This is a pretty funny ad. Check it out.

  • kiantech

    too bad the game is so damn laggy its becoming unplayable

  • 007

    the one with kobe and rose is funnier. don’t have a link.

  • Eric

    I love how you find these videos! Thanks for sharing. I post these videos on my site too. You guys rock! I’ve been a 2K Sports fan since the Dreamcast days. Iverson was on the cover forever until it was finally changed to Ben Wallace, then CP3, then Shaq, then KG and now the best cover EVER! Kobe. Thanks again.

  • Megan Fox JJC

    I don’t think this is new, but thanks for posting.

    • Megan Fox JJC

      For those of you who don’t know where to watch the other videos. Go to (You might need facebook).

  • http://LakersNation Marwan

    Best commercials, for the best game, for the best player, that plays for the best team.

  • lyk13

    LOL YES The one with DRose is the funniest haha!!!! “4 rings!” LOLOLOL!!!!

  • Grammar Patrol

    New as in two to four weeks old?

    • Megan Fox JJC

      Don’t expect too much out of TLN. I’m a BIG Lakers fan that monitor Lakers news 12 hours a day. Half of the stuff posted here are usually at least a day or so late.

  • Eric

    LOL…wow…Megan Fox JJC. Strong words dissing TLN. You’ve obviously taken the liberty to post many messages on this so called “slow” site on multiple occasions. TLN is THE Lakers site whose countless fans out number your two. It’s funny, TLN shows up within 3 pages when googling “Lakers” and quite frankly I fell asleep searching for yours when I googled “Megan Fox”. If you monitor the Lakers 12 hours a day where does that leave you with stalking Megan Fox?

    I am also a BIG Lakers fan Megan but I would never make the stupid mistake of dissing the #1 Fan Based Lakers site when you struggle to maintain just one fan.