Kobe Bryant’s made the NBA’s All-Defensive first team for the fifth consecutive year. Again, for the fifth consecutive year, I don’t think anyone is really surprised.

Associated Press: Kobe Bryant is on the NBA all-defensive first team for the fifth straight year.

Boston Celtics guard Rajon Rondo made the first team for the first time, earning the second-most points behind the league’s defensive player of the year, Orlando Magic center Dwight Howard.

Charlotte Bobcats forward Gerald Wallace also made the team for the first time, with the Cleveland Cavaliers’ LeBron James making it for the second straight year.

Many give credit to Kobe’s reputation as a great defensive player, rather than his actual defensive play, for his recent multiple honors. Although voting was closed towards the end of the first round during his years Playoffs — Kobe gave great reason to silence the critics when he took on the role of guarding Oklahoma City’s Russell Westbrook.

This is Kobe’s tenth time making an All-Defensive team. Congratulations, Mamba!

  • KindSir

    I kinda agree that it’s based more on his reputation than his actual play. However, when he does decide to play D he’s still one of the best in the league. Unfortunately what he does most the time now is roaming around leaving his man wide open for uncontested 3’s :'(

  • http://www.myspace.com/626bones Lakers 24 7

    How the hell does Ron Artest NOT make the first team nor the second team? Ron was only like an honorable mention, and Jason Kidd received more votes than Artest.

  • justdogm1

    seems everyone lights him up,he has more turnovers than steals these days………..what a joke.

  • http://www.jackyang.info Jack Y.

    Artest should have made first or second team.

  • lakers0828

    Congrads Kobe for the 5th time but I dont think He diserves it I think he Should be on the 2nd team rather then the first

  • Robert

    Congrats to Kobe who is one of the best defenders out there.
    OUTRAGE that Ron Artest is not on these lists. Ron ‘shut down’ Melo, and recently K.Durant. Shut them down! He guarded many of the best in the NBA, without causing fouls (bad defenders just foul all the time), had some ‘great steals’ all year long.