Kobe is both a “great” and “terrible” teammate. We all sort of know this though it’s evident he’s matured as a person/player from the Kobe/Shaq days…

goodNBC Los Angeles: Unlike LeBron James who walks on water, Kobe Bryant is as polarizing to NBA players as he is to the public at large.

Sports Illustrated recently asked 190 NBA players who they most would want as their teammate. LeBron won going away with 32 percent of the vote, Kobe was second with 13 percent.

What we can take away from that is guys on other teams want to win and be relevant. Which makes sense, if you were playing out the string in Minnesota or Toronto to half full stadiums and with no chance of making the playoffs, then playing with top guys on national broadcasts and in front of sell out crowds would sound pretty appealing.

Most of those surveyed respect Kobe — he won the poll about whom players would want to take the last shot with a crazy 76 percent of the vote.

On the other hand, plenty of guys agree with Smush Parker, too.

When asked what player they would least like to have on their team Kobe Bryant came in third (behind Stephon Marbury and Ron Artest; he tied with Stephen Jackson.) That’s a list of notorius guys that can stop the flow of an offense and go all out for themselves. No one likes playing with that guy at the playground, much less the NBA.

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  • Diehardfan

    Shaq, while polishing the three rings that Kobe won him, would say the same thing. The truth can be said about any player in the league. So what you are saying is that out of all the players in the NBA Kobe is at the top of that list. Yet, he is the only one who can actually win a title. Lebron is amazing but he does not have two things that Kobe has, a jump shot and the killer instinct. But, the problem is that due to Kobe’s killer instinct we also have to accept that with that comes his competitiveness and the fact that he is not liked. But, he is a winner and until Lebron wins a title he will never be Kobe. Everyone is now saying that Lebron is the next MJ, HELL! He isn’t even the next Kobe. MJ slapped the hell out of S. Kerr in practice yet people adore him. He was notorious for being so competitive that he ran his teammates down. Yet, we don’t allow that to tarnish he legacy. So, why would we all hold Kobe to higher standards than MJ especially when so many Laker haters out there say that he isn’t MJ.

  • likwidsage

    “Sports Illustrated recently asked 190 NBA players who they most would want as their teammate. LeBron won going away with 32 percent of the vote, Kobe was second with 13 percent.”

    “When asked what player they would least like to have on their team Kobe Bryant came in third.”

    No one see’s anything wrong with this so called “research”?

  • dj breakdown

    I cant believe that they mentioned that playground bum’s name in the same article as Kobe!

  • gugy

    You know, people will always hate Kobe, no matter what he does. That’s just the fact.
    I can’t give a F-uck what other people think or say. As long as Kobe keeps playing amazing and bringing titles to LA. Who gives….

    Let people hate him and the more he wins more and more people will be pissed.

  • Heron

    A non-Kobe hater, rather a realist. You’re blinding yourself if you don’t see it when Kobe plays the one-on-one and ignores guys like Ariza/Farmar/etc.

  • kb24bestever

    fuk all yall lakers and kobe haters.

  • LakersFirst

    [Comment ID #65696 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Uhh, Kobe won Shaq those rings??? Have to disagree with you there. Wasn’t Shaq MVP of all those championships and won the league MVP during one of those tenures as well. Come now, let’s not diss the Shaq-diesel that much. Yes, he’s a greedy mother f’er, but he was also a major reason the Lakers won those titles.

  • 2009 Champs

    Yes he was a big part of the Lakers titles when he was here. But Shaq did not win those rings for Kobe. How many games did Shaq close during their title runs? As a matter of fact, go back and look at the stats for their back to back win. Kobe’s stats were better but Shaq got the Finals MVP. At best, they were both equally responsible but if you can’t say that Kobe didn’t win those titles for Shaq then you can’t say in the same breath that Shaq won those titles for Kobe. Think of the games against the Spurs, Portland, Sacramento, and who could forget Indiana. How many clips do you see of Shaq coming off the bench applauding at Kobe for taking over games in the playoffs and finals? How can we even consider that Shaq got Kobe those titles when in fact he was more of a liability in the fourth quarter.

  • B Dizzle

    AMEN 2009 CHAMPS!

  • BHO

    Well said 2009Champs! I’m sick of all these haters. Respect what the man has done. Shaq wouldnt have won any of those three championships without KB. And that’s a fact.

  • zgum

    wow, some players are just plain jealous. No matter kobe won 3 NBA championship!

  • Pb2000

    Wooow. These retards(no offense to any Retards who might take offense to this) twisted the truth to make it seem much worse. Like ‘likwidsage’ pointed out. Coming in third position is not a the same as giving an exact percentage of the players that said that. He could have finished third with only 2% of the vote. Just goes to show that these so called researches are biased. F’ all the Kobe haters out there. And y’all best believe that when it’s all said and done he will retire a ‘Greater’ player than MJ who used to pimp smack Kerr

  • http://www.keyshop.org Makaveli3

    I think when smush said kobe is a bad player hasn’t seen kobe now. If you think about it, it was probably a having kobe in the past (2004-2006) before we got pau gasol kobe had to ball hog. Which didn’t make the players any better. But now we can see Kobe is a great teammate and you can see it from the players. They have the full trust on kobe and kobe has the full trust on them as well.

  • 2009 Champs

    Is it really any surprise that a player like Smush who is truly not an NBA caliber PG would make such comments. Of course, he is not a Laker anymore. But for those Laker haters out there just take a look at the Lakers’ line up during Smush’s tenure:

    Mihm, Kwame, Lamar, Kobe and Smush Parker!

    I would be a ball hog to!

  • LakersFirst

    [Comment ID #65718 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Let the facts speak for themselves. Shaq has rings with Kobe and with Wade. Neither Kobe nor Wade have rings without Shaq (hopefully Kobe will get his soon with Pau). In other words, Shaq has rings with two identical players. Why do you think that is?

    It is because Shaq requires so much attention that Kobe and Wade could go off as they see fit. One sports broadcaster put it perfectly when he said (this is when Shaq was in his prime): Shaq should be MVP every year, because no other player can step on the court and simply change the game. Shaq does that.

    Kobe is a great player, make no mistake about it, but Shaq leading two teams to championships, with similar players (Kobe and Wade) is clearly an indicator that Shaq is the difference.

    The person that said, “Shaq, while polishing the three rings that Kobe won him” is completely wrong. Kobe did NOT win those titles for Shaq.

    Unless your initials are MJ, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, championships are won through a big man (Kareem, Shaq, Olajuwon, Wilt, Russell, Duncan, hell even Bill Walton led Portland to their only championship). Don’t you notice the the Lakers really didn’t start taking off until the emergence of 7 foot Andrew Bynum and the acqusition of 7 foot Pau Gasol? You can’t deny this.