bustoutO.C. Register: It’s coming.

Kobe Bryant’s angular frequency, formerly the Lakers’ only power source, has gone green this season in a Phil Jackson-approved energy conservation movement. But it’s coming.

A big burst of efficient star power is coming – and will come in handy for the Lakers. After the Knicks tonight, the Lakers have four faraway road games in five nights (Miami, Orlando, Memphis, New Orleans), followed quickly by the Christmas Super Bowl with Boston.

The Lakers haven’t been playing well lately, but with renewed mental health and defensive intensity as a result of Derek Fisher’s players-only meeting, the Lakers will do just fine if Bryant’s jump shot comes back.

What beyond the box score suggests Bryant’s jump shot will come back? Indeed, Bryant shot 9 for 24 from the field (37.5 percent) in his last game Sunday night against Minnesota. He is seemingly slumping. He also has jagged lines of 9 for 25 at Sacramento and 6 for 16 vs. Phoenix in the past week.

But if you know Bryant, you know he’s not OK with sub-par play even mostly in victory. And the one good game Bryant has had recently – 11-of-21 shooting vs. Sacramento Friday night – reflected a key adjustment he made to get his shooting straight:

Bryant is getting more arc on the ball with a better follow-through.

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