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L.A. Times: The chant has always been there.

The truth behind it has not. During the first few years, it was a high-pitched dream. During the last few years, it was a hollow honorarium. Finally, this season, for the first time, it is a reality.

M-V-P! M-V-P! M-V-P!”

Kobe Bryant can win it. Kobe Bryant should win it. The chant that began just four minutes into the Lakers’ 96-83 victory over Portland on Tuesday night should finally become a part of Bryant’s resume. It won’t be the top line. But it will be the only one that is in bold. Because this is the one title Bryant could never win. The wording was never right. The tone never fit. He has often been the most.

But has he ever been valuable?

He’s been a great scorer for lousy teams. He’s been a brilliant entertainer in a band of dullards. “He’s been the best player in the league,” said assistant coach Brian Shaw. But the basketball writers, voting at the end of the regular season, never give it to the best player. They give it to the player who is best at making the players around him better.

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  • lakerfan81

    You can’t really make any arguments against him being MVP. James and CP3 are having great years; James is in the weaker eastern conference and his team will have a worst record than the Lakers will. CP3 is having a great year and his team is playing very very well, but I think the Lakers will end up with a better record than NO. IF CP3 did what he is doing this year any other year he would deserve, but the fact is that Kobe just deserves it more.

  • sepehr

    Nicely written article, which shows kobe’s desire to win a championship. He has given his heart and soul to this team this year and his hard work is paying off. A month ago I would have said Chris Paul deserved the MVP, his team was #1 in the West and he would outplay the top PG in the league every single night. At the end of the year whoever’s team has the best record should win it in my opinion, they are both deserving of it. I have a funny feeling though that Lebron might get MVP since he would be a more marketbale MVP and the league is basing their future on him.


    The bad thing is he’s hearing MVP in the other teams arena(it was REALLY LOUD when they chanted MVP in DC).

  • MILO

    Kobe will be fu-ck-ed over for the MVP once again!!!

  • RD

    if kobe doesnt get MVP this year, i dont think he ever will. the NBA is so damn biased. kobe shouldve had at least 1 season MVP already [last year, year before that, 2002 season]!

  • foxxy

    [Comment ID #27853 Will Be Quoted Here]FOR-REAL!!!!


    RD,as well as the rest of LAKERNATION I’m gonna tell you something that might not sit well with y’all, F!@# MVP AND BRING HOME THAT TROPHY. If Kobe wins it it will be because of his numbers,don’t give me that MVP is for guys who make their teams better B!@#S$%& !! Kobe has been handling his business since Shaq left but D.Stern saw to it that Kobe didn’t deserve the Award after he WILLED HIS TEAM TO THE PLAYOFFS 2 YEARS IN A ROW(’06 & ’07),WHAT TYPE OF COMMISSIONER IS THAT? I mean the has even gotten some of his endorsements back and his name AND IS PLAYING OF SOME THE BEST BASKETBALL YOUR EVER GOING TO SEE THIS YEAR(OR ANY YEAR,PAST,PRESENT OR FUTURE). Look at his teammates they starting to look like they should be in The OLYMPICS WITH KOBE(as for Luke,the jury’s still out). That’s I say to Lakernation,TO HELL WITH THE MVP AND STERN’S BIASED A!@,GET THE TROPHY(THIS YEAR OR NEXT)!!!

  • 1ofMany

    What I dont understand is… Lebron is where Kobe was last year. The best player on a just above average team and leads the league in scoring. Yet Kobe didnt get nearly the recognition last year that Lebron is getting this year. Now Kobe is on the best team in the West(argueably the NBA), and Lebron is getting more recognition. What is going on? If KB doesnt receive the MVP this year it will be a tragedy!


    1ofMany(that’s a good Rap name too),David Stern is making sure either Lebron or KG gets it. Stern has been favoring ‘The Other guys’ since Kobe had the “INFAMOUS” rape charge(which was a set up if you ask me),thinking Kobe brought down NBA but gave the fans there money’s worth EVERYTIME he stepped on the court that year,AMAZING and the guy couldn’t buy a MVP trophy,Dirk,Yes,played a good season but in the playoffs he was some ‘S!@#’,PERIOD. Kobe will probably have to make another video stating,”Somebody,PLEASE SHIP HIS OLD A!@ OUT”.,If you were Kobe which one would you want?


