Pretty cool article on the “hate” of Kobe Bryant…

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If anything is clear this season, it is that Kobe Bryant may have finally been surpassed by Lebron James as the best player in the league. With Lebron projected to finish in the top five of all time in Player Efficiency Rating (PER) for the second consecutive year, an argument can be made that Lebron is the most statistically dominating player ever.

Kobe still holds on to the crown, but the advanced statistics are harder and harder to argue with every day.

PER, Roland Ratings, Efficiency, Value Added, and Win Shares all suggest that Lebron is superior to Kobe Bryant.

With Lebron making a strong case for best player in the league and Kobe on the sidelines because of injury, some commentators have taken the opportunity to once again question Kobe Bryant.

Just about every reputable publication from Foxsports to ESPN to SportsIllustrated to SportingNews has named Kobe as the NBA Player of the Decade. There’s a good reason why. Kobe Bryant has been a top three player for the entire decade. He’s been the consensus best player for half the decade. Nobody—not Shaq, not Duncan—can say the same.

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  • Marwan Marzina

    Ok, cool. Let LeBron have the better stats. Wait though, I want to see his ring case to support this statement. Oh ironic, the best player has no rings? Hm… wait! I’m sure he went to the finals at least once right? Yep, and got swept. Damn, the best player can really back it up with stats, good for him, but when it comes to winning championships and not regular season games, I’d pick the 32 year old Kobe Bryant over the 25 year old LeBron James.

    • berkyberks

      cannot compare 32 and 25 yrs. old..this aint boxing that has to matched their physical…ofcours in basketball younger is more athletic let’s wait till lebrog reach 30…but we can look back on kobe at 25…3 rings, 12 3’s NBA record 9 straight 40 pts. I hope he can beat 81 points, 62 in 3Q, and 4 straight 50’s before he reach 27.

    • ethiochickk09

      kobe's 31.

  • http://lakersnation showtime4eva


  • kobe-wan kenobi

    this year there is no match
    lbj better than kobe injured
    no question about
    except for the last 2 minutes
    but cavs most of the time are winning big at the end…

  • yash

    Wow this is a great article

  • Trem

    Great great read, thanks LD2k.

  • Pac Div

    Great Article! Who’s the only player in the NBA where you piss him off and he’ll drop 40 on u? Ask Ron Artest, he knows. I can’t wait till the mutha fukin playoffs start, sh!t give the Lakers an 8th seed, & they’ll still win the ship! Kobe is going to come back hungry, he ain’t going to choke like Peyton Manning! Kobe G.O.A.T! Phil G.O.A.T! Jack Nick G.O.A.T! Jerry Buss G.O.A.T.!

  • LkrsFanToNgtive

    Kobe Brynat No doubt is the Best Player in the NBA and of the Decade but the only reason why he stand the best player in my OP is 1. He has More rings then Lebron or D-Wade 2. he is the Best Finisher in the Game and Lebron has yet to reach that Level that Name that he is the Best closer in the Game and 3. Kobe just has More rings then lebron lol

  • Marwan Marzina

    The reason Kobe is better than LeBron is because his name is Kobe Bryant. Thats simple.

  • Mark L

    And not to mention that Kobe has more rings than the current Celtic squad combined!

  • KeyTurn

    Wow, what a sick article!!!

    It’s amazing how polarizing Kobe is to NBA fans, and die hard Laker fans.

    No matter what Kobe does, the haters find someway to try to knock him down, but Kobe never falls, he just keeps proving them wrong and pretty soon they will have no choice but to respect him.


    Amazing article! Thanks Chris!

  • Kobe8/24

    The best article I’ve read in a while.

  • Robert

    Anyone see “Avatar”? The evil guy (marine) just wouldn’t die. How many movies have you seen, where the evil guy just keeps coming back – never dies. You think he’s dead, but he has enough to keep attacking, until he is FINALLY REALLY vanquished.
    That ‘evil guy’ is the media – ESPN, TNT, etc. The evil guy keeps coming and coming at Kobe. Kobe kills that guy, and he comes back. But we thought the evil guy was dead. Nope. Still alive and kicking. Not dead. Still attacking Kobe.
    How does that movie end? The ‘evil guy’ dies. Kobe wins. After a long and challenging career, the ‘evil guy’ will all be great big ‘nothings’. Bill Simmons will be nothing. All those guys will be nothing. They’re just ‘reporters’. Like Jimmy Olson in Superman. Just someone who writes down thoughts about what he sees, and comments on it. And wishes he were Superman (or, in this case, Mamba).
    In the end, Kobe’s work will speak for itself. He WILL BE the greatest player ever. Mark my words. Kobe will not ever ‘slow down’. He will play until all his bones are broken. He will still score 40 points, until there is nothing left of him. Unlike others (Snaq, etc.). Kobe will be the ‘good guy’ that keeps on coming. Watch out ‘evil guys’.

    • 007

      wow. spoiler alert. good think i watched avatar a few days ago.

