Kobe’s back injury: Not sounding good… at all.

MyLakers: While the MVP guard did not participate in the team’s shooting drills today, he said that his back feels much better than it did even 24 hours ago, noting that if there were a game today, he would absolutely suit up.

According to Kobe, his injury affects his elevation, change of direction and just about every other aspect of his game.

  • SliqRiq

    Get Well Kobe!!!!! Im sure he’ll be ok for manana

  • Michael24

    bench needs to step up

  • kb24b3stever

    Dam now that ariza its coming back kobe gets injured its good that ariza its coming back but i rather to have a healthy kobe than an ariza thats coming back from injury thats this the worst news.
    But of no disrespect to ariza but its how i feel and i think alot of people agrees with me..