Kobe and his pack of NBA All-Stars have taken their talents to the Philippines. Kobe brought his playground moves with him — must be something in the water.

(h/t to our good friend, Got’EM Coach)

  • Mateo

    damn son, the mamba doesn’t need the ref, hahaaa

  • Ramentasty

    LMAO! This is the USA!

  • guest

    pretty sure that was either a travel or double dribble

  • Giuliano

    that wasn’t a double or a travel the defender touched the ball.

  • Giuliano

    Kobe showing some youth with an alley-oop reverse dunk from Chris Paul http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kkyW7nWCCkE

  • albertolakers

    teachmehowtomadsen.tumblr is way more up to date then yall. 

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    I did’nt saw it live. But it was so awesome to watch. Everyone was starstrucked. Specially to Derrick Rose and Kobe. Even the referee’s officationg the game was starstrucked. 

  • laffsatu

    for a guy that can`t practice because his knees have no cartledge?got to be the biggest PRIMADONNA PHONEY ever in PRO SPORTS EVER. go dunk douche-bag.


    NOW the rest of the planet is in Awe just as we are of Kobe.

    • laffsatu

      dont ask dont tell bro…?….if thats awe, wait till they see LEBRON.


        when people talk lebra it’s not awe,it’s awful.

      • Oldmanflow

        That’s the problem, everybody’s still waiting on “LeBum.” The Heat fans are still waiting for him to bring his talent to South Beach. The whole world is waiting on the “Chockin’ One” to show up. We’ve seen this rerun already. NOW YOU SEE HIM – in the regular season. NOW YOU DON’T- once the playoffs start. They blamed it on his supporting cast in Cleveland everytime he came up short. Everytime the Cav’s collapsed it was because “LeBroard” was worn out from carrying the team. Ok, so what was the excuse for his disappearing act this year? When the Queen gets a ring, holla at me. Until then STFU and find another site to get your “troll” on.   EVFREEBAHDEELAFFSATUCUZURPATHEADICK!!!!

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    @97948df38af25d478d18c50cdb9fba0d:disqus  LEBRON?  the king with no CROWN? AWE

  • motherFREakers

    uhhh nothing special….