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Kobe Bryant was asked on Wednesday what he thinks about in the offseason, and if he gets philosophical about how much time he has left in his career:

“No…No…I don’t think about that at all. What I think about is shutting up those Mo Fo’s that think I’m done…that’s what I think about!” Bryant said.

In 10 games this postseason Bryant averaged 22.8 points per game, which was his lowest since the 98-99 playoff run.

His rebounds and assist marked his lowest since 97-98. However, it is worth mentioning that Kobe also played the least amount of minutes this postseason then he has since 97-98 (2nd year in league).

Bryant is far from done, as he moved into 6th place for all-time in scoring during the regular season, and passed Shaq this postseason for 3rd in all-time playoff scoring

He also recently tied the all time record for most selections to the NBA All-Defensive First Team. He is now tied with Michael Jordan, Gary Payton, and Kevin Garnett as the only players to be named to the All-Defensive First Team nine times.

  • karmatic6

    its not about what u have done yet, ur not done yet, so get ur ass in gear and get the ring next year,,, u are the franchise right now, u suppose to be the leaderof the team ,so get the teams mindset right and lets get back to finals next year. Dont talk about it, Just do it…U are Kobe arent u, u do wear 24, that means u suppose to be 1 better than Jordan, so u got work to do, get busy my nigga..

  • Odom the player

    Kobe doesn’t have to prove anything.

  • rondo

    Kobe: father time is not on your side stop talking and get it done.

  • Velasquezjc24

    I dont think hes done but he is stubborn though , he had one dam layup this whole series , all he was doing is shooting jump shots that shit is not going to cut it , he needs to work hard all summer long which i know he will and take that dam ball to the hole , and we do need to have fisher retire or come off the bench and play maybe 5 min a game or we will be bounce out again .

  • Molnarjos

    If you want the Lakers to bring over Dwight Howard here is the official like page.

    • rondo

      stop lusting over Dwight Howard he is not going to be a Laker. Jim Buss don’t want him so stop dreaming. 

  • -Moli

    How Old When Micheal really Retired…Not To Mention how Many times He won a Ring he took a Hietus and Came Back and Went For 3 More Rings…Kobe Won’t Take a Hiatus He will Finish Hard and Strong and Won’t Finish Out a Career Like He Did 4days ago! Kbe has 3+ more Years left in him Shaq you can say he Been done since 06′

  • laffsatu

    maybe if he played better he`de get more respect. how many of jordans bulls ever got swept?thats kobes new label…worst leader ever..

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  • Mckinzied3

     if u think kobe is the worst leader ever than u really need to do some soul searchin,  looked at the stats  look at the rings.  lets get real now.   i think the lakers lost this year because basically they were jus tired .  trust we will be back baby

  • Mirali4500

    even though lakers got swept doesnt mean they are not as good of a dynasty as jordans bulls or duncans spurs. jus one bad year dam let them get some rest and theyll be bak nex yr bet!

  • SIV25

     Lakers are fine the only reason they was lacking is team practice Kobe Bryant hardly practice this season with his teammate and EVERYONE know practice makes perfect. Kobe Bryant is fine he just got bang up with a few injuries and with that knees surgery of course he wasn’t himself this season but all that going to change since he done for the summer and got more time to rest and get back out there and practice with his teammates and im happy that Andrew Bynum  going into the summer without injury and for Pau Gasol leave your f**kin’ personal life off the court, Lamar quite the dam tv show, and Ron Ron f**k the rap career all you guys need to keep your head focus and prove everyone that talking crap about you guys that all i have to say Kobe Brant dawg you need to practice and get your game back. you guys that all i have to say Kobe Brant dawg you need to practice and get your game back.