This scares me… and I’m a Lakers fan

AP: “It’s obviously important to have homecourt advantage, so we look at it as a challenge to achieve that goal,” Bryant said.

“Obviously we have a long way to go. It’s a great opportunity. We have quite a few home games here, so we look forward to trying to stretch this out a little bit. We have plenty more gears to go to. Plenty more. I haven’t even played in third gear yet.

  • lyk13

    5 gears not counting the reverse gear….so he’s only running at 40%? GO KOBE AND LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Basketball Blog

    Kobe Bryant is overrated. Yao Ming is a better player.

  • imfasterthanur

    Sine Kobe has been shooting VERY efficiently for the past few weeks, it’s hard to notice but I’ve pointed out that he hasn’t been plugging in full effort performances and this validates my point. I’ve been calling it all year that he’s been saving himself for post-season by his eagerness to settle for jump-shots and allowing others to get involved. Of course there are various other factors (building team chemistry as well as simply being unselfish, but these 30/40 point performances are coming off of energy-efficient play — which should be VERY VERY scary for the rest of the league.

    As long as he can shoot the way he does, staying in second gear until the post-season is fine by me =D

  • Sako

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    GTFO of here you Yao Ming nutrider.

  • kobe bryant

    kobe is the best ever

  • Whatsa

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  • titejt

    This is scary (runs and hides in a corner).

  • kPoAbUe

    his happy with LA winning and also dont forget the

    EAGLES baby!!!

    owned the vikings!!!

  • Lukes_girlfriend

    I would leave Luke for Kobe if he stuck a gear in me…


    Get Basketball Blog off of this website immediately. Not only does he seem stup*d and d*mb; he clearly know anything about basketball… He’s a disgrace for basketball in general

  • True Lakers Fan

    hahaha this is scary

  • Lakers 24 7

    He’s putting the league on notice that L.A. AINT NONE TO BE F*CKED WITH!

  • Michael_23

    Yeah I agree with KB, he hasn’t been in MVP performer yet… he’s kind of settling back …

    Wait til the Mamba comes out …

  • lilkobe24

    super sayin x 2 right now. when hes full gear he will go super sayin x 5

  • kb24thebestever

    thats what am talking about kb24.

  • 323 TOWN

    IZ A i D E IZ S


  • lakerferlife7

    a dont disrespect the only 7-6 center in the league….ha the guys a puussy he no were near as dominate as shaq or wilt or kareem were with the lakers and hes got 5 ta 6 inches on them……..hes a overated player that has no affect on games in the 4th cause hes week and not good enuf to get the job done….thats y the rockets still suck and will always suck!!!!!!!!!

  • Mihailicious

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    I hope this dude is joking, dude is so stiff he cant turn his head without turning his entire body, weak sauce. Remember the block last year when Yao went to dunk and kobe smacked it into the 3rd row? thats kobe in the 5th gear

  • YellowPurpleFever

    What happened to Kobe last year’s Finals? What gear was hes on? Just keep his mouth shut pls. Til we win the Chip, then smack all he wants. I personally dont like this statement. I agreed that hes been playing well, but to say its only in ‘2nd gear’ thats B.S . This sounds like when he threw Shaq and Andrew off the bus. He should observe KG on how to built a championship team and be a leadership. By the way I am also a Kobe’s fan. just did not like the statement. DEFENSE! DEFENSE! GO LAKERS

  • kaypee83

    Yeah I agree… he shouldn’t be that cocky right now.. what a disgrace.