Update #1Inside The Lakers: … X-rays taken of Kobe Bryant’s dislocated right ring finger were negative, so the news was doubly good for the home team late Monday night. Bryant said he expects to play Wednesday against the Clippers.

And what did Kobe have say about the injury?

“When I first put my finger on it, I thought I was done,” Bryant said after the game. “I thought it was pins and all that (in a surgical procedure). It just popped out. It was disgusting. I’ll just go home and ice it, It’s just throbbing right now.”

During the first minutes of the 1st quarter, Kobe went for a steal on Lebron James. Unfortunetly, that didn’t work out too well and he ended up dislocating his  finger. A timeout was called, and Gary Vitti popped it backed in and taped it up and Kobe went back into the game.

If we hear anything else, we’ll let you know.

  • dansp5

    Thug Life.

  • Mitch Kupchak

    hopefully it won’t be that bad.

  • e

    f*cking lebron and his team always gets kobe injured

  • Lakers 24 7

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  • e

    kobe never ceases to amaze me

  • Miguel A. Salazar

    This game was second biggest game of the season
    Besides Xmas Lakers V’s. Boston. A statement game.Clearly after Kobe dislocated finger and
    Vitti popped back in place. Will the real MVP stand up!! Kobe Bryant a.k.a. The black mamba MVP!! MVP!! Hands down. Kobe bryant where amazing happens. With out a question. Also a great game and a must win. Let’s go Lakers!!

  • imfasterthanur

    Does anybody know of a Cavs website similar to Lakersnation?

    I’d like to see some of the opinions of Cavs fans of the MVP race. Not that it matters, but I’m always open to hearing what others have to think.

  • http://www.nicklachey.us Nick Lachey USA

    Damn it looked painful when Kobe was on the floor as Viti pops his finger back in place…

  • bernzter

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    Don’t know of anything like this for the Cavs but I hated their Radio Announcer for belittling the Staples… I didn’t get his name but he’s such a sore loser…

  • PauKobeBynumOdomDynasty

    one finger hurt = mvp season
    one finger hurt + dislocated = ?

  • KING-BQ1981

    one finger hurt + dislocated = ? MVP + NBACHAMPIONS 09… ;-)

    May Godd bless this Warrior…..


  • Milo

    I’ll tell you what if last night didnt put Kobe in the lead for the MVP running then i dont know what will.Kobe and Ariza showed the league what happens when you dont just concede these highlight dunks to James and LO sent a good message to him when he pushed him into the croud when here he thought he was just going to get an easy basket.

  • xtro

    24 es un guerrero!

  • Milo

    [Comment ID #59038 Will Be Quoted Here]

    es un HEROE DE SILENCIO!!!

  • Micah

    YOu know what’s sad? Kobe w/a ring finger injury and a pinky injury still shot better than Lebron last night. hahahaha

  • Lakers 24 7

    …and Rick Kamla said Lebron is tougher than Kobe? If Lebron dislocated his finger he would’ve went to the locker room and been done for the half, and possibly the game.