Kobe’s been in this situation before and he shares his experiences with a good friend. A kind gesture by Kobe.

Fan House: Kobe Bryant said Carmelo Anthony has reached out to him. And Bryant’s advice was simple. “I said, ‘Make sure you’re sure about what you want to do,”’ Bryant told FanHouse on Thursday before his Lakers were to face Anthony’s Nuggets at the Pepsi Center. “That’s the only advice I gave him.”

  • jesus christ

    lol good advice. a middle-school kid would’ve told melo the same thing geez.

    • the lakers rock!!!!!!

      that name is too big for u, so disrespectfull, its not even funny

  • laker warrior

    how stupid that he asked advice. Asshole what do you think . Ask Stoudamere how he like New York they suck or any player in New Jersey how it feels to lose .
    Stay in Denver stupid . La La has no career a reality TV show is not a career . And her singing is ok .
    Melo is good but over hyped he cant handle pressure.

    • http://www.richardsonshops.com RockitD

      Agreed! He has it made in Denver. Had Kobe left, he would have been messed up. The grass is always greener on the other side. My advice…water your own grass!

  • Positive Effect

    @Laker Warrior, First it didn’t appear that Melo asked, it looked like that was the conversation at the end of the game. I doubt very seriously if Melo said ” Kobe what do you think I should do” I think Kobe gets the situation that Melo has to make a big choice really soon. Furthermore…put it Amare’s position…why would I care about the losing in NY right now and they are paying me $100 Million. Secondly eventually the team is going to get better in Ny because he is there. Don’t think for a second that Melo or Chris Paul are not having the same idea about uniting but I think they could probably make it work better than the ” Three Stooges ” down in Miami because all 3 players ( Amare, Melo, Paul ) are humble about their business players! What does his wife have do to with anything…after Melo gets this contract LALA wont have anything to do but raised their kids and spend that money. I disagree Melo is not over hyped and he can handle pressure…he was a freshman at Syracuse who was a star player in the big game and did fine. Melo is ready, he just needs some other players that are ready….my guess….in the end…Melo will end up in Chicago. !

    • laker warrior

      D sumb ass for a while people said la la s singing career was a choice he had to make .
      Just like Kobe said championships in high school and
      college means nothing. Its the NBA that counts. And pressure Melo always finds away to choke.

    • 242LakerFan

      Pos, did you read the post? The first line says “Carmelo reached out to him” and then it says this came out in an interview before the game. Nothing to do with the litle exchange after the game, which at that moment I doubt had anything to do with Melo’s future employment options.

  • LAKER BOY_82

    If I was melo I wuld roll with the Lakers & say fuck the rest…Plus if kobe retires that will be melo’s team!

  • 3StarAndTheSun

    Sounds like Kobe wants him to come to L.A

    • Robert.

      I was thinking the same thing. I’m not sure how the Lakers would be able to get Melo, w/o giving up someone important (or, going over the cap/luxury tax), and I’m also not sure exactly how he would fit into the current Lakers roster (in his position).


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  • Robert.

    As mentioned before, it seems like Kobe would like Melo to come to L.A., but not sure how that would happen, or if it makes sense with the current roster.
    But, different from Kobe’s situation (he had 3 rings at the time his contract was coming up), Melo has yet to get past … well … the Lakers (i.e., he hasn’t even gotten to the Finals yet). There’s a chance that he’s hit his limit with the Nuggets, or maybe it’s just one of those Barkley/Jordan situations (Barkley was a great player, but couldn’t get past Jordan).
    Personally, I think Melo needs a change of venue, and ‘selfishly’ (i.e., for ‘me’), I think he should try to get to NY and help make that a relevant franchise again. If Paul were to also get to NY, then it would be a great ‘triad’.
    Realistically, some here have said he’s better off staying in Denver. I guess, for the $$, it’s not bad. But again, he won’t get past the Lakers until Kobe retires. He’s better off in the East, fighting the Heat to have a chance to ‘get’ to the Finals.

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