Kobe wants to enjoy the ring, but for what it’s worth, here’s his comments on a possible Wade/LeBron combo.

RealGM: Lakers guard Kobe Bryant was asked Thursday night about what it would be like to face a team that had both LeBron James and Dwyane Wade.

Both James and Wade will be free agents this summer.

“What is it with you? You want to just emotionally drain me? I don’t want to think about that,” Bryant shot back.

“Those guys, I’ve seen those guys up close and personal. I don’t want to think about playing against both of them at the same time. I want to enjoy this for a little bit.”

Bryant won’t have much time to enjoy his most recent NBA title as free agency kicks off on July 1st.

  • Sasha4Lvp

    never gonna happen. a bosh-lebron combo might happen, but wade and lebron will never be on the same team, at least for right now.

    • jack

      you couldn’t be more wrong…LOL

  • Harrison

    A Bosh-Kobe combo is gonna happen.

  • Be Strong

    David Stern won’t let dat happen..

  • bdmf

    why they dont ask lebron about a kobe, bosh combo?

  • lakeb

    FALSE. at the press conference he was asked about a lebron-bosh combo or wade-bosh combo. NOT lebron-wade combo

  • bdmf

    i pick kobe bosh lebron over wade and bron anyday
    i dont think wade and bron its gonna happen

  • lakers0828

    You Guys are So Stupid why Would Lakers Even want a Second Power Forward when they already have the best Big Man in the League and Bosh and Kobe aint gonna Happen.
    You Laker Fans are Disapointing OMG Bynum Played His Heart he Fought threw The Pain Showed His Toughness his Maturity and his wanting to Play threw the Pain and He still Doesnt Get the Respect He deserves WOW !! You Fans are Disgusting and Still talking about bosh for Bynum Unbelievable

    • R T

      Agree..Bynum was more aggressive then Pau, and he was on one leg. We dont need another soft PF in Bosh. I say we get Shaq back for 2-5million, to add a little toughness for 10-12 mins/game.

    • lakerman1

      That’s because some fans want things their way and for some reason cannot enjoy the here and now. Also expect trade talks for Dfish in spite of all he has done for the team. They do need to add a few touches but that is solely up to Mitch who has done a fantastic job in my book. Next Season will be the same old crap from these same people sad as that is. I am just happy for this moment because it has not ended for me. The Lakers put forth a gallant comeback when all seemed lost and i sure as hell appreciate it.

      • lakers0828

        No doubt Guys Its good To see a few Laker Fans who agree with Me I mean Come On Fish Showed Why his a 5 time NBA Champ to me and They wanna trade him wow so Sad Man Bynum is Not going anywhere Mitch would be Crazy to trade Bynum or Fish I expect fisher to be back in a laker Uniform Next yr too

        • Harrison

          Dfish will undoubtedly be signed for next year and many years after that, but Bynum is too much of a liability for the Lakers to keep. He is a good big man and is a huge part of why they won this year, but he has so many injuries that he is almost a waste of money and no matter how bad that sounds, it is 100% true. We get him for like half of a season each year and thats it. With the current Laker lineup, we have Pau as a big man + the aggression and power of Ron Artest + the large presence of LO. Taking out Bynum for Bosh would not be the worst decision in the world. Bosh is a very good player who averaged 24 ppg last season. That shooting, plus Kobe, plus Pau = Three-peat.

  • http://www.facebook.com/paulcamantigue Whatsa

    Jeeze. Does a team have enough money to pay them both and have a .. decent team to back them up? Otherwise they’d just be fatigued.

    Get Bosh somehow though.

  • docholidae

    I Don’t give a damn about any combo on any other team cause ANY NBA queation is to answered the same way LAKERS ARE THE CHAMPS! Example: where do you thinl Lebron will go? ans. LAKERS ARE CHAMPS! How tall do you think David Stern is? ans. LAKERS ARE THE CHAMPS!! I could go on but i think you see the point! THE LAKERS ARE THE CHAMPS!

  • Rio Rondo

    boston celtics 2011 nba champs

    kobe just retire bro

    • wbgk

      Celtics champs 2011?
      Of what? Wheelchair basketball? Oh no wait that would be an insult to wheelchair basketball.

      On topic: Who cares what combos could be made with all the free agents. Most important is what the Lakers are gonna do about their benchmob.
      Let’s focus on that instead of what other teams will or will not do.


      boston celtics just got dimantled by kobe bro!!you mean your gonna rebuild an win in one year? good luck moron!!! lmao!!! lakers crushed boston!! you wish kobe would retire cause he’s your worst nightmare!! we own the nba title!!

  • jonb

    Lebron and wade can’t play together it wouldnt work im tired of hearing this. They both need the ball to b effective and lbj is the least playing off the ball guy in the league. U really think they would want to sacrifice their stats since theyre still young just to play together. U think lebron would want to hear the “well we couldnt win w/o wade” comments wen wade already has a ring. Lebron and wade both want to b the leaders of their respective teams, not happening. ANd if a bosh-lebron tandem does occur then bring it, pau and kobe, when fully healthy, are better anyways.