    [Comment ID #27831 Will Be Quoted Here]
    kobe should definitely be MVP over bron and cp3. lol! i mean kobe has had way more nba accomplishments than bron and cp3, more all-nba, more all-star game appearance, and a lot more historical momments. this season has become a historical year for kobe. at the end of the season last year, kobe cussed about mitch kupchak not trading bynum for kidd, are you kidding me, lol. he hated mitch kupchak and now he forgives kupchak and is a laker for life. he has matuered the most overall in the whole league and the lakers have gone from a barely making the playoffs team to the 2008 nba champions. MVP :-) MVP :-) MVP :-) MVP :-) MVP :-) MVP :-) MVP :-) MVP :-) MVP :-) MVP :-) MVP :-) MVP :-) MVP :-) MVP :-) MVP :-) MVP :-) MVP :-) MVP :-) MVP :-) MVP :-) MVP :-) MVP :-) MVP :-) MVP :-) MVP :-) MVP :-) MVP :-) MVP :-) MVP :-) MVP :-) MVP :-) MVP :-) MVP :-) MVP :-) MVP :-) MVP :-) MVP :-) MVP :-) MVP :-) MVP :-) MVP :-) MVP :-) MVP :-) MVP :-) MVP :-) MVP :-) MVP :-) MVP :-) MVP :-) MVP :-) MVP :-) MVP :-) MVP :-) MVP :-) MVP :-) MVP :-) MVP :-) MVP :-) MVP :-) MVP :-) MVP :-) MVP :-) MVP :-) MVP :-)

  • 1ofMany

    DC… I completely agree that a champoinship ring is more valuable than a MVP trophy but the idea that one of the top 10 players in NBA history (far as im concerned), could end his career without an MVP trophy. It’s hard to believe that Kobes “incident” a few years ago could cost him this honor… but maybe its true.

  • Phant0M

    Yea i agree.

    Coming in not even playoff contenders
    Kobe playing through injuries.
    His words making andrew into a beast.

    Them being so cohesive.
    if LA gets a top seed, i do’nt see how Kobe wont be MVP.


    Think about it,who’s been the face of the NBA in the past 10 years or who would the world like to see whether you LOVE OR HATE HIM,that’s right,Kobe and WHAT FRANCHISE DOES HE PLAY FOR THAT IS 2ND BEST EVER(NY KNICKS being NO.#1),that’s right again,THE LAKERS. I know it’s a team game but c’mon w/out Kobe where would that organization be? He deserve it last season and the year before and look what happened,NASH 2 IN ROW AND DIRK LAST SEASON,RIIIIIIIIIGHT! I don’t care about the trial or the video,all he wanted was a chance to win because he knew the Finals WAS SOME CRAP THE COUPLE OF YEARS(SORRY,DET.,S.A.,CLEV.)and if the ratings are to go up,THE LAKERS OR BOSTON(The league winnningest teams EVER)MUST BE THERE!!

  • leo

    1.) kobe
    2.) cp3
    3.) lebron
    4.) kg

    is like that….if lakers keep #1 for the rest of season

  • e

    end with 1st seed..kb24 gets mvp

  • sepehr

    It’s a very tight race between Kobe and Paul, anyone that watched the Phoenix Noew orleans game today would see that. I still think whichever team has the best record will get the MVP, kobe might edge Paul out due to him being older. Chris Paul will get many more MVP’s in future years.

  • silent bob

    As much as I think Lebron is just crazy- and scary-good!, I hate the fact that everybody is just on his nuts! And for the basing from previous years’ criterias, he isn’t MVP.

    The reason Kobe hasn’t won an MVP (which was so BS) was that his team always had a subpar win/loss record. They say he’s the best player in the league hands down but he’s not valuable enough to deserve that most coveted individual award because his team continue to be average.

    Well I just checked the Cavs’ record and although they’re fifth in the East, they don’t even make top 8 in the West.

    Stop hatin’….give Kobe his credit. He’s MVP this year….he was MVP the last 2 years as well!

    Better yet…..don’t give him MVP…..let them hypocrites shove it up their ASSets!