Kobe was on AM570 this afternoon on the PMS show. Kobe made it clear, he wants to get this team back to an elite level. Kobe is still training, working hard waking up at 4:30 in the morning to improve.

He made it clear by stating that the front office is a mess right now with all the drama, but went on to say, “I want US to contend for titles.” Kobe wants to win in Los Angeles. Scrap BSPN, scrap the hater articles. This is from the man himself. More from KB24:

“I’m getting ready at 4:30 in the morning despite all of this.”

“I love this team, I LOVE this city.”

“There is nobody on this planet that thinks we can contend for a title with this current team.”

“I want US to contend for titles.”

“I’m not playing GM, all I said is for the GM to get in there and get us a contending team, NOW!”

“This is the truth, I want to see somebody from Lakers management go out there and say they weren’t building for a title instead of the future.”

  • Jeff

    Wow, I listened to this live on the way home from work today and i was SHOCKED!!!!! If things dont change fast Kobe will not be with the Lakers next season. He is very unhappy and during that interview you could hear in his voice he wanted to cry…….. WOW, just shocking… F%$# the front office of the LA Lakers!!!!

  • Jeff

    Why are you guys deleting comments??

  • http://twitter.com/nugge7 The Nugget

    [quote comment=”705″]Why are you guys deleting comments??[/quote]
    I haven’t deleted a thing. The only comments I delete if their straight-up personal attacks or comments that have nothing to do with the topic itself. Plus, sometimes it takes awhile for us to approve comments from the topic.

  • kb24lightsout

    This is not going in the right direction because they havent done anything in 3 years and Kobe has now made it public of how he feels.All he needs are players that will help him win a title.You dont need a big trade becuse you are focing the issue.

  • ben_The Lakers Fan

    Im glad Kobe finally spoke his mind, if Laker Mngmt dont do anything this summer Kobe will not stay to wait & see what happens, i dont blame him for feeling like he does..
    i do think we need a trade, we’ve talked about it before, even if it means losing Bynum & Odom for KG, if we could add Artest would be good, we do need a hustler in this team ! Mihm could be KG’s back up.. and we could pick up another piece with the MLE to comp the puzzle.
    like Kobe said it today, everybody knows we cant win w/the team we have now & just getting one additional player with the MLE would not do anything..
    KG time to demand a trade !
    Jerry West, time to come back home & make another run at the title!

  • kobebobo03

    i didn’t get to hear bryant today but from what i’ve read and heard these past few days is that kobe is furious with the organization and so am i. I respect kobe 100% no mater what anybody says. i love him. his desire to win and stay competitive is amazing. Kobe has really found a special place in my heart.I hope the lakers do something and quickly because if they don’t they can say bye bye kobe cause he’s gone. If nothing happens this summer i hope that kobe will chose to make the “right” decision wheter it’s leavin or staying…. i respect kobe no matter what. all those people that write all that crap about kobe need to stop right about……now….he’s the best in the nba and everyone knows it. i want to thank the nugget or whoever made this site because it really makes me realize how many “bandwagon” fans we have. but my point is kobe is good and he deserves to complain a little bit because the management does not do anything for him. i respect kobe,lamar,turiaf,walton everyone else on the team is just playin to get paid…..maybe except farmer….he’s okay

  • punkjones

    Problem is there’s basically nothing the Lakers can do right now. Nothing happens for another month. Perhaps Kobe jumped the gun with the Jerry West thing as well because now West is saying he’s going to retire. We all wanted to see West here and everyone I know was excited about the rumors. Now Kobe probably blew any opportunity by basically demanding it happen. I don’t believe Bucher that he said he wanted to be traded if they didn’t get West back, but the fact that he was so vocal about it to begin with really might have messed up a good thing. Oh well. Lakers will stick with Mitch and, not to be negative, but he will never be able to land Garnett unless he demands a trade. Mitch is not savvy enough to get a deal like that done any other way. Maybe he can pry Gasol from Memphis as he has said he wanted out. Seems like the Lakers best shot now. Even if you have to give up Lamar and Bynum. Pieces now have to move.

  • http://www.getgarnett.com Anthony Aguilar

    I think that kobe wants help L.A. knows he wants help for this city to rise we need need players that really want to play and Jerrmaine O’neal(J.O) wants to play bring him here to play for the lakers’s will make L.A. happy and kobe we need to stop letting kobe throw his best year’s of playing away.