Kobe donning red, white, and blue

Great article on Kobe. To think, this is the first time he will put on a jersey outside of a Lakers or All-Star jersey since high school. Great stuff in here including talk about Kobe’s mentality, work ethic, and hunger.

nba_g_bryant_275.jpgESPN: A seriously slimmed-down Kobe Bryant sat at a steakhouse table at the Wynn resort here with Team USA coach Mike Krzyzewski and head honcho Jerry Colangelo on Tuesday night and made one simple, strategic request.

“Coach, I’m ready,” Bryant declared, according to Colangelo. “And I want the best player on the other team every single night.”

Despite reportedly being slimmed down, Kobe is ready to go according to Colangelo and others:

His competitive juices are really flowing, and that’s indicative of where he is,” said Colangelo, who said Bryant told him he had dropped 19 pounds since the NBA season ended while getting in shape for his first summer with the national team.

“Kobe is in the best state of mind you could want a player to be in. I think we’re catching him just right. We look at his toughness and his ability to be a big factor with this group,” Colangelo told ESPN.com.

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  • http://LAKERS.COM Lakes on 3!!

    19 Lbs?!?! that’s crazy…well I hope he does good on team USA. I hope he doesn’t tire himself too much. He has to have enough this upcoming year with KG on his side…

  • _

    Thats it, poencil it down. USA.GOLD.MEDAL

  • http://Lakers.com Ed24

    The Greatest Player in the world and in NBA history is going to lead team USA to victory in the Olympics and is going to bring the gold back home where it belongs.

  • saipanlakerfan

    Yeah 19 pounds of Kobe beef? That can’t be all fat, he must have lost some muscle. Whatever. Kobe knows what he’s doing. He gets into better PLAYING shape then anyone.

  • da1

    You can tell he’s working on his defense this off season. Explains his weight loss for mobility and why he asked for the toughest assignment every game. its all part of his training.

  • Rhom Dale

    but damn. 19 pounds? he’s gonna look just like he did in his rookie year! literally. as long as he plays better i dont mind.

  • fred0s

    Ohhh shit, lets see if all this weight loss is goingt to make him that much quicker (hopefully now weaker). Anyone thinking Defensive Player of the Year (maybe I’m getting a bit ahead of myself)

  • ej408

    my boy is reppin LRG thats fosho.

  • Faith

    It’s gonna be awesome practice for when he once again takes the best player on the opposing team everynight for the Lake show.

    Go Kobe! Go Team USA!

  • lake

    who is the national team giving us in return for Kobe?

  • Sotelo

    Damn! i feel bad for whoever is guarding Kobe.

  • drewfromtexas

    Kobe is going to take over and I just dont want to hear any haters when he puts up 50 points in a game because once he does that people will start talking bad about him and calling him a ball hogg , thats ok though he cant be stopped , and I’m going on record to say that we will not lose one game

  • Clutch 44

    Sorry guys, but this story did not leave me optimistic. Sounds like Kobe has completely, if (hopefully) temporarily, distanced himself from everything Lakers. I’m sure he wants to make a great impression to give himself some leverage. I hope that I am wrong.

  • http://www.getgarnett.com Fred A.

    Coach K is an idiot but Kobe is the MAN!!!!!!
    Go KOBE!!!!!

  • lakerfan81

    Fred A.

    Yes Coach K is an idiot. How many times has Duke won the ACC in the last 8 yrs? 7. How horrible. Or wait, what is his all time win %? 75.1%. Thats just aweful. 20 20-win seasons in the last 22 yrs; 10 final fours in the last 20 yrs; 3 NCAA champioships. This Guy must be an idiot what does he know about basketball.

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  • Ted

    I hate to see Kobe lose that much weight. I think he plays better when he bulks up, but whatever. Lakerfan81 perfectly said about coach K. I can’t believe someone would call this coach an idiot

  • Lakerfan2007

    19 pounds? Must be water weight from all the crying this offseason.