Just a fun post from our member imadogg from the forums:

  • 21,619 points total.
  • 25 per game career.
  • 3rd in active scorers.
  • He should be 17th by the end of this season.
  • Lakers 24 7

    Yea he’s 24th, but he’s not too far behind from the players ahead of him. He’ll be top 10 by the end of his career.

  • lakrfan4life

    he’ll be top 2 by the end of his career
    he has what, another 5 great years ahead? about 2000 pts a year, thats over 31k not including the years after
    he’ll get 1st, lebron will pass him (only cuz kb didnt start in the beginning of his career and he shared the shot attempts with the big guy)

  • VIda
  • Alvin

    i hope kobe plays ten more years and retire at 40, if soo then he’ll be either first or second..then lebron will probably pass him..

  • http://modenadude.com/ modenadude

    Imadogg got quoted!!! DAMN MAN! You’re big!!

  • yash

    Not higher than 16, by end of the year.

  • yash

    He needs 10674 to pass MJ by the end of his career. I can see him be #3 but 2nd is gonna be hard. He’ll get those many pts in 5 yrs at max not more than 5 yrs. WOW MJ got there in just 15 yrs in the NBA.

  • http://www.modenadude.com/ThaDogg Imadogg

    How did I miss this haha!?!? Thanks Chris, I just noticed this while checking Kobe’s stats and thought I’d post.

    He’s gonna be 17th unless either he scores like 35ppg again or something and/or AI suddenly retires or scores nothing at all this year. AI is gonna jump to 16th and Kobe will be 17th.

    He should be around 13th in 2 years.

  • vf1rj

    This is really no big deal. Kobe started after highschool, so he had a 4 year advantage over those who played after college. I will be impressed if he pass Michael Jordan, which I doubt will happen. Kobe’s scroring output is now going down, and since he is already in his 30s, expect his scoring average to go down significantly in the following years. Just keeping it real guys.