Fox Sports: The time has come for Kobe Bryant to end months of silence regarding the Los Angeles Lakers.That’s assuming he joins his teammates Monday at media day in suburban El Segundo and then on the flight to Hawaii for the start of training camp Tuesday.

Although Bryant is expected, his spokesperson Catherine Sebring declined comment when asked about his plans, lending a bit of intrigue.

Still, the Lakers are counting on him.

“Without mentioning specific names, appropriate people in our organization have been in contact with Kobe, and we have no reason to believe he won’t be in Hawaii for training camp,” team spokesman John Black said.

A posting Friday on Bryant’s Web site indicated the 29-year-old will be at camp.

“The countdown to tipoff is on,” it began. “Summer is gone, fall is upon us and that can mean only one thing: NBA training camps are just around the corner. While some teams are holding their media days today, the Lakers will invite the media to their practice facility on Monday and will depart shortly after for training camp in Hawaii.

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  • kyler_hay

    yea kobe is gonna b the 4 sho

  • rpouncy14

    I’m happy.

  • lakerfan81

    didn’t he say that he had no reason not to be at camp a long time ago, but that was ignored by everyone because all the stupid articles saying “will he show up to camp?” kept coming out anyways. Now at least this whole stupid thing can be put behind them. they need to come up with a uniform answer to any question about this whole thing so that the media will drop it quickly and it won’t become a distraction.

  • Lakers2410

    OMFG (Oh My *ucking God)! Why are people writing articles like “Hey, is Kobe gonna show up at trainging camp?” Or whatever, I mean, he said he’d show up, GEEEEEEZ! How about talk about how he’s gonna act about the roster and the record they’l have at some points. JUST STOP SAYING (or ASKING) IF HE”LL SHOW UP AT CAMP OR NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Lakers2410


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