ESPN: Kobe Bryant drove into the lane, met heavy traffic and flipped the ball behind his back toward the corner for Pau Gasol, who was cutting the opposite way.

After the ball bounced harmlessly out of bounds, Bryant smiled at Gasol, who smiled back. It was one of their few mistakes in a dominating first half Monday night that provided a glimpse of what the Los Angeles Lakers were hoping for when they acquired Gasol from Memphis.

With Bryant hitting from the outside and scoring 31 points and Gasol clogging the middle to score 26, the Lakers continued their impressive road trip with a 106-97 win over the reeling Charlotte Bobcats.

“Adding Pau to the mix, we have something that has to be dealt with,” said Bryant after the Lakers improved to 4-1 since the trade for their new big man.

It wasn’t an entirely pretty performance for the Lakers, who improved to 6-2 on their nine-game trip. They allowed the Bobcats to cut a 13-point deficit to 89-86 midway through the fourth quarter.

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    impresive road trip considering we could have easily been 8-0.


    Pau is looking more dangerous in our system and that should send chills to WHOEVER PLAYS THE PACK. Please trade or buyout Mihm’s contract,DAMN,this guy’s been getting free money since he’s been there,NO MORE BOSTON PLAYERS.

  • ricky

    good game. next and final stop is minnesota where we are gonna finish the trip strong. pau gasol will make his debut in los angeles after the all star break and fans will be ecstatic for sure.

    on to another note. many teams have inquired about mike miller from memphis. many teams are assuming that memphis is gonna complete this fire sale by shipping mike miller, their last large contract on the roster, so they can rebuild and start anew with young talent.

    my suggestion is that the lakers deal with memphis once more because we already took their best player, so why not trade us their second best player as well, it only makes sense…unless you are gregg popovich (spurs coach, felt that gasol trade was unfair aka he was just jealous).

    lakers should make one more deal

    lakers out:
    – vladimir radmanovic
    – sasha vujacic
    – coby karl

    lakers in:
    – mike miller
    – juan carlos navarro

    memphis out:
    – mike miller
    – juan carlos

    memphis in:

    – vladimir radmanovic
    – sasha vujacic
    – coby karl

  • keep24

    First of all, the reason that Memphis gave us Gasol was not because they loved us. They were not looking for equal talent in return. They wanted cap space. Lakers gave them that. No one could have matched Kwame $9 Mil expiring contract.

    They are looking for the same thing in return for Miller. Vlad Rad and company are not expiring contracts. And, besides, why would you want to trade your second best shooter, Sasha.

    No more trades, unless it’s another steal like Gasol. If we can’t win with this squad, which is already second to none, than we will never win, nor do we deserve another ring.

  • foxxy



    The pressure is not on the Lakers to win this year so ‘IF’ they lose in the playoffs or finals they’ll win 70 games and then the CHAMPIONSHIP FO SHO’.Plus all the FA’s that will want to play in LA but I still like our chances this year and like I said to ALL BOSTON FANS “Y’ALL BETTER WIN THIS YEAR OR ELSE FOR THE NEXT 4 TO 5 YRS THOSE ‘SHIPS IS COMING BACK HOME”,PERIOD,YOU SUCKAAAAAAAAAAAS!


    I can’t wait until “THE TOWERS”(AB/PG/LO) step out on the floor and the opponents faces just drop.I’m not even going say anything about when our SLAM DUNK KING COMES BACK…….ARIZA,OH MY GOD,HAND OVER ‘DEM RINGS,BABY. Anybody think if we had Gerald Green and Trev on the same court together that no one would want to play them?!?

  • Anonymous

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    That’s just pushing it lol. They will not give Mike Miller up for a couple of nobodies. Oh wait, they gave Pau up for a couple of nobodies, so hey it might work!

  • iLakers

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    Right now were a good team that is still gellin with Pau. Our defense sucks, but were not complete. Wait till Ariza and AB come back and watch how they all mesh together. Our defense will only get stronger.

    We should not trade Sasha (aka The Machine) that guy is scoring some sik points off the bench. We don’t need another starter we need role players with defense, and we got that in Farmar, Sasha, Ariza, and Turiaf. So please stop the trade talks of who we should trade and get. Lets keep watching this team grow and see where they stand in June (*cough* parade *cough*).

    We should’ve stomped Charlotte by 20.

    And can someone tell me why Luke is playing in the fourth. I mean i know these last 2 teams have been sorry but so has Luke…and I officially dislike his father. How many people heard him say that he’d pick LeBron over Kobe…that guys on crack.

  • kb24 4life

    i thought kobe was injured lol…

  • 187 ON BOSTON

    Whatttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt biiiiiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaachhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • MILO

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    i hope GG wins the dunk contest again fu-ck minni for not giving him pt he was doing good in boston

  • LakersFirst

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    I hear Gerald Green has an attitude problem, which is one reason why he hasn’t improved that drastically and which is why Boston was willing to sacrifice him. Now Minny is not playing. I guess his attitude problem is still there.