Kobe was on “The Herd” and here is a quick summary of what he discussed:

On playing with Steve Nash: By being in the same draft class in 1996, we have a bond that goes beyond our rivalry. Nash puts me in my original position. I no longer have to handle the ball. I wont have to work so hard to get shots and I can focus on just finishing plays.

On last season: Last year was tough. There were a lot of inconsistencies. We were making adjustments and learning the system in the playoffs.

On relationship with management: We have more of an open dialogue this summer as opposed to last summer. It’s more of a team effort now.

On following trade chatter and if the Lakers are done making moves: I don’t know if we are done making moves. A lot of the time, the moves that happen for our franchise are the ones not talked about. They seem to come out of nowhere. I listen to the chatter about players like Dwight, but it’s tough to decipher what’s real or not.

What Ring 6 means: It’s huge. I play for the love of the game and the challenge to win championships. Championships is what I play for.  I love the challenge of holding off the young guys who say I’m too old and my time is done.

On chances next season: We increased our chances by bringing Steve in… I like our chances to win the whole thing.

On how much longer he will play: I think I have 3, maybe 4 years left. As long as I keep wanting to play. I’ve been in the NBA since I was 17, and by that time, I will have spent more than half of my life playing.