ESPN: The Lakers didn’t have to cross the line. They were doing just fine behind it.

Derek Fisher scored 17 points, Kobe Bryant had 16 and the Lakers went on a 3-point shooting spree in the second half of a 119-82 rout of the Clippers on Friday night.

“I think what we did is that we stepped up our pressure,” Bryant said. “Try to make them play at our pace, or execute things that they are not used to doing, and our shooters knocked down some big shots to blow the game open.”

The Pacific Division-leading Lakers, winning for the 13th time in 14 games, went 12-of-17 from 3-point range in the second half after making just two of six from beyond the arc in the first two quarters.

Fisher finished 3-for-4 from behind the line, Bryant went 2-for-3, Jordan Farmar and Coby Karl each went 2-for-2, and Vladimir Radmanovic and Sasha Vujacic 2-for-4.

The Lakers’ 61 percent from 3-point range was better than their overall shooting percentage — 54 percent.

Clippers coach Mike Dunleavy said the Lakers simply overwhelmed his team in the second half, and “Obviously, they made a ton of 3-point shots. They put it on us.”

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  • MILO

    Lakers #1 again, now we just need to keep gaining ground on SA and the rest so that we can have homecourt advantage ehh!!!

  • The Nugget

    Keep winning Lakers. I can just taste homecourt advantage. *knocks on wood*

  • Phant0M


  • Basher

    I was at the game and the Lakers dominated from the start, but ran away with it in the third quarter. You could tell who was the better team tonight. First in the West, baby!

  • foxxy


  • bc18

    kobe for mvp!!!!!!!……coby karl that is!!!!!!!!!!! ahhahahahaah jk…boring game though…i fell asleep during halftime and woke up with 3 min left in the fourth lol


    I heard Coby “The Jedi” Karl handled his business last night. I think a couple more D-league games he should ready and that could be DANGEROUS,meaning,he’s already a helluva shooter,defensively good so it shouldn’t be a problem with him getting into the rotation.,NOW PLEASE!!!

  • mfoznot

    I’m sorry, but if almost 9 players score in double figures on a team, then you have to give the leader of that team some props (a.k.a. Kobe) This team is on fire and Kobe is the spark. If they finish in the top two in the west I don’t see any reason why Kobe doesn’t get MVP. No reason. Go Lakers!

  • mfoznot

    I just looked at the Spurs schedule vs. Lakers schedule and I think the Lakers are going to pull away from the pack in the next two weeks. It mainly depends on how we do on our four game roadie mid-march, but I think even so, the Spurs got a real tough march and april to close out and I think the lake show will have at least a 4-6 game lead over #2. What do you guys think?

  • mplakers


    did you guys see farmar outrun sasha for that dunk…lol…i like the fact that when they know they can dominate and there’s no competetion they start tussling with each other. pushing to get better.

    fight sasha/farmar fight!

    i wonder who’d win that???

    looks like kobe has been showing mbenga some moves with those fade-away jumpers.hehehe…i had to close my eyes though like in a roller coaster ride.

    chicken wings at hooters in june…mmm.mmmm.mmm inching closer and closer.

  • MILO

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    I was looking at the other teams schedule Dallas also has an easy one for the rest of the year so thats one we still need to think about, but NO and SA they still have to face a number of good teams as opposed to the Lakers, but the Lakers also have a four game road trip where they face above 500 teams so it should be quite a finish of the season.Lets not count or chick’s before they hatch ehhh!!!

  • Ed

    I was at the game. I was the guy in the beginning of the game with the road Kobe Jersey saying that Kobe is MVP. I came out on TV.


    The Makings of a MONSTA.
    LO aka “The Goods”
    AB aka “The Game”
    PG aka “The Genius”
    I present to Lakernation,LAKEZILLA!!!(COMING SOON)

  • drake hunter

    The Lakers should bring over the chinese Magic Johnson, Sun Yue, to play point guard for the third tier reserves so they can go 15 deep and have the reserves come in for the real reserves when the real reserves come in for the starters when the game is an ultimate blowout like this game. We can’t risk any injury to the real reserves in a 30+ point win like this one was.

    Starters: Real Reserves: Reserves:


    Turiaf although undersized out plays both Mihm and Mbenga at the center position so he definately dserves to play with the bench mob. Walton is obviously expendable and over-paid. I don’t mind having him on the team if Jerry Buss doesn’t mind paying a third tier reserve 5 million a season.

  • MILO

    [Comment ID #28801 Will Be Quoted Here]

    PG aka the ostrich he he!