Recently, Kobe Bryant was interviewed with Jeff Garcia from Power 106 FM. Kobe touched on a bunch of topics about the Lakers and this season!

You will be able to stream the interview from their website here. Kobe touched on a bunch of interesting stuff:

– Sung Bynum’s praises
– Didn’t know if any other trades would be made
– Said that this team can make some real noise in the playoffs if they remain healthy
– Talked about Christmas in the Bryant household
– Talked about After school All Stars

  • MILO

    Kobe is staying! there is no longer any doubt in my mind.It was a positive sounding interview he sounded content in it witch is always a great sign…

  • ab4sure

    Great Milo…Did Kobe rescind his trade demand????

  • MILO

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    Well! not exactly, but the Lakers are doing good and he sounded exited about how Bynum is doing so that’s always good to hear.Little be little Buss will add the pieces needed to make them contenders…

  • double

    He originally wanted to go to Chicago (5-11) and New York (6-11) – he’s probably pretty happy he vetoed Chicago. I think Kobe recognizes and appreciates the efforts and progress the Lakers (especially Bynum) are making. Kobe lit a fire under a lot of players who are now motivated to prove him and the city wrong.


    Kobe is STAYING 4 GOOD!With B.COOK gone(unfortunate for MO Evans)Buss and the Gang can start building a contender.It’s TIME FOR THE PURPLE(The Color of Kings,sorry Sactown)/Gold to raise up another banner.THE PACK RULES!

  • LakersFirst (Change) (Close)

    Kobe is probably sounding more upbeat because he’s probably thankful that he didn’t go to Chicago or NY. Kobe’s a great basketball player, but because he wanted to go to Chicago or NY, its obvious he can’t choose good teams or good players for that matter.

  • LAKing

    Los Angeles is his home and this is where he belongs. We will always love and support Kobe. Now, we made a heck of a steal getting Ariza from Orlando. We’re looking great, we just need a more confident and consistent Lamar Odom and once our big guys get healthier, we’ll be in great shape.

  • dave p

    I can’t believe people still waiting for a more “consistent” Lamar Odumb. Wake up people – it ain’t gonna happen. The sooner we unload this turkey the sooner we start building a better future. Phase two would be to unload Kwame.