This is pretty funny. As we all know, Kobe has dropped a few nice words (chocolate ice-cream Kob?) towards the refs this season and is one “T” away from being suspended. However, he has found a new way to control his anger within.

Washington Post: Coach Phil Jackson said Bryant has recently been “playing under wraps” because another tantrum is “going to cost the team. It’s going to cost him.”

Bryant has held his tongue, walked the other way or used another, more confusing means to voice his frustrations to officials. “I just cuss them out really bad in Serbian,” Bryant joked.

Bryant said he has learned how to swear in the native languages of teammates Vladimir Radmanovic (Serbia), Sasha Vujacic (Slovenia) and Ronny Turiaf (France). “I’ve been cursing in French. French is really cool, because everything sounds good in French.” . .

  • magicbalala245

    Can u call that basketball IQ or what Kobe is the smartest player in the NBA

  • CK

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    I agree Kobe is the smartest player in the league, but this article has nothing to do with that…

  • hZm

    Haha added a new image for the article!

  • lakerschamps08

    hahah kobe probably says somthing like this in serbian. “jebem ti mamu or pusi moj kurac, jebise. its gotta be something like that.. lol

  • 8

    there’s a clip on youtube where he says pusi kurac which means in serbian suck my d##k
    hahahaha he’s the greatest!

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  • k0be da 1 andonly

    The commentators Of ESPN said that the Technicals , DO NOT go in to the post season…….TRUE OR NOT???



  • LA Ball Talk

    Kobe is way too close to getting into trouble, but I can’t help but understand his frustrations. He hasn’t had nearly as much respect from the refs as he deserves… let’s just put it this way, Kobe will now dominate with his frustrations in the form of points and assists rather than words.

    Daniel –

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  • Billy Kupchak

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    true, but they do start over once the playoffs start & MAX out @ 7 before a 1 game suspension

  • Billy Kupchak

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    niiice! :-D

  • Thomas

    Whatever works right? At least he’s not going to get suspended.

  • Sako

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    According to shaq, Kobe got 1300 on his SATs, are somewhere around there. He know 3 languages: English, Italian, & Spanish.

    This is unrelated to Kobe, but I heard that David Robinson was very smart too.

  • MILO

    Even if Kobe manages to get through the reg season without his 16th.I still think it’s crucial for him to not pick up any more tec-fouls.The way i see it, the reffs always help out the sorry teams and know that Kobe and CO will make up for the non calls, but i’ve been noticing that when the Lakers are down and the game is close they will give Kobe his calls and alow them to work their way back up to a win.BASICLY IT SEEMS THAT THE OFFICIALS TRY TO KEEP THE GAMES INTERESTING INSTAED OF ALLOWING THE LAKERS TO JUST BLOW OUT TEAMS.NOW I HAVE ONE QUESTION, HOW COME THEY DONT DO THAT TO BOSTON???

  • magicbalala245

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    man u guys hating on me this is Basketball IQ by instead of cussing the refs in English he cuss them in a foreign language and name me another play who cuss at the ref in a foreign language

  • ab4sure

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    Kobe got 1400 on his sat’s i believe. He is very smart and speaks several languages. Kobe is the most talented player in the league and individually the best player in the league but I don’t think he is the smartest player in the league… that i would have to give to J. Kidd and a few other point guards…

    BTW Kobe should be careful even in cussing in another language because if a ref knows a few words in that language i wouldn’t be surprised if he got a T. If kobe was TRULY SMART he would leave the refs alone until the PO because the Lakers need him.

  • vida8

    hahahah great !

  • lakers4life

    he got a 1080

  • Mr. Juan / Your Warlock

    When Kobe reacts with restrain, class, and dignity, after a perceived missed call on any and all refs, that ref will have that much more respect for Kobe… This will no doubt, benefit Kobe immensely, in the long run, and for the big picture…

  • ab4sure

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    I can name a few… Ginobli, Nocioni, Oberto, Bogut, Mbenga, Barbosa, Varejo, Mutombo, Yao Ming, Nowitzki, Parker, Turiaf, and any other players who speak another language other than English. That is not being smart that is just the way it is.


    I’m at the point now where Players don’t win games anymore…..referees do.

  • ECJ

    This is ingenous of Kobe…the refs have no idea what he’s saying and he very well could be saying it with a smile on his face. I’m loving that.

    You can’t give a guy a tech because he’s speaking a different language…that would open up another very unflattering door for the already embattled refs.

    My question is if Kobe already know Spanish, I could give him a list of curses in Spanish that would apply. He wouldn’t have to learn Serbia.

  • ab4sure

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    Every NBA player who speaks another language does the same thing as kobe. This is not ingenous of kobe, this has been done for a long time.