Kobe chimed in when asked about Deron Williams’, seemingly frustrated, situation with the Jazz. When one reporter asked Kobe if he see’s the similarities, Kobe had this to say:

L.A. Times: “It’s not even close. They don’t even have Smush Parker on (that) team. It’s not even close.”

  • PauKobeBynumOdomDynasty

    bold words kobe, but this:
    wouldnt have happened without this:

  • zgum

    smush now on the street… tsk tsk poor guy…

  • Mitch4Pres


  • Fred


  • J

    I really dunno why smush would take a shot on Kobe. Then silly Hollins would join in.

  • Lakers 24 7


    EAT IT, HOWS LUNCH!?!?!?!

  • mvpsug

    smush who? i dont remember that guy. was he a ballboy or something?

  • willow

    Lmfao! STD is after all named after Smush Parker. (Smush of the Day)

    He’s sittin’ in some park just reminiscing about the good ol’ days when he was ridin’ Kobe’s coat tails. What a f*cking loser!!!!

  • Franchise98bn


    Deron also didn’t have to play with Kwame. His life isn’t that hard.

  • Matt from Dallas

    hhahahaha omg

  • gugy

    that was hilarious.

    Smush asked for this, so Kobe did well throwing him under the bus.

  • dracul

    Don’t worry guys, Smush “is working on something secret, a project that he can’t talk about”, so he’ll be alright.


  • Smush Walton

    Yeah, and the Jazz don’t have Smush Walton either!

  • wayne

    come on guys.. smush is the grim reaper remember? he kills everytime he step on the court. and don’t forget how hes better than rafer alston. and his smushcalade is so sexy…..

    he had it coming

  • J_OZ

    PauKobeBynumOdomDynasty you’re so true. Smush although didnt’ contribute too much there were a couple times late in games where stepped up..that was one of them. Gr8 series too bad we didnt’ win.

  • iamthetie

    that comment just made my day!

  • Michael_23

    The Jazz lost Larry Miller so organization and management is kind of chaotic right now with the team slumping and the opt out and attitude of Boozer.

    D. Will was just unfortunate to face the Lakers in the first round. If they faced another team, they would have made it to the 2nd round or 3rd. But then lose to the Lakers.

  • Lakezilla

    Owned! I thought it could never get worse than Nick Van Excel talking about Cancun in timeouts but then came Smush. I remember after his debut game against Denver (his only decent game), that idiot Vic the Brick was saying he was going to be an allstar. Silly wabbit.

  • Smush Walton

    Vic the Brick is a total fool. I can’t understand how he is even allowed to participate in the interviews, walking around all dressed up for Halloween. What a loser.

  • lakers4life.


  • Anonymous

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    lol better than skip? oh my god I didn’t just hear that

  • L.G.Fuad411

    “owned”. kobe got back at smush for dissin’ him a while back.

  • Jay D

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    truth right there.

  • sketch

    Do you guys remember Kobe saying to Smush “You are one bad fother mucker!” after Smush stole the rock from Nash during the waning seconds of the playoff game? Yeah, the good old times. Hahaha.

    Then Smush had to run his mouth off about Kobe once he ended up on the streets. Man, this just goes to show you that fools don’t take responsibility for their own actions…Smush had his chance in the NBA and on the Lakers of all teams! Instead of working hard and staying mentally strong, the first signs of him not playing well, he’d just cower into his shell and play like crap! And this fool has the audacity to talk $h!t about Kobe?

    He got what he deserved when Kobe finally retaliated back! Good for you Kobe! Fcuk the high road! The high road is just less traveled. Every once in a while you gotta jump in the muddy roads and mix it up with everyone else!