kobe Bryant.

But then there’s a night when you have no field goals and six assists as your team moves to an 18-point halftime lead and you then are criticized for not being able to mount the white horse and lead the team to victory by virtue of your fourth-quarter shooting. The critics now say you have failed to deliver, that you overdid the passing thing in the first half and you therefore didn’t have a proper shooting rhythm when it came to what Magic Johnson used to refer to as “Winnin’ Time.” That’s not a good time to be Kobe Bryant.

Meanwhile, there’s the comparison that never goes away. You may be good, kid, but you’re no Michael. Can Kobe ever win?

“It’s not fair,” contends Celtics coach Doc Rivers. “I said before the series started I’ve never seen a guy this talented get criticized as much as he does. It’s completely unfair.”

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  • Whatsa

    Ah, I’m glad that Doc Rivers agrees that Kobe doesn’t get the positive feedback that he deserves.

  • lakerschamps08

    um no kobe is not good enough…lol of course he is wtf….
    we gonna win next 3 games… go lakers

  • Sopi

    the numbers kobe put up in the final is not acceptable. hes the mvp, he wants to be a champ… then he has to do more than wat he did recently.

    not trying to compare with jordan, look at jordan’s six rings, he not only scored lots of 40+ in the crucial final games, but also made his teammates involved…..kobe has to score alot while having his teammates involve…it freaking hard, but hey, that wat mike went through…and he end up with many rings on his fingers.