Who will can stop Kobe?

FOXSports.com: As Kobe Bryant has returned to health and form, he has had a little “get well” present.

Instead of a nightly dose of Shane Battiers and Raja Bells, old hands who at least know Bryant’s catalog of tricks (even if they are sometimes powerless to offset them), he has been defended by greenhorns.

In the Lakers’ past three games, Bryant has been guarded by Memphis’ O.J. Mayo (23), Sacramento’s Tyreke Evans (21) and Toronto’s DeMar DeRozan (21).

All three may be future stars in the NBA, but in present times all are still learning their way around the league – particularly at the defensive end of the court.

“Anytime he gets a younger guy on him, you can see it,” said Lakers reserve forward Matt Barnes. “We were talking about it on the bench. He completely sets them up for everything he does. Not to mention he’s the best player, but he always outthinks the person that’s guarding him, too. For a young guy, that’s going to be tough.”

Against Mayo and DeRozan, Bryant had a physical advantage, and so he worked them – particularly Mayo – inside. Against the thicker Evans, he hit a pair of early jumpers, then set to work beating him off the dribble. DeRozan’s length – with his 6-foot-7 frame and long arms – may have enabled him to have the most success against Bryant.

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  • Robert.

    Good! Glad that the NBA (joining ESPN and other lame media analyzers) are thinking that Kobe is on the ‘downturn’ of his career. Although he doesn’t do the ‘same type’ moves that he did when he was younger (also, he’s ‘stockier’ now than when he was younger), he definitely plays smarter, and wiser (preserving his strength to last longer in the season, and through ‘several’ championship seasons).
    Let’s also take into account MJ’s run, and the fact that he took ‘2 years’ off in between strings of 3-peats. After the first 3 peat, MJ played ‘much less physical’ baseball, and so was able to heal up from the rugged pace of 3 years of championship runs. Kobe is NOW on the 4th year of championship runs. MJ ‘never’ experienced that. It is ‘very’ taxing on the body. Add to that the Olympic games in Kobe’s ‘later’ years (I think MJ was on the Dream Team at a younger age, right?), and you have a string of long seasons for Kobe recently. It’s very exhausting.
    People want to use ‘age’ as an indicator of level of performance, but I think they’re generally incorrect (yes, even if I do it, it’s wrong). Instead, it’s ‘level of intensity’ over ‘period of time’ that tends to diminish capacity over the years. BUT, the saving grace in these times is the advancement of sports medicine. Look at Steve Nash, who put MVP type numbers last year, and also played lights out then (the Suns did well, until they ran into the Lakers in the playoffs). AND, Steve has a perpetual back (disk) injury. Kobe has ‘many years’ of high level play left in the bank.
    Since Kobe has been donning a gun lately, his comment to the young fluff being thrown at him should be, “Go ahead, make my day”.

  • http://57.amklac laffs atu

    when all you do is play the J.V . teams padding the stats is easy.What isn`t mentioned is that all these SCRUBS also light him up because mamamba does not play defense.

    • http://jtshoopsblog.blogspot.com/ jtshoopsblog

      U got a point there. That’s why I can’t stand the talk opf him being the next Michael Jordan because he is no where near Jordan was on defense. When MJ played, people literally were afraid to face him. the same cannot be said for Kobe.

      • showtime4eva

        nobody is saying he’s the “next” jordan…they are saying,he’s going to knock him off the pedestal.

        • le-elbow =)

          hahaha you’re awesome for that one

          seriously jtshoopsblahblah get off mjs sack his time is over let it go, appreciate what he did for the league and move on

  • 242LakerFan

    Remember those Snickers commercials? I can see Kobe running on the court in a viking outfit shouting “FEEEAST!!”
    Yeah, just lay them all on the table and watch a healthy Mamba get his feast on! They know there’s no one that can stop Kobe one on one. He’s older? Yeah, that just means he’s that much smarter and more experienced.

  • Robert.

    BTW, Kobe isn’t the ‘next’ MJ, Kobe is the ‘first’ Kobe. MJ was MJ back in the day, and that’s that.
    Why were players ‘afraid’ of MJ? Because if you touch MJ, they will call a foul. Whereas, if you ‘hit’ Kobe, where’s the foul? Fewer fouls were called on Kobe’s opponents. So, he has ‘had’ to create amazing shots with double or triple teams – making shots with no fouls called. MJ didn’t have to worry about that. Same is (was?) true of LBJ and DWade. Fouls called on opponents if you ‘breathed’ on them. Not true with Kobe. He ‘earned’ his shots, and ‘shot through fouls’. MJ didn’t have to do that.
    And now that there’s the ‘no complain’ rule (which works for LBJ and DWade, since they get free tickets anyway), it is much more difficult for Kobe. More players will try to ‘get away’ with fouls.

  • http://57.amklac laffs atu

    YEAH, BRYANT would rather throw up a brick while doubled teamed then find the open man,he`ll stop feeding gasoft once he realizes gasoft is the laker MVP.

    • Cedar Block

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