Kevin C. Cox | Getty Images

With the first 24 hours of the NBA lockout nearly in the books, Kobe Bryant may be headed East… far East… and not necessarily for vacation.

The L.A. Times has reported that Kobe Bryant has expressed serious interest in headlining a basketball tour that would likely take place in Shanghai this summer. It’s unclear how the tour would be structured, but it would consist of a series of exhibition games featuring multiple out-of-work NBA players.

Some potential names have included: Chris Kaman, Eric Gordon, O.J. Mayo, Carlos Boozer and… Derek Fisher? I can only speculate that the NBA owners wouldn’t be too thrilled about the President of the NBPA suiting up in China this summer.

One guy not mentioned on that list is Lakers forward Pau Gasol, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t bracing for the worst.

“If there is a lockout, Spain would be [my] first choice [to play next season] — I wouldn’t say [the] only one, but the first.” (via The Associated Press)

David Stern always wanted the NBA to be an international sport, I just don’t think he quite envisioned it happening like this.

  • laffsatu

    will the kobester be flying his helicopter back east?REALITY CHECK!!!!

  • ilikebasketball

    playing hard-ball.