  • http://57.amklac Charles Barkley

    outside of L.A.COUNTY, EVERONE HATES HIS PUNK-ASS……………..go lakers

    • keepon_keepinon18

      Thats all that matters right?
      If you read the article you know…



  • http://57.amklac Charles Barkley

    hey roberto, you ever question your man-hood,your sooooin love with the rat?one nut, i`m hurt, bryant.

    • Marwan Marzina

      you’re the one to talk nigga, you so in love with that homer lebronze… go ride his dick mother fucker

      • Marwan Marzina

        Hey Get off my name please!

        • Marwan Marzina

          hahaha this is my name, gtfo!

      • Marwan Marzina

        For the love of… any help here? Chris,Jaime, how do you change the password? My current one no one would be able to guess… at least I dont think they could

      • Marwan Marzina

        i join you, i wanna ride lebron next, that lebronze rod of his is great and long and juicy…mmmmm….

        • Marwan Marzina

          I’ll ask one last time, please get off my name!

  • mamba9381

    It’s not just a “pretty cool article”, it’s definitely one of the bests aver made on Kobe.

  • Marwan Marzina

    screw the lakers, they aint a team, they are just some fakers
    ahahahahhaahah cavs for life bitches!!!

    • Marwan Marzina

      … WOW! Why use my name now? Seriously, sabotage my reputation and for what?
      Identity theft is serious people so why do it. Gimme my privacy back please!
      Geez, some one help. This is serious here.

  • Marwan Marzina

    People, please don’t pay attention to the person using my name. I can assure you it wasn’t me so please don’t bombard me with nasty comments and stuff. Funny though, my name is used when the could make a screen name. Probably trying to sabotage my reputation.
    Thanks for the cooperation.

  • Robert

    This just in: Kudos to Tiger (another African-American that the world is jealous of, like Kobe) for standing up to the friggin’ media. Tiger does not owe anyone outside his family an apology. After what happened with Kobe years ago, he (Kobe) became tight lipped with the media, and who can blame him. They loved to crucify him. They (including big time hater/blogger above, C. Barkley) are so jealous of his over the top level of skill, that they have to find one thing to bring him down.
    How did Kobe respond to this. He played on. He played THROUGH his trauma. Lets be reminded how difficult that is, and was. Nobody cares about it anymore. LeWimp would have cried like a baby, run to his room with his head between his legs, and sulked for the rest of his life.
    Kobe is a true man, a ‘mensch’ (look that up). So is Tiger. In fact, it wouldn’t surprise me if Tiger contacted Kobe, or even looked at what Kobe did, to return to greatness.
    All of LeBron’s and Kobe’s achievements on the court pale in comparison to what Kobe did through this crisis. Even MJ (who went through the crisis of the death of his father) went through an experience, and came out on top. That’s what it takes.
    As Tiger said today (paraphrasing), “What makes you great isn’t what you achieve, it’s what you overcome”. Mark those words, TLN fans. Kobe overcame much worse than media estrangedness. And nothing the media can do is meaningful, compared to a life changing experience like this.
    Those of us (yes, in LA) who appreciate what Kobe has done for the city of LA and for basketball, know what greatness is, and are grateful to have a superstar like Kobe represent. Those outside of LA, and the media (and C. Barkley, above) who hate on Kobe, actually admire him too. So, on behalf of Kobe, we in L.A. would like all those outside of L.A. (and all haters) to publicly apologize to us AND Kobe for all their ‘hating’ transgressions. We would like an official statement AND a press conference, to express that apology. Thanks, and good cheer to all basketball fans.

  • Chris Ekstedt

    i’m actually tired of this kind of article. my thought is what ever. kobe does things everyday that are amazing. if i had to pick my starting 5 it would be a real tough decision between lebron and kobe. but at the end of the day i’m picking kobe.

    you can’t question this guy.

  • islandgirl024

    Excellent Article!!!

    One thing about the media: they have the power to either make soomeone or break someone and in Kobe’s case, they are ALWAYS trying to knock him down!!!!

    He is definitely due RESPECT but thankfully, he at least receives it from us Laker fans! … We all know how great he is, unfortunately, the media is too hung up on Queen James that they know no different!

    Anyway, I LOVED this article!! – Thanks for posting it!!!!!

  • fzruneKB24

    “There was no respect for youth when I was young, and now that I am old, there is no respect for age – I missed it coming and going.” John B. Priestly

    Quote says it all! Kobe has been sabotaged ever since he was young! Kobe has done everything possible in the league yet the media still hate on him! Which like the article he fuels off of it so THANK YOU! Thank you Bill Simmons! Thank You Charles Barkley, which by the way have never heard a sports analysist so bad as Chuck! Dumb shit cant even do that right but likes to hate on The Great One KOBE BRYANT! Any ways thank you (the media) for making who KOBE is now!

    Don’t worry Kobe we got your back no one outside of LAKER FANS know how to respect you because they have no one at your caliber! BUT we do and WE LOVE YOU MAMBA! SINCE DAY ONE